The Field of Fires

The Fir Tree is the fire tree. The wood is very good for starting fires. So is the pine cone. Other words for warmth and fire are the French “feu”, fur, inferno ( Where I live, there is a street called The Firs, and adjacent to that, there is the Firs Field, which is a bit like a village green. It’s the centre of the village. I always thought The Firs referred to some trees, but now I think it might be The Fires.

According to history books, fires were lit on the field during the war. The field has been in crisis in recent years, with a major project to infill the massive caverns underneath, created by stone mining in the 18th century. The stone was used to build Georgian Bath. Some of it was transported to London to build an extension to Buckingham Palace, which is clear evidence that the stone is very special indeed. Which means this is a special place on the Earth. It’s now filled in with foamed concrete, so we are told.

The start of the infill project involved making all the underground mining tunnels safe. Maybe they were then all filled in, maybe they weren’t. Certain areas were left open for the bats, at great expense. It seemed the bats got a lot of attention. There maybe a little bit left open for the Heritage Centre To Be. I recently found a brand new mine shaft, hidden in some private woods. It’s octagonal, with steps leading down, and danger warning signs. Noone else seems to know about it.

It was the biggest project of its kind ever, cost millions, and it won awards. The main contractors were Hydrock, Hide.rock. Most of The Fires Field was taken up by the project compound for 5 years or more.

Below the mines is another tunnel, a very long disused train tunnel. Work has commenced to reopen it as a cycle path, the Two Tunnels project. Prior to that, it was opened once a year for an annual walk through. Children love tunnels, according to the project website. Things have been very busy underground in the last 5 to 10 years. It’s another world down there. Each world barely aware of the other one.

Now things are happening ON the Field of Fires. Since the mines infill project closed down, the field has been “restored”. A few changes have been made. The special soil that allowed meadow plants to grow was replaced with barren clay, now the field floods easily. The central SQUARE Death Worship cross got bigger, they put paving round the railings. It’s now about (or maybe exactly) 11m square. The horse chestnut tree which was saved from execution got smaller and sadder, but I am working on that, and it’s getting it’s strength back. It’s got a CIRCLE mound of grass around it. It was trapped inside the mines infill compound for over 5 years, and must have seen everything that went on.

The Firs Field is a TRIANGLE shaped, a right angle triangle. There is a new wall on the short side. And two new very carefully placed gates. It took them two or three goes of rebuilding one gateway before it was deemed to be in the right place! The gates were replaced at least once, if not twice. No expense spared to get it right. The final gates are black stainless steel, and look like imposing gates on a private mansion, not a public field. We are told they are made to represent miners’ tools. The pick axe pointing upwards reminds me of a crossbow. There are 4 other pedestrian gates to the field, which are normal everyday sort of gates. One old map I have shows the footpaths across the field forming a wonky pentacle.

Three standing stones appeared on the field several weeks ago. They look like lecturns and are more or less pointing towards the central cross. They are ugly blocky rough cut stone, surrounded by square paving. They remind me of the Georgia Guidestones in their ugliness and blockiness. And Georgia is another Georgian place. We have been told the inscriptions will arrive before Christmas. Noone seems to like them. And our field seems to be turning into a ceremonial landscape, rather than a field for play and enjoyment and meeting, the green lung of the village.

We already have some inscriptions by the two new gates. As there is nowhere else publishing them that I can find, I will put them here in CAPITALS as inscribed. I have decoded as much as I can (in lower case). Each inscribed couplet is on a single paving slab. They are designed to be followed in a certain order, which I worked out today:

Start at the corner of The Avenue/The Firs. This is the right angle of the triangle field, and they have just pollarded the aligned corner tree only, not the other ones as they usually do.

(We are going to enter the field)
(facing the wall, but outside the field, the gate is to your left)

(step to left)

(step left and quarter turn anti-clockwise to face gate, wall on your right)

(go through gate, still facing the same way, but now gate behind you, wall on your left)

(step forward and turn quarter turn clockwise, facing field, wall behind you)

(step to the left)

(Now you are facing the field, with the wall behind you. The implication is that you travel out into the field, then come back towards the same wall, but further along The Firs, about 100 yards, at the other new gate. Thus you would make an arc, (possibly depicted by the pickaxe/crossbow on the gate), going anti-clockwise by a half turn)

(At the second gate, the field behind you, facing the wall. We are now going to leave the field)

(step to the left)

(step left and quarter turn anti-clockwise, now facing gate with wall on your right)

(go through the gate, gate now behind you, wall on your left)

(step forward, and quarter turn clockwise)

(step left)


I notice that “field” has another meaning. It could mean a force field or magnetic field, or earth energy field. They are several different sizes of earth energy lines, which represent different energy fields. Some of the words are interesting. Why is the earth “cold” and “still spinning”? The tunnelled dark associated with children is ominous. I also can’t help but notice that the words STAR and GATE are used. Though I suspect the biggest stargates are in our minds. The whole process seems like it could take you into another state of psychic consciousness, similar to that created by following a labyrinth. You will notice that the leaving of the field is an almost reversal of the entering. I have not yet performed it, and I doubt anyone else has either!

The Georgia, Georgian connection is interesting, especially as tomorrow, 20.12 will feature the Dragons! George and the Dragon. The dragon earth energy lines are the three biggest ones in the world, circling the world, and crossing at 6 points, nodes. At the equinoxes and solstices, all the Earth energy lines are in harmony, including the Dragons, which are in harmony the least often and for the shortest time.

Did George slay the dragon, or did he lay the dragon? The energy lines can be moved. We often talk about the “lay” of the land, and the energy lines have markers on them which form straight lines known as “ley” lines. George’s sword would probably come in handy for laying a dragon, and if you draw (double meaning) a sword pointing upwards, it looks like an obelisk, which is handy for fixing a dragon in place.

The dragon breathes fire. The power of a crossover point of two dragon lines is the kind of power you would associate with fire. It can be used for good or evil intent. There are no dragon lines in the UK, but St George is the patron saint of England. Mmmm. The New Jerusalem is set to be in England. Will the dragon lines move this week? Will we move them with our consciousness? If our consciousness is right, they will be in the right place for us. We will soon know.

Is there another sort of fire coming my way soon to the Field of Fires? I believe it is possible to transform anything that comes my way in life. It is all energy. If you face a problem, turn it into an opportunity. Fear allows the problem to attack you. Strength allows you to transform it for your own benefit. Fire is energy and warmth. We are trained to believe fire is dangerous and a killer. We are trained to respond with fear and panic, and by dialling a number to save us. Maybe there’s another way of dealing with it. To be strong and healthy, and have faith that it will all come good.

(See also: The Dyslexics Are Right, The Nuclear Family, Apocalypse 20.12, Earth Energy Lines, The Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual)

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5 Responses to The Field of Fires

  1. Christine b says:

    Thanks for posting this. I read the slabs as an incantation of sorts. It is quite poetic and hypnotic language. I felt the “the stone” should be read “THE stone”. In that it has powers beyond a good building material. I feel you are correct about the “field” being energetic/ magnetic. I felt a dark force at work. Very strange indeed!!

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for bringing my attention back to this post! I sometimes forget what I have written, and nearly one year down the line, it may throw up new meaning for me. Since then, there have been other strange goings on round here, and I am discovering more and more about the Freemasonic past that I am living over. You are right about the stone. I have only explained this incantation to one person off the internet, a very spiritual person, who has recently died unexpectedly. She too, focused on THE stone. She saw it as The Philosopher’s Stone.
      The next big ceremonial party on The Field is coming soon, on 10/11. Remembrance Sunday. I usually keep away, maybe I will watch to see what route they take to the monstrous Cross…
      The Lewis Key, Twin Tunnels, and The Harry Patch are other newer posts related to this village.

      • Christine b says:

        Hi Suli! I am working my way through your blog and will post when time permits. It is good to revisit old thoughts and see how far you have come on a journey. You might want to read Matthew Delooze’s workover at on Rememberance Day. He recently reposted an old article called “Swinging on the Gates of Hades” about the mass hypnosis around this holiday. It would be worth reading then checking out the ceremony for what it really is. Very heavy indeed.
        I was having my own fun with english over the word poppy as they now have a strange affect on me. The bright red bothers my eyes and I thought: poppy; poppies, Popeyes, eyes popping. They now look like blood shot evil eyes to me. Weird thoughts……

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes the poppies are getting crazier, and they now have teams of “sexy” women in black wearing red poppies I saw somewhere. and people who want to plant fields of them everywhere. Let’s celebrate! I wrote The Power of 11/11, and Death Worship a while back. Will check out Delooze’s take on it.
        Yeah Pop Eyes, very good, they look like bloodshot eyes, maybe ones that have popped out their sockets. And everyone wears them to join in and show they care.

  2. Christine b says:

    PS I am sorry to here about your friend passing suddenly. Good connections are difficult to find I this life.

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