The New Commandment

I discovered this recently at Wells Cathedral. It’s from the Queen, and it reads


It’s inscribed on a circle inlaid into the floor in the centre of the cathedral almost aligned with a circle in the tower roof overhead. It’s a powerful place in a very special building. You can feel the strength of the energy there. The circle commemorates the Queen’s visit on Maundy Thursday 8th April 1993.

This new commandment seems much better than the first ten commandments, and I suggest we abandon the ten commandments which are full of fear and judgement and DON’Ts. We only need one commandment, as long as it’s a good one. This new one will do the job very well, and one simple one is a lot easier to remember.

One interesting thing about The Ten Commandments is it allows things to slip through the net. They are far too specific. “Do Not covet thy neighbour’s wife” for example. Unfortunately, whoever wrote them forgot to put in one about not abusing children. So those people that are very strictly controlled by religious doctrine are likely to believe its ok to abuse children (allowed) as longed they don’t have an affair with their neighbour’s wife (forbidden).

Until I discovered this new commandment, I followed my own private commandment LIVE AND LET LIVE. That seemed to sum it all up quite nicely in four short words. It seems to be important to live your own life to the full, just as much as allowing others to do the same. It’s too easy to miss out one side. You can be tempted to live your own life, but squash others in the process. Or you can be tempted to be a martyr, and sacrifice your own life to prop up others. There are many people acting out LIVE AND LET DIE, and many people acting out DIE AND LET LIVE. Neither seems healthy or balanced to anyone involved

To my mind, we are all here for a purpose, all of us, and we must fulfill our own journey. The only limitation is to allow others to do the same. And this is God’s will, the will of the Universe, the spirit, whatever you want to call it.

The Queen’s commandment has made me see I could alter my own commandment, maybe improve it. Because life at its fullest is love. So I then get


I am not talking about Westernised Hollywood romantic love. I am not talking about the complete misuse of the word “love” in the word “paedophilia” (literally means love children), and “philanthropist” (literally means love humanity). I am talking about a radiating love that we can feel out towards everyone and everything, which can often be inspired by our “loved ones” around us.

I think this is where humanity is heading. The New World will be one of greater love. A favourite line in Wedding ceremonies is “and the greatest of these is love”. I think that is true, providing we have the true experience of LOVE.

It doesn’t happen to me anything like as often as I would like, but when I feel true love, the world is the most beautiful place, everyone and everything appear to be in their right time and place, and I feel the most intense joyful beautiful love towards everyone and everything.

(See also: Goodies and Baddies, The Role of Evil, Queen Worship, Apocalypse 20.12, The Queen’s Debt)

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