Santa and The Snowmen

There seem to be strong links between Santa, the Snowman, and sexual grooming. This is the season of Christmas programming. Mind programming.

Santa the paedophile…
The imagery around Santa is about grooming kids for paedophilia. Although we are all encouraged not to speak to strangers, and to lock our front doors, somehow these precautions are set aside for good old Santa. Santa is a strange man very well hidden in a very in his costume, he comes into your room at night, up to your bed. Your parents are not around, and you are probably alone in your own room, good parents provide kids with isolation in their own room. And you must be asleep, and you must be good. If you are not good, you won’t get presents. And kids are trained from young to crave presents. Not only that, you must leave Santa what he likes, some whiskey and a mince pie. You must serve Santa. Paedophiles use presents to lure kids, they isolate kids from their protective carers, they tell them they must be good. And they make the kids love them and serve them.

Santa’s Grotto…
If you have good parents, they will take you to visit Santa in his grotty Grotto. A new website shows how many kids are scared of this, and scream or cry. Your parents will encourage you to go into Santa alone, and tell you its ok and it will be fun. He is a big scary strange man, with a big booming HO HO HO voice, and you can hardly see his face. You have never met him, you have to sit on his knee, let him hug you. You are supposed to enjoy it, otherwise there is something wrong with you, and you will let down your parents. They have even paid for it. Tell Santa you have been good, and what you want for Christmas. Just go through with it, that’s what everyone else seems to be doing. Everyone says it’s fun and good.

Write to Santa…
You can write a letter to Santa, giving him all your personal details, and telling him how good you have been, and what you really really want. You want it so much, you will do whatever you are told (doing as you are told is being good) to get it. Your parents are good parents, so they will encourage you to write to Santa. They will even payoff the stamp. The Royal Mail will collect up the letters for future use. Maybe there’s an online version to make it more efficient.

Santa pornography…
A new type of Santa these days is the skimpily dressed female. Nearly always performing pornographically for family viewing. The low cut top, the short skirt which resembles a Santa hat. It’s funny how the female costume is as tiny and revealing as possible, and the male costume is as large and hiding as possible. The male Santa is the scary abuser, the female Santa is the cooperative willing victim. Girls are trained to mimic the female Santa, after all they all look like they are having a good time. Having fun, which is what everyone wants to do, isn’t it, the path to a good life.

The Snowman Film Music…
I struggle to listen to the original haunting Snowman music without being reminded of a book about the Scotland Yard paedophile squad. There aren’t many in the squad, considering the scale of paedophilia, and it’s incredibly difficult to catch paedophiles, (about 10% of known ones are prosecuted) and also difficult to get a conviction even when evidence is overwhelming (about 10% of prosecutions result in convictions, that’s 1% of known paedophiles convicted). So paedophiles pretty much have a free rein to do what they want. One of the sick videos mentioned in the book was set to the background music of The Snowman film. It’s sung by a choirboy. There always seems something about choirboys and their vulnerability to abuse. Their purity of voice is something attractive to paedophiles who like to destroy, or extract, childhood innocence and purity.

The Snowman Film…
There is a new version of the film, the child is taken off by the Snowman to the North, flying over the London Eye. He is separated from his parents, and lured away to another world where all is fun, happy, jolly. He is willing to go, and happy to go, and that’s the role model for all little boys everywhere. The boy’s present from Santa is a dog collar! That implies ownership and control. The theme is child snatching. In The Northern Lights trilogy, children are snatched and taken to the North, where they are operated on by having their souls detached from them. I suspect that much of the child stealing trade channels children to the North.

Making kids cry…
The original Snowman film was previewed to children in 1982. “Some of them cried at the end”. Great. That motivated the producers to release the film. Success! Making kids cry.

The boy in the Snowman film is in his pyjamas. This associates us with bedrooms again. And night time when everyone else is asleep. Everyone apart from the child and the child snatcher. I also notice that a very big favourite Xmas present is to buy nightwear for people. All the shops are full of nightwear displays in their windows. What’s that about? Back to the theme of presents and bedrooms and beds again?

A snowman looks a bit like the one eyed Olympic beings. One of which is Mona’s Glyph, symbolic of various planets. The Snowman usually has black eyes, big lumps of coal were traditional. The black eyes are around everywhere these days, big black sunglasses being a good example. They conjure up an image of a skull to me and I think that’s quite deliberate. There’s something going on with snow and snowmen. All the Xmas indoctrinating media blasts snow at us. It was refreshing a few years back when people round here started building beautiful igloos instead of snowmen! Who decided that it was snowmen that had to be built? Who created and pushed that idea and why?

Coca Cola…
Santa is free mass advertising for Coca Cola. It’s designed that way. I went past a cafe the other day and saw loads of Santa Hats flopping over the outdoor tables. They were Coca Cola umbrellas, with a white knob at the top, and a white trim round the red skirt. There is a progression set up from Santa to Coca Cola. Hooked on Santa, then hooked on Coca Cola. Then enter Budweiser, whose cans now look very similar to Coca Cola cans. Grooming for paedophilia, grooming for poisons too.

Christmas on your Telescreens…
I was exposed to a telescreen today in the Bath University cafe. As I rarely see any TV, I can easily detect how much worse it has got since my previous exposure. It was a constant stream of santa, sex and snow. Many teenagers and little kids were there, doing their Saturday morning sports clubs. And their faces were mesmerised by the hypnotic screens. One video summed it up. Bill Nighy seems to have produced a Christmas single. Same song we’ve had before, new packaging, porno packaging. He does it as a spoof, but at the same time he is promoting exactly what he is supposedly ridiculing. Loads of women in revealing santa costumes, stripping off, pole dancing, legs apart as camera zooms in. Bill himself simulating sex, camera zooms in. It’s incredibly in your face porn. For family viewing. I don’t have any problem with either nudity or sexs, both of which are beautiful in the right place, in the right way, at the right time, but this is a complete grotesque distortion of two very sacred things.

Adult programming…
It’s not just the kids that are being programmed. All the adults are becoming normalised to distorted sexual practises. Christmas has perhaps moved on from materialism and consumerism. The main program now seems to be about SEX, SNOW and SANTA.

The Good News…
It is refreshing to find many people around me and people who I come across, that are fed up with Christmas how it is. Many want to reduce it to something much smaller, simpler, nicer. Many would happily bypass it altogether. If more and more people do this, then the power of the indoctrinating messages will weaken too.

Book: The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles by Bob Long and Bob McLachlan

(See also earlier posts: Centre for Exploiting Missing Children, How to Steal A Child, Normalising Paedophilia, Move The Spotlight)

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6 Responses to Santa and The Snowmen

  1. george silver says:

    “The main program now seems to be about SEX, SNOW and SANTA.”

    This seems to be totally on your mind. Obsession is a drug. Let it go. Become normal again.
    Most people do not think this way.

  2. amosouldeer says:

    Sex, snow, Santa and (let’s not forget his anagram, folks:) Satan !
    Oh, and do wake up George; there are 360 degreees in a circle my love, despite the fact that “most people” continue to content themselves with ‘straight-line’ perception 🙂

  3. rob says:

    very cool article… I’ve been thinking the same recently about Santa – good to know I’m not alone!

  4. suliwebster says:

    Yes, forgot the Satan bit! Thanks.

    Glad you found the post useful, Rob. That’s one of the reasons I like to write, so that we don’t think we are the only person that thinks something. That’s when you start to think that you are crazy, when actually its the world that is crazy. Hard to speak out about Santa when everyone around you is organising Santa activities for their children. Quite a few people are noticing the Santa thing now, but the Snowman is less obvious as yet.

    George, I am really not obsessed with Sex Snow and Santa. It was on my mind when I wrote the post, and when I was watching the mind programming Telescreens. And that’s about it. Unfortunately a lot of people are thinking a lot about Santa and Snowmen and being subliminally programmed in the process. Most homes have a TV. Telescreens are everywhere outside the home too. Kids watch TV a lot. People watch TV to relax and to not have to think, perfectly setting themselves up for being hypnotised. I keep going back to write about the evil to remind myself and others of its existence. In order to avoid or deflect the evil, I think you first have to be able to recognise it, and it’s usually in disguise.

  5. Chris says:

    It is sad (using the word to avoid writing sickening) to see the level of conditioning that the human mind is submitted to. A delusional comfort zone is created that has been forced away from reality so far that it no longer has anything to do with it and that seeing through common lies and conjuring has become a property to label the sincere aware paranoid nut cases. On the bright side is the fact that nature on a cosmic scale always corrects what the misguided mess up.

  6. suliwebster says:

    Chris, you might like my earlier post Comfortable Prisons. I have been thinking about that quite a bit today whilst Xmas Day has played out. Its been nice to be with my family and share the preparation and eating of a meal. But there’s a constant background hum of the “delusional comfort zone” as you put it very nicely. I was so aware of how almost everything people do every day is sort of designed for them. Even their leisure time is programmed. Holidays, events, activities. It starts with babies, I see them organised at the swimming pool. It’s all rat runs, but rat runs made to be just comfortable enough. Then the conversation is all about what has been provided in the rat run this day/week/year. “Ooh you can book to do this exciting event, what you do is you go here, then there is this food for you, and they make it look so nice, it’s really fun”. To which someone responds “Oh that sounds nice, I might try that too”. It is sad, and the more clearly you see it happening, and people being happy with it, the sadder it is. Because you are empty inside, living like that.

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