Out of Tune

At Xmas, masses of people are all focused on one point in time. X marks the spot, the crossover point, the convergence. X.mass, Xmas. 25th December. That’s a lot of energy, maybe half of humanity, all converging to one point in time. It’s like a lens that focuses light. A lens can focus light to make fire, it’s that powerful. But this Xmas focus is focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, the Heavens and the Earth are on a different point of convergence.

The Earth was focused and in tune for the whole day on the 20th December this year. And the planets were all in tune and focused early on 21st December GMT. There was probably a point in time somewhere in the world where the planets and the peak of the Earth focus coincided exactly. As above, so below. That would be the time and place to celebrate, to focus on. That was when the world was at its most magical.

Imagine if all our human energy had tuned in with all that natural harmony! Humanity, planets and Earth all as one. How harmonious would that be? Beyond our imagination, I think. But instead, the days of harmony were marked in diaries as stressful preparing for Xmas days.

Humanity is always out of tune, it’s set up that way. Our clocks do not tell us the true midday. The natural day length, from noon to the next noon, varies over the year, peaking at the Winter solstice. The variation is up to 14 minutes difference. The clocks, however, tell us that every day is the same, and that noon is the same for all places in the same time zone. A sundial will tell you the truth, and strangely enough, the elites are fond of sundials.

Calendars too, are out of tune. The natural transition from one part of the yearly cycle to another is when we change zodiac sign, as dictated by the Heavens. That’s the time to mark, to pay attention. The reason the last 4 months of our calendar are curiously named Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (7,8,9,10), is because they are actually when the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th signs of the Zodiac begin. We are now in Sagittarius, the 10th sign.

Our music is wrongly tuned. The piano keyboard is not in tune with nature. The frequencies of modern pop music are designed to go against our bodies, and the Earth. But we don’t know anything better to compare it with.

Maps are out of tune, overlaid with grid lines that are different from the Earth Energy lines that we should be guiding ourselves by.

It’s no wonder we all get sick, tired, stressed, when the overlay in which we live our lives is always out of tune. It’s like constantly hearing an out of tune orchestra, it grates on your nerve endings. We don’t even know what it feels like to be IN TUNE.

There is a way forward for the annual event we currently call Xmas, and I am noticing a change around me. People are letting go of the stressful parts, and just enjoying the parts that are of real value to them. People are not always focusing on the 25th! Many are doing their Xmas on another day instead, one that suits them better. People are out and about more on Xmas Day, not locked into their own exclusive privacy. It seems quite chaotic at the moment, but one day I think there will be a coordinated shift to the date it should be on, when everyone realises the magnitude of the Winter Solstice. That’s where it used to be, and that’s where it should be.

And the celebrations to go with it will be celebrations of our universe, joining together, singing, sounds, joy, peace and love. The right focus, at the right time. Back in tune with who we are.

(See also Earth Energy Lines, X Marks the Spot, Apocalypse 20.12, Zodiac Calendar, Santa and the Snowmen)

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9 Responses to Out of Tune

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Yes, ‘Xmas’ deNOTEs the ‘end of Mass; mass represents a ceremony about death (as per Roman Catholic Church’s penchant for symbolic blood drinking at high Mess, etc.) ‘Axe’ also denotes the ‘end’ of someone :”You’ve been given the axe/the ‘chop’.
    Santa/Satan, Saturn andSaturnalia are all linked to deathly, drunken debauched festivities that took place between the 17th and 23rd December in Ancient Roman times.
    Of course, today some prefer to ‘tune in’ for the ‘X’ factor option: idlY idoliZed public Cross-Match chopping 🙂

  2. suliwebster says:

    Yes you’re right, they certainly give them the chop on X Factor. It is like a public hanging. Been getting a lot of people mentioning AXE to me this week. There are places called Axminster and Axbridge. Both associated with a River Axe. One in Somerset, one in Devon.

    It seems quite likely that there may be some deaths lined up behind the scenes for the 25th.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Axminster, renowned for its axiomatic machine-woven patterned carpet with its ‘cut’ pile. No sweeping under the carpet envisaged here by those with axe to grind against their ‘on the carpet’ prey.

  3. suliwebster says:

    I saw another axe today, this time on the playing cards. I think it was one of the Jacks.

  4. amosouldeer says:

    Playing cards, huh…another card-“sharp” ? You really are a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ 🙂

  5. suliwebster says:

    Xmas day family tradition. It was fun, but I was wondering at the back of my mind how the cards might be manipulating us all! Not something I have yet explored. Though I did read that they replaced the Tarot. I would like to experiment with the Tarot, I don’t know much about it, but I am very interested in the concept of symbol reading which seems to come very naturally to me.

  6. amosouldeer says:

    You’ll love the Tarot, (what with its ‘Wheel of Fortune’)…more than the R.C. ‘Rota’ (the supreme ecclesiastical and secular court, that, like subsequent school ‘rotes’, has had some of us going round in circles ever since 🙂

  7. This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?

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