Illuminating Illness

These days, I always see any illness or ailment as here for a reason. Illness is very illuminating. I have suffered from migraines for many years, but I now see them as helpful on my journey. In order to reduce the frequency and duration of them, I have had to slow down and reorganise my whole life. I now have a much better life. The migraines were, and still are, a message.

Not only that, I have discovered that I can use the migraine itself productively. When I have a bad one, rare these days, I can do nothing but sit still in the dark and quiet and go into myself. It is really very interesting where my mind goes in the stillness. It is like a dream, but without being asleep, a fantastic psychic voyage. And from this I learn a great deal about the direction of my life, where I need to go, and what I need to avoid.

To avoid the severe pain of a migraine, I just have to make sure I get the migraine experiences as part of my everyday life. If I don’t provide myself with enough rest, darkness, stillness and space for quiet meditation and psychic experience, then it will be forced upon me by extreme pain.

Taking pharmaceutical drugs blocks this natural process, and tells the body to shut up. The body will keep screaming louder and louder until it is attended to, and this often eventually means sudden or very severe, crippling, disabling illness lasting months or years. Look around you and see how many people are taking drugs to block out the body messages, and look at how many people are getting crippling illnesses.

I have also found that maybe because I get migraines, I don’t get other illnesses. The migraines make sure I sort things out before my body gets to a state of low immunity.

I am following a blog by someone who has Fibromyalgia, the reason I follow it is because he comes up with some very deep insights on his journey through his illness. This is what the illness has forced him to do. I also know that if I lose the wisdom I gained from my own illness and traumas, I will be get the illness or trauma again! So he is helping to keep me enlightened. It is easy to forget the wisdoms once you feel better.

Trauma has the same effect as illness. It’s a big prod to remind you of something, to dig deep into yourself to deal with the trauma, thus influencing the course of your life.

To heal illness, you have to recognise what your illness is forcing you to do. The illness is a response to something you were doing wrong, following the wrong path.

Once you start to recognise that your illness is a friend, a great teacher, then you start to get better. When you no longer need the illness to enlighten you, to show you the way, when you can do it yourself without the illness, when there is no chance of you slipping back into old ways, then the illness will no longer be needed.

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3 Responses to Illuminating Illness

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Yes, all illness – and dis-EASE – provides an invitation to learning more about oneself.
    The physical body is the last (and most physical) expression of our multiple, energetic ‘selves’.
    All diseases and illness ‘exist’ in our respective bodies, from the physical, through psychological, mental and spiritual far away to Source itself; Unified Consciousness.
    When imbalance or disharmony is introduced to the management of our respective incarnate purpose, and when we repeatedly ignore signals averting us of the discrepancies within our personal ecology, illness kicks in to ensure that our attention is drawn.
    The momemt that we ‘get the message’, the illness fades away. Cancer ? What part of myself am i not loving ? Migraine ? Mi-grain – in between the sowing of the seed (idea), its germination stages and its blossoming (realisation; our attention to detail, over-emphasized search for ‘perfection’, often haults and delays the ‘confection’ and realisation of the/our original design.
    “What if I’m wrong ?” So what ? Better to learn from our mis-takes (acca film-ography) than to remain the prisoner of incertitude and unfulfilment.
    “Cheers…and good HealtH !” 🙂

  2. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli
    Read the book called “The Miracle of MSM” (the natural solution for pain). There is an interesting section on “fibromyalgia”. Taking pharmaceutical drugs can over time increase the tendency to the very thing that they are supposed to relieve.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Thanks George. I think most if not all pharmaceutical drugs block our own healing. And also, because we then don’t use our healing capacity, it becomes more useless. In the same way as not using your muscles makes them weak. By practising using our own healing capacity, possibly in conjunction with more natural remedies, we can increase our effectiveness at healing ourselves.

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