Unique Key

It always fascinates me how easily we can be uniquely identified from a few numbers and letters. For example, a postcode in the UK is 6 or 7 letters/numbers, and pinpoints a unique group of buildings in the whole of the UK. With the addition of a house number, you have an exact building.

When some authority wants to uniquely identify you, all they need is your Name and Date of Birth. This quite likely pinpoints you in the whole world, just from a few letters and numbers. If anyone else has the same exact name and D.O.B as me, I would really like to meet them!

The point is that our uniqueness can be distilled down to a very small collection of symbols. And that is our unique key for our human life.

I recently had a numerology reading, which described my life path, and my birth family. It was quite spooky how accurate the information was. All derived from my birth name and Date of Birth.

I remember when naming my children how I was somehow compelled to have certain sounds or letters in their name. I have spoken to others who have said the same. So though I sort of chose their names, there was something nudging me too. It was almost as if my children or some other force was influencing the final name.

Time can be identified uniquely by a very small set of numbers. For example this minute is 21: In all the vastness of time, it only takes a few numbers to pinpoint one spot. A computer can be uniquely identified anywhere in the world using a simple IP address. Similarly for a telephone or mobile phone.

A geographical place can be identified using latitude and longitude numbers. Wikipedia entries routinely have these for place entries. For example, 43.891N 6.343W defines St Agnes uniquely on the whole globe.

Remote viewing is a psychic skill, whereby you use your mind to see what is going on somewhere else, without physically being there. One method of practising remote viewing is to be given a number code which maps to the place you will view, even though you are not aware of the location, only the code. So that’s really handy that the entire planet is gridlined by latitude and longitude creating a unique code for each place on Earth! Once the code is attached to the place, it can be used as a key for remote viewing.

These unique keys are useful for focusing on someone, some place or some time, for getting an instant connection. But a unique key also fixes you. Its a label, which makes us all like bits of luggage! The authorities like it because they can manipulate us easily by our alphanumeric codes. It seems likely that in the same way that remote viewing can take place, people can be manipulated remotely by using their unique key. i.e. their Name and Date of Birth. That might explain why every authority, utility company and Facebook is intent on getting hold of my date of birth at the moment! I just give out false ones.

Moving house is quite common and acceptable these days. You are fixed in one place by your address. If you move house, all the energies around you shift. Your life potentially goes in a new direction. And the unique key that is your address changes to go with it.

Surely it can be the same with our names? Many cultures have a custom of changing people’s names throughout their lives to reflect the next stage of their life. In Western Society, we sometimes do this too. A woman changes her name when marrying, people have nicknames, writers have pen names, actors have stage names. It’s almost as if we are instinctively drawn towards changing our name. A good example of a famous name change is Kate becoming Princess Catherine, a massive change of direction in life, a complete overhaul, there is very little of her original name left.

I have recently been playing with changing names to find one that fits me well for who I am now and the path I am now on, and it feels like a good thing! I am no longer trapped with the name I was born with, which may have served me well up to now, but now it’s time for something new. The authorities and administrators won’t like it, they like everyone to be fixed, to control more easily. That’s why they always want to eliminate nomads.

I have used the word “pinpoint” a lot. Google maps uses pins to point to places. And voodoo dolls have pins stuck in them to damage the person that they are remotely pointing to.

My ultimate ideal is to have no unique key at all! No name, no place, no phone, no computer, no time. Just to be completely free.

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7 Responses to Unique Key

  1. dognamedblue says:

    I think it’s a good idea to change name
    after all you weren’t born with it
    someone gave it to you & you had no choice in it
    which is only to tie in with your birth[ing] certificate & serial number πŸ˜‰
    [I wonder how pissed off they’d be if you changed your name to just numbers?]

  2. suliwebster says:

    I now have 4 names that I use! Only two are official.
    Yes I agree that your name is your person label attached to your birth certificate and therefore your registration of ownership by the state.
    Some people do change their name officially to very unusual things. If you do it officially, maybe you are just re-registering yourself to ownership under a different name?
    I am not sure that we do not choose our names, although it appears that our parents do. I think our soul may prompt the choice, will the parents to choose something in particular. It’s interesting that our name has so much correlation with our life path, as if it’s a stage name, a character that we play. Which means that all you have to do to change roles is change your name. And to get out of all roles, you simply have no name!
    Prince called himself “The Artist formerly known as Prince”. Interesting. It’s as if he was trying not to have a name.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Your Higher/Inner Self “gave it to you”, i.e. your ‘ego/personnality.
      Your IS also chose your parents, your BC number and/but, most significantly the thing that re-unites thjem all (even any ‘subsequent’ name that is forthcoming), yopur ‘energetic signature’ that enounces your specificity among all other ‘expressions’ of Unified Consciousness.
      A person once changed their name by deed poll to ‘A. Fullstop’. She was, however, unable to modify her date of birth to 00/00/0000 πŸ™‚

  3. suliwebster says:

    Jesus modified his birthdate to 00/00/0000. Or someone did it for him. Though his actual date of birth seems to be of some debate, it does seem likely that it would neatly coincide with 00/00/0000 somehow. That’s quite an interesting concept, that there was once a year 0000. Maybe the day and month he was born have also been labelled as 00? What would that say about Jesus, amosouldeer?

    • amosouldeer says:

      Oh yes, I’d forgotten She was called Jesus ! It all seems so long ago… πŸ™‚

      In fact, we are ‘currently’ living in 00/00/000…and we ‘always’ have been ! Time is a mental construct (as is, for example, ‘authority’), and/as neither can be measured, despite ‘appearances. Everything that (for arguments sake) has existed and shall exist, ‘exists’ already. There’s nothing new under the Sun; all is ‘memory’ (Collective Consciousness and, for some, un-Consciousness πŸ™‚ and it all takes place right here, right now !
      ‘Je’ = ‘I’; ‘sus’ = innerstand ; ‘us’ =…well, US ! πŸ™‚

  4. suliwebster says:

    If we are living in 00/00/0000, now and always and forever more, then that kind of ruins everyone’s unique energetic signature.

  5. amosouldeer says:

    On the contrary; ‘everyone’ – every One – is a unique expression of ONE, just as each driop of an opcean is simultaneously a unique, holographic expression and representation of the ocean, its Source.
    Unified Consciousness expresses itself through (on a human level, for example) individuation in order to explore and innerstand better the infinite possibilities of its co-creativity…
    The “unique energetic signature” of human DNA in no way distinguishes/excludes this ‘mortal’ human being from its innate ‘immortality’ within Consciousness.
    You don’t ‘have’ Consciousness; you ‘have a body – you ARE Consciousness πŸ™‚

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