Sounds of Zion

A few weeks ago, I got a blocked ear. These days, I always trust that ailments and illnesses arrive for a reason, and a previous ear infection had been shifted when listening to my favourite busker in Bath. So I tried some experimenting to shift the ear blockage.

What I found was that by making the sounds of Z or N, as continuous sounds “ZZZZZZZ” or “NNNNNNN”, I got a very strong resonating effect going to my ear, and also through my body. I call these the Sounds of Zion, because that’s what popped into my head at the time.

Some consonant letters you can hold the sound, but others you can’t. B and C, for example, you have to sort of spit out, and any sound that’s carried on becomes a vowel sound. So maybe you get a sound like BaBaBa…. Vowels are pure sounds, and all can be held.

There are not many consonant sounds that can be held as a continuous sound. The best ones are Z and S, N and M, V and F, which seem to form natural pairs. J and R are also possible to hold if you make them sound more French like. That seems to be it! Just 8 consonants.

There are also some sounds not represented by single letters, such as CH, TH, and SH.

Earth Energy responds well to sound, and there is a musical relationship with the planets. Pythagorus worked this out and called it the Music of the Spheres. So I wondered if the letters of the alphabet can help us link it all up. Heaven and Earth joined as one by sound. Coincidentally, the slogan of Bath Abbey is “Where earth and heaven meet”, and I think they are referring to the meeting of energies, joined together by the choral sounds in the acoustically designed abbey.

I wondered if the letters of the alphabet could give us some clues to link it all up. The eight best sounding consonants can be mapped to the eight planet names reasonably easily, for a start. Every kid is now taught to remember the significant planets using “My Very Expensive Motorbike Just Smashed Up Near Plymouth”, which is a hint that the initial letters might have some meaning. Mercury (M), Venus(V), Mars (Z, because the S is pronounced Z), Jupiter (J), Saturn (S), Uranus (U.Ranus, R is the first consonant), Neptune (N), Pluto (I think may be Phluto, Fluto, flute being a musical instrument, so we have F).

The Earth Energy comes in seven different fields that I know about, categorised by the width of the energy line. There may be an eighth field, which would be very neat. The widths are 4,5,10,15,20,30 and 50 paces. All lines in the same field have their times of harmony together. Could it be that each Earth Energy field is linked to its own planet, and also to a letter of the alphabet?

Jerusalem’s Sacred Esplanade is known as “where Heaven and Earth meet”, rather like Bath Abbey! It makes me wonder if Jerusalem is not the name of a place, but more the name of a state of being, where earth, heaven and sound join as one, and we humans can co-create and experience that harmony. We are the join between Heaven and Earth, and this is how we become one with both.

The word “chord” refers to musical harmony. It is related to the words choir and choral, the sounds created in sacred places. A harmonious sound can send a resonance, a sort of tingle, through your whole body, and particularly down your spine. It’s a feeling of being filled with spirit. Some people describe it as going shivery. This can happen when the right note is being played musically, or when someone speaks or acts from the heart, when something “rings true”. So maybe the spinal cord is a sort of “chord” too, that resonates harmoniously with the sound and the spirit.

(See also earlier post: Earth Energy Lines, Illuminating Illness)

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6 Responses to Sounds of Zion

  1. 5ocietyx says:

    Good post, think you may be on to something here. You can find the natural sound of ecstasy (ah) in the names of most spiritual figures – Allah, Mohammed, Jehovah, Buddha, Messiah, Maitreya, Shiva, Krishna…

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks 5ocietyx. Yesterday I had some more information on the energy lines that sort of backs up this idea. The really small energy lines are definitely controlled by the Moon. Someone I know has measured them. When it is new moon or full moon, these lines behave as if it’s a solar eclipse, so their energy is switched off for a day or two. These lines are very common and you are much more likely to have one going through your house. So even if you never look at the moon, you will almost certainly be affected. I have written quite a few posts about the Moon, and I am 100% convinced that the Moon is not good for humanity, and it’s about time it went away.

      • 5ocietyx says:

        So is it telluric energy you are referring to? you prompted me to finish a draft on a satirical look at the space-station moon concept and how it’s not as ‘out there’ as it appears to be. We wouldn’t rule anything out but haven’t analysed enough data as yet.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Not sure what telluric energy is. I just call it earth energy, it seems to be a natural energy or life force that is an extension of ourselves. There are several different sizes (fields) of earth energy lines, the largest and most powerful being the three pairs of dragon lines. See my post on Earth Energy Lines. I have learnt to dowse since then, so I can now pick up the lines myself, though I am not skilled enough to measure their behaviour.
    Have you read Who Built The Moon? See my post More Moon Ramblings. And another one called Moonwalkers based on another book. My conviction that the Moon is set up against us comes from many things but most of all because it makes women bleed, see Blood Sacrifice.
    What do you mean by the moon being not as out there?
    I love the way everyone feeds of everyone else in blogging world to grow a bigger picture. Noone controls it, no one needs to take the credit, no one is paid, and everyone shares.

    • 5ocietyx says:

      It’s the same stuff you are describing by the sound of it, it’s what David Cowan, a dowser/writer calls it.

      Just meant that the concept of the moon being artificial isn’t as crazy as it appears in that there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it may be a construct. But having said that, the ‘creator of the universe’ may also have ordained it. It’s such an unusual possibility to conventional ways of thinking and obviously difficult to prove so best to keep an open mind on something that remains a mystery albeit one that is beginning to be unravelled.

      There is the hypothesis that it is needed to provide the right balance for life on earth. But it does seem to make people go a little crazy and is associated with lunacy. Apparently on a full moon there is a spike in certain crimes.

      Haven’t read it but know about the ‘Who built the moon’ book. I’ll check out your other moon posts too.

      Yes, that’s what we hope to do too at the 5ociety, to share ideas and have dialogues with fellow researchers.

      • suliwebster says:

        When I first came across the idea of the Moon being artificial, I was totally against it! Then I opened my mind to the possibility, and before long, it seemed like an extremely high probability! I have enough proof for myself. Others can find their own proof if they want it.

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