Gun Crazy

Following the staged event of the Sandy Hook “massacre”, we now have scene 2, the ongoing gun debate. As far as I can see, it seems to completely miss the point, and is designed to do so. There seem to be two points of view, only two, and this has resulted in two opposing camps.

Camp A says everyday people cannot keep guns, only those in charge who can be trusted to use them wisely. If this had been the case, then no one would have shot all those kids, because no one that wanted to shoot lots of kids would have had access to a gun, and none of the wise sensible registered gun keepers would have lent their gun to anyone, and everyone in the police is wise and sensible and they never use a gun on anyone innocent. Not ever. Problem solved.

Camp B, says that if ordinary people and teachers can keep guns, then they can defend themselves, instead of waiting for those in charge to turn up too late to sort it out. If this had been the case, the teacher could have got her gun out of her drawer and shot the killer, thus saving the children. Problem solved. Though obviously teacher training would then have to be upgraded to include gun handling skills. (And you can see how schools are becoming more like prisons).

Which camp do you belong to? There are only two choices, just like in a multiple choice question. It seriously narrows our thinking to two, just two, possibilities. Both possibilities look startlingly similar to me. Both involve getting the government to sort it out. Both perpetuate guns as the way to resolve everything. Both are based on fear. And the two camps creates a division, a whole new war in itself, and thus we are divided and can be so easily conquered.

It’s another version of the game “Which political party shall I vote for?”, when you get to choose between two or three parties that are all much the same. Noone suggests to your mind that there might be a choice between an electoral voting system or none at all. In the same way, no one suggests there might be another way of thinking about guns. How about Option C – NO GUNS? The choices put forward are done so deliberately to limit your thinking. And the accepted fact is that guns are here to stay, they are a normal part of everyday life.

When the US government threatened to stop people from buying guns, gun sales soared. Panic buying guns! The whole debate spreads fear, fear that our kids will get killed by a lone nutter. (Camp A). Or fear that the government will kill us, or fail to protect us (Camp B). The Americans will only end up killing each other if they continue to live in such fear. And that’s the way the elite like to work. The elites never pull the trigger. They get us to do it to each other, by consent.

If people have guns, they live in a constant state of fear, always ready for an attack. They will attract it in. It’s always somewhere at the back of your mind that you have a gun. Anyone who approaches looking vaguely like a lone nutter, will get them on the defence, reaching for their gun, ready to kill.

It’s not just in America. There are not so many guns in the UK, but take a look at how much fear goes into designing schools these days, with high security fences, CCTV, and entry code systems, making them rather like prisons. Look what we are prepared to do to our kids in the name of FEAR. It’s only one more step for the teacher to have a gun in her desk drawer.

The way forward to me is NO FEAR. Then the gun thing is completely irrelevant. I dont want to live my life with a gun around, for that is not a life to be lived. And could I kill anyone with it anyway? Doesn’t that make me a killer? My way is to be a free spirit, and guns do not make you free. I don’t need everyone else to join my camp in order to be able to follow my choice. It’s really simple. The best answer is always simple.

The Sandy Hook event is a red herring in the gun debate because the kids were almost certainly not shot, more likely disappeared. And the “killer” was almost certainly mind controlled by the CIA or similar organisation. And these are actually the more interesting and enlightening parts of the story to explore. And they are covered elsewhere on many other sites.

(See also earlier post : Joy and Fear, The Don’t Knows, By Consent)

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4 Responses to Gun Crazy

  1. George Silver says:

    If you want to overcome the state indoctrination and be on the road to becoming a free person then you can help things along for yourself by reading Libertarian Anarchy by Gerard Casey.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for the reference George.

  3. Christine b says:

    I am relieved to find someone who thought the same thug that I did about Sandy Hook. This event was part of my awakening process. When it occurred, I felt nothing. Normally, I would have wept, thought of my daughter at school, empathized with the other parents. But I felt nothing, my gut told me it was fake. Never before had I even heard of a “false flag”. There is a lot of sinister history in that part of America and those children were caught up in it somehow. This event sent me down the rabbit hole. Everything is contrived in order to stimulate a desired outcome in the populous. The illusion of only two choices is definitely part of the programming. Hurricane Sandy happening the month before and “turning the election” in favour of Obama fits in somehow.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes the two Sandy’s, SH, definitely related. I did wonder if massacres were planned and labelled in advance like hurricanes, following the letters of the alphabet. Good to hear someone from N.America not into guns! Maybe Canada is not as indoctrinated by them.
      Another post is The Reds and The Blues about our limited choices.
      Merovee blog is very good at uncovering the weird and faked news stories.
      My turning point was the Occupy movement, and finding that the Bank of England was a privately owned bank. 2 years ago now. It is strange how these stories and movements can cause triggers inside us, propelling us towards the truth, and it makes me wonder yet again whether that is their purpose.

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