Child Snatchers

I was at the University swimming pool recently. In the changing rooms there are threatening notices saying you must not leave your stuff out because the staff will remove it for security reasons. You must lock your stuff in a locker.

I am not usually troubled by threats of thieves and burglars. I just leave my stuff unlocked and trust that it will not be stolen, and that the vast majority of my fellow humans are not thieves. It’s a much nicer way to live. But this was somehow different. It’s not the thieves we have to worry about now, it’s the staff. The staff are trained to take your stuff as part of their job. For your own good, of course. On the grounds of “security”. That makes it much much more likely that my stuff will be taken! See how they have slightly changed the game?

Over the years we have been trained to get used to the idea that our fellow human beings are all potential criminals, and we must always be fearful and on guard. Then one little step further, and they announce that the staff are now the thieves. We are used to the messages saying that thieves are around us all the time, so we hardly notice the change. We are led to believe that the staff are actually protecting us by taking our stuff if we don’t do as we are told.

The same sort of thing happens on trains and railway stations. You have to keep your luggage and belongings with you at all times. Do not leave your belongings unattended, or they will be removed by the staff. The staff have become the thieves, and they are trained to do this as part of their job, no doubt also trained to believe that this is for the greater good, for “security” purposes.

So what happens if you leave your child unattended? If you let your child wander off to explore, and to run free? When I was a child, I was able to run free for large amounts of time, on my own or with other kids. It wasn’t dangerous, and other adults would be looking out for you, anyway. I value that aspect of my childhood, and am glad that my parents allowed and supported it. I remember it as being normal. When I brought up my own kids, I had to work really hard against the flow of constant criticism to allow them the same freedom that I had. It was no longer normal to be free.

Over time, the parenting industry has trained parents, via the media, to be fearful of all sorts of things out there, mostly child snatchers and paedophiles. All “good” parents now keep their children with them at all times and never leave them unattended, fearful of their fellow human beings, nearly all of whom are potential child snatchers. Children are largely kept indoors, or strapped into car seats or pushchairs, or even tied to adults on leads, to make this job easier. When children are allowed to do something else, it is usually in an organised activity with a CRB checked adult in charge (only CRB checked adults are considered safe).

Just like the swimming pool changing rooms, the game with child snatching has subtly shifted. If your child is left unattended, you are deemed to be a “bad” parent, unfit to do the job, and the state will remove the child from your care. The state has become the child snatcher that we are afraid of, and we are led to believe that the state is acting for our own protection. And we have unwittingly given the state a mandate to do this, by supporting the democratic system of control, and giving our power away.

Parents are increasingly being criminalised for this kind of thing, and anything else that is deemed “bad parenting”. Parents are being manipulated to bring up their children exactly how the state wants them to be brought up, and this is controlled by the usual technique of fear and rewards, the carrot and stick that we are all trained to respond to from an early age. Parents are in a constant state of subliminal fear, always aware at the back of their mind that if you don’t behave as you are told, you will be a “bad” parent and have your kids taken away. The constant fear, and the constant “protection” is of course really bad for the child.

This is how the state justifies taking a steady stream of children into “care”. And then, once in the care system, 50% of children in care go missing.

Coincidentally and deliberately, the theme of child snatching came up at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. And the two hospitals Great Ormond St Hospital (GOSH) and Stoke Mandeville, both involved in the Savile paedophile ring, also made an appearance. (This was before the Savile scandal became mainstream news). Mandeville is one of the Olympic mascots, named after the hospital. GOSH appeared in lights under a huge lit up drawing of a child crying.

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