The Mary Line

Mary represents mother, lover, daughter, water. (See earlier post on The Nuclear Family). The female flow. I feel that this is a natural flow that has been seriously interfered with over millennia, and as a consequence, the communion of women and the nurturing role has been very badly damaged.

We have been living in a patriarchal world a long time. This is obvious when you look at the surnames. The handing down of the male line. Surnames came into being in the 13th century, supposedly for tax purposes, but they also make convenient markers to track the male inheritance, and to denote male ownership of women and children. Children are owned by their fathers, thus labelled with their father’s name, and girls are transferred to the ownership of their husband when they marry, “given away” by their father. You can track the male line by following the surname.

It seems you can control your own reincarnation. And if you don’t, then maybe someone else will. The Dalai Lama announced a while back that he hadn’t yet decided whether or not he would reincarnate. When the Dalai Lama reincarnates, he describes how he will be found next time. If he can do it, surely the global elites, the Rothschilds etc, are doing it too. It seems to me that they might want to reincarnate as their own descendants, following down the male line. And this is why inheritance law is so important to them. The massive amount of material wealth, property and money that they have must be KEPT IN THE FAMILY. Why is this so important? Because they get it back again further down the line when they are reborn and inherit.

Times are changing. Women are divorcing, or not marrying in the first place. Children are increasingly named after their mother, not their father. The patriarchal system is crumbling. The labelling system is crumbling. I think this will gradually and naturally be replaced over time with a matriarchal line, which I call the Mary line.

The Mary line is a more natural flow, descending like water. The continuum is the love, and nurturing passed down through the female line, so that all mothers lve, and all babies experience that love. This is our most precious wealth. There is no ownership or possession, only love freely given. This is what the powers that be have set out to destroy above all else.

I am always struck these days by images of the Virgin Mary with her baby, the serenity, the beauty, the joy, the human touch, the bond. This is something we have lost over time. Nowadays babies don’t need arms to hold them. They have equipment. Pushchairs, prams, car seats, high chairs, toys, dummies, bottle feeding kits, electronic entertainment. All you need to do is operate the equipment. The mother can then easily be replaced by another trained equipment operator.

Aspects of the Mary Line thes days are for sale or for trading. Mary as a lover is owned, imprisoned, and controlled by the institution of marriage, which gives something else in exchange, maybe a steady income, status and a house. The lover Mary is also sold by the trade of prostitution. Mary as a mother is controlled by marriage, and the state and the parenting industry, unable to be free to be a mother due to the requirements for housing and money, and domestic service to the family unit, and the pressure to support schooling. All these things interfere with genuine love and nurture.

A Mary line restored to nature’s intent would have no need for trade or sale, possessions and inheritance laws. If the love and nurture is freely given, then there is no need for a lineage or a line to control, because there are no possessions. There is just a natural flow.

If people are loved and nurtured, they have an automatic tendency to love and nurture others, by a process of natural continuum. If people are not, they may become violent, unloving, withdrawn, or they may find themselves struggling against the odds to break the cycle. A healthy Mary Line benefits all. All of us are born to a mother, and if we experience love, we can radiate love much more easily ourselves in turn.

This post was inspired by the beautiful modern stained glass window in the Chapel of St Mary Tory, Bradford-on-Avon. Part of the window depicts the flow of water descending.

(See also earlier posts: The Nuclear Family, Blood Sacrifice, Monasteries and Mothers, The Gift Economy)

Book: The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, about child rearing in the context of a South American tribe, where the skills just naturally flow from one generation to another.

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2 Responses to The Mary Line

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Suli, we obviously think along the same lines! The Order of the Bath was created on June 24th 1400 (John the Baptist’s Day) at the site in East Twerton now occupied by the derelict Bath Press. The pub opposite is the Belvoir Castle, and I’m sure you know already about the Hospitaller fortress 20 km south of the Sea of Galilee which surrendered to Saladin in 1189, a year after the Cutting of the Elm. It’s not strictly true there are no “Temple” names in Bath itself, though. Stanier Bridge next to Sainsbury’s was orginally called Temple Gate Bridge when it was built by Freemason Crossley in 1869. It’s understandable even the most observant researchers of the Templars sometimes miss what is no longer here, particularly the properties of the Elizabethan Rosicrucians. Here’s a few: Matty’s Cafe was built over the site of Francis Bacon’s house, opposite the Belvoir Castle. William Cecil’s Swan Theatre is ujnderneath Hi-Q Tyres, co-owned by Roger Maners between c1595 and 1601, when he was forced to sell most of his Batth property for his treasonable involvement in the Essex Rebellion. At which point, I think, Manners’ shares in theatre were probably sold to either Bacon or Middleton ~ pending further research. George Phillip Manners was a key architect on Bath Abbey.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou Anon, that is mostly new and fascinating information for me! I was aware of Twerton as being a very old part of Bath, its history now disguised by the housing estates. Princess Di visited Twerton, now I know why. Camilla is now involved with St Johns ! They are decoys for Prince Charles who is head, grandmaster, of the Order of the Bath.
      I am wondering if Temple Gate Bridge originally led to the Westgate. This is another spooky coincidence ! I am sitting at the West Gate as I check my emails! Before I logged on, I was playing with an ongoing idea that the main Roman route through Bath was East to West, similar to the well preserved Roman Town of Caerwent. (See Romans Remain). This idea came from the very old wall structure on the Rec bordering Johnstone St, which I think may have been a bridge, and knowledge that the East Gate was once further south. If you follow the line of Westgate Street, you can see a very clear avenue. I was thinking (only this morning !) that it might lead to Midland Bridge, but checking Stanier Bridge on the map, it seems that Stanier Bridge is more likely !
      Crossley is the name of the current council leader. Keep it in the family eh? Crossley is also Cross Ley. Crossing a leyline perhaps? It is also like cross key. And the keys cross by the West Gate by my reckoning (See the Bath Keys post).
      A major EAST WEST road forms an axis. It looks like the Bath axis, or axe, had two bridges as well. And the Knights Templar/Hospitaller are just South of the Westgate, just inside the walls, hogging the Hot Springs. The Hot Springs would then have been enclosed by the river loop to the south, and the main road route to the North, carefully guarded and access carefully controlled no doubt. Though the MIN Hospital is to the North and that had Hot Spring water.
      Your information seems to confirm that the Order of the Bath is a lot to do with Bath. You might like The Harry Patch post if you have not already found it.

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