The Next David Bowie

David Bowie will shortly be releasing a new album, having been quiet for 10 years. Or is it David Bowie releasing it? Surely it’s his management, his record company, his handlers. The announcement that he has “unexpectedly recorded” the album, was made on his 66th birthday. The double 66 makes me think of the 666 hallmark of Satan, or of the inverted commas used to denote opening speech. And did Bowie himself find he had “unexpectedly” recorded the album?

The Sun newspaper says it provides “vital clues for his followers”. They are telling us we need to decode it! What is going on? Is it a very deliberate trail to follow? And is it a wild goose chase or a red herring?

The album title “The Next Day” reminds me of the day after 21.12.12. And the pre release single is “Where Are We Now”. The marketing is described as a “brilliantly executed, secretive release strategy”. I don’t like the word “executed”, it implies death. The album cover is the same as the Heroes album, except a big white square blocks out his face. Why have they symbolically removed his face? People have commented on his “matured” voice. Since no one has heard him sing since 2007, we could put it down to ageing over the last Five Years (a Bowie song). Or maybe it’s not him? In the promo, Bowie’s head sits atop the body of a stuffed animal, and mouths the lyrics. What does that symbolise? A decapitation? A replacement of body parts? A stuffing of the insides, whilst the external appearance is preserved?

The album is forecast to be Number 1, so it will be. It’s been decided already.

Bowie was invited to perform at the Olympics, and he declined, but they couldn’t do it without his music, so he was in there anyway in video form. He has no control over this. They own all his material, all footage of him. They can use it how they wish, at any event they wish.

In 2012, the Olympic ZION brand re released 4 films around the country as part of the Olympic festivities. One of these was The Man Who Fell To Earth, starring Bowie, about an alien walking amongst us, with super powers, but in some ways really quite like us. Over time he was lured by our earthly culture into alcohol, TV watching (“Get out of my mind” he screams) and superficial sex. These things are all normal and acceptable parts of our culture today.

I would say there has been a bit of a deliberate Bowie revival going on this last year. It’s something I notice, being an admirer of his work. His work includes aliens and moon landings, as well as some very spiritual godly songs around the time of The Man Who Fell To Earth. (Wild is The Wind, and Word on A Wing are two examples).

A Bowie exhibition is due at the V & A later this year, this is someone who your mother would not approve of in the 70s, now at the V & A, now mainstream and establishment acceptable. What’s going on?

This is part of a bigger puzzle for me. What happens to these talented people when they get influential? Obviously the establishment will want to control them, or shut them up. Some of them get knighthoods for their services to the Queen’s Agenda, like Paul McCartney (who is a replacement anyway) and Bob Geldof. Bowie is a big star, but he is not a Knight, and has no awards from the British Empire. What happened then? How come this Bowie revival is so curiously timed and symbolised? Either he is part of the game, willingly so, or he is blackmailed into it, or it is not actually him.

Bowie had heart surgery in 2004. What happened to him then?

An the most odd bit of all is what he is wearing in the new photo portrait. It’s very boring. It’s the same as everyone else. Black top, black jacket, and blue jeans. Blue jeans with a fashionable hole in the knee. It’s not very original is it? Almost a uniform. And Blue Jeans? He had a song called Blue Jean.

(See also: Blue Genes, Forecasting, Mind Blowing)

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17 Responses to The Next David Bowie

  1. amosouldeer says:

    So: “A bod I’d view,” “Do I web diva?” or “I’d avoid web ?”, dear Ann Agram ?

  2. suliwebster says:

    Do you use an Internet anagram calculator to get these? I like ” I’d avoid web” the best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Talking about deception these two YouTube videos should intrigue you.

  4. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli
    Talking about deception these two videos should intrigue you.

  5. suliwebster says:

    Haven’t watched the vids yet.
    The whole idea of who is in the deception and who isn’t is interesting. You could say I am in the deception because here I am using an iPad made by Corporate Apple, sitting in a cafe drinking a coffee I have paid for with money, which has the Queens Head printed on it. There is a limit to how far I can (or want to) get out of the deception while it’s still being played out.
    So I am part of the deception and I know I am part of the deception. What does that make me? One of “them” perhaps? You could be someone who does not realise there is a deception. Or you could be someone who realises there is a deception, but see yourself as separate from it.
    And which description applies to David Bowie?
    Maybe it doesn’t matter. At some level, I think we ALL subconsciously know there is a deception. Artists, such as Bowie, channel that knowledge out through their work, sending a message to anyone who cares to listen.

    • amosouldeer says:

      You can be ‘in’ the deception without being ‘of’ it (idem for the ‘world’, this 3-d illusion called ‘reality’).
      From a ‘Higher-‘ or Inner Self level, you volunteered to reincarnate into this illusion. The principle task that you gave (and, across the millenia, have been giving) yourself is to see if you can remember ‘who’ you are, having cut ourself off from your co-creative Unified Consciousness ‘Source’. The ‘Elite’ and company are simply part and parcel ,of the package, playing their ‘part’, their ‘role’ in this play. Without their admirable contribution there would have been no game.
      Once you have identified (re-cognitized) that it is just a game, there is no longer any need to take it seriously and you are ready to modify ‘your’ role’, to revert to type and to resume living ‘your’ co-creativity/life to the full once more. Co-creating the life of the autonomous, sovereign ‘Being’ that you always have been and shall forever be in 3-d rerality…

  6. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli

    Once you know you are in a deception you are on your way to becoming free. Freedom is mostly a state of mind.

  7. suliwebster says:

    Yes I agree freedom is mostly a state of mind. And yes maybe you can simultaneously be in the deception but not of it, if your awareness is sufficiently tuned that you always know the difference between your true self and the role you play. I think I have a long way to go yet, but luckily I am enjoying the journey.

  8. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE: I have just found that Bowie has twice turned down a knighthood. So he is not as owned as some, maybe not owned at all.
    I also knew there had to be another 6 somewhere, and of course it is the year 2013, which adds up to 6 for Bowie’s 66th birthday. This has got to be deliberate.
    Apparently the album has medieval history references in it, which is making me think of the Knights Templar. It will certainly attract worldwide attention, already has.

  9. Truthwarrior says:

    Nice piece ! thank you,

    Bowies new song is also absolute rubbish and sounds very much like something he was forced write, there will undoubtedly be loads of metaphysical references in his new lyrics.

    On the subject of Bob Geldof, he is certainly in the back pocket of the PTB, I’ll eat my bloody hat if he didn’t have anything to do with the deaths of Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence

  10. suliwebster says:

    Oh that’s interesting TruthWarrior. I have not heard the new song. The idea of Bowie being owned is quite a challenge to me as I am an admirer of his work, so I have an inbuilt resistance to see him that way! Much easier to see Britney Spears, for example, being owned.

    I had not linked Bob Geldof with those deaths before, but it makes total sense. I was a big fan of the Boomtown Rats too, so tricky! It still makes me wonder at what point these stars convert to the establishment and how and why it happens. Surely early Rats music was not establishment controlled? Or maybe it was allowed in order to lure us in, to create a following.

    Because Bob Geldof has a knighthood, then he MUST be part of the Queen’s Agenda. How much he is aware of his contribution is another matter. Is he acting out of ego, or because he is being blackmailed, or because of rewards offered, or all three?

    I always remember how Paula Yates fought against the suicide verdict on Michael Hutchence. And then she committed “suicide” herself. Nowadays there are more and more of these “suicides” or “drug overdose” deaths, it seems. And it’s increasingly obvious to me that they are staged. It’s a good way to throw everyone off the scent of murder, and gives a neat closure to the case for the police. I imagine the police are under pressure to have closure on cases.

  11. Truthwarrior says:

    With regards to whether David Bowie knows what he’s singing about and if he is part of the machine, I recon he is ! I was listening to loving the alien today on my IPod

  12. Truthwarrior says:

    Very interesting line in there!

    Salvation for the mirror blind ?

  13. suliwebster says:

    Loads of Bowie’s lyrics are like this! Just cos he sees the truth doesn’t mean he’s part of the conspiracy though. I am still not sure, but I am also a bit prejudiced, not wanting to believe. The lyrics to Pretty Things are about Homo Sapiens and Homo Superior, and the new golden ones. I found a really good analysis of his Ziggy album earlier

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