BBC Wildlife Programming

I recently watched some of Sir David Attenborough’s latest Africa series. About half an hour was all I could stand, it seems to have a subliminal message. You can’t just watch the wildlife, Attenborough dominates and overlays the entire thing. The screenshots are carefully selected to create a movie, masquerading as documentary, as fact.

The intro…
This was quite a big part of the program and dwelt on the lions (symbol of The British), the reptiles (who are running the planet), and the Apes (to remind us of or supposed “ancestry”).

The bird story…
These strange birds reminded me of Dodo’s. It was quite funny and cute until the two siblings had a bit of a bust up while Mum was away fetching water. All the terminology used makes it sound like it’s human beings who live in houses in the UK. When Mum came back, the younger weaker sibling sought out its mother for some comfort and protection. This is when things get sinister, and Attenborough’s tone shifts to Horror Movie style to match. The mother susses out what has happened, and goes to the older bully boy chick, ignoring the needy frail chick. Only the bully boy gets a drink. All the screen shots show the furtive glances that you get in a Hollywood horror movie. There is no love or nurture filmed at all, and the implication is that the weak chick is deliberately left to die. Attenborough explains. The second child is only bred as “insurance” against the first one not making it. (as if insurance schemes are part of the everyday lives of animals). Zoom in on happy family of two parents and one strong chick as we hear that they are glad they only have one child in these hard times, one is enough to support. The MESSAGE is Survival of the Fittest is more important than love and nurture, and are they preparing us to accept a One Child Policy? Not only that, a one child policy that says it’s acceptable to allow your other children to die.

The elephants…
These magnificent creatures are filmed trudging through the barren land during a drought. Normally it would all be covered in lush green. It’s all a struggle, and it resembles an End of The World movie, except it’s elephants instead of humans. The mother doesn’t have enough milk to feed her young. It’s the worst drought for 50 years. Attenborough’s voice is now doom and gloom. The MESSAGE is that natural disaster is normal, life is a struggle, always was, always will be, people will die. And mothers’ milk will dry up, which fits quite neatly with the promotion of Nestle powdered baby milk in Africa, and elsewhere. We are subliminally programmed to believe that mothers cannot feed their own young. The tone is enough to make everyone depressed.

The fire…
Every year there is a fire. Everything in its path is destroyed. Now we are in Disaster Movie mode, something like The Titanic, but every year! Attenborough tells us that an area the size of Britain is destroyed. Wait a minute, did he say the size of Britain? What happens to your mind when he says that? You imagine Britain itself being destroyed. The MESSAGE is that Britain will be destroyed, and it’s part of a natural cycle, essential for change.

Death and Destruction…
As I watched and listened, I could feel the negative tone go through me. It’s like the News disguised as a wildlife documentary, there is just a continuous drone of death and destruction. It’s like the opening pages of 1984 where Winston notices that every film at the cinema is about war. Open the papers, listen to the radio. It’s all about children dying, (increasingly about children), and wars, and fear. And it’s programming our minds.

Human Planet…
The last TV program I watched was the Human Planet series which I found very uplifting, showing how humans in other cultures live very peaceful, happy, joyful and fulfilling lives with very little resources, at one with the planet. My favourite was the one with the treehouses. David Attenborough had nothing to do with that one, and it seemed largely contrary to the elite’s Agenda. It’s not surprising then that shortly after, a series called Frozen Planet appeared. This time with David Attenborough in it, and announcing lots of doom and gloom about climate change and global warming.

The Queen’s Agenda…
David Attenborough is a great frontman for these shows. He is widely revered by the public, to the point that everything he says is taken as absolute irrefutable fact. Whether he believes it or not himself is irrelevant, he’s a very convenient mouthpiece for the Queen’s Agenda, and that’s no doubt why he has a Knighthood and a CBE.

It’s programming our minds, and thats why the BBC call it programming. Attenborough was the BBC Director of Programmes at one point, he should know. They also program our minds ready to accept paedophilia as normal. Be careful what you allow in.

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10 Responses to BBC Wildlife Programming

  1. George Silver says:

    There was an interesting story recently in the Independent about how David Bellamy was ostracised from TV for voicing his opinion that Man Made Global Warming didn’t exist. He hasn’t worked on TV since. Attenborough apparently agreed with him until he was “persuaded” otherwise to stick to the “powers that be’s” script.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Very interesting George thanks. Wonder what threats or bribes Attenborough got? Do they have a hold over him for some blackmail?

  3. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli
    This has nothing to do with the above story or your comment but you mention blackmail and you cannot help speculating that with recent events slowly being uncovered that there are some very sick minds manipulating the system. There seems to be a continual thread running through all the sordid events highlighted by the Savile story.
    What if ONLY people with “evidence” against them were allowed to reach power, wealth and fame? What better way to control events?
    Take an up-and-coming politician, pop star or financial wizz-kid. Entice them to elegant parties where Champagne and drugs flow freely. What if “under the influence” they are filmed and photographed in acts that would make a pedophile blush.
    You then store away the “evidence” until the right moment. Once fame and fortune has them in it’s grip they will be easily manipulated by just a whisper in their ear.

    • suliwebster says:

      That does seem quite likely George. The people with the most power have the most possibility of blackmail. Which makes them 100% controllable, unless they are prepared to suffer the consequences of their activities being exposed. They still have a choice, don’t they? They can carry on perpetuating more awful things in order to save their own skin, or they decide to go with their inner truth and integrity, come what may. David Attenborough could choose to quit right now.

      They can’t be very happy people, can they?

      I guess not everyone is susceptible to the enticement to parties and the encouragement to commit blackmailable acts. This is a sort of test to see how easy the person is to manipulate, and how strong they are to resist. If they get through the party stage, then they get promoted. If they resist, then they are rejected. Come to think of it, this happens at many levels of our society. If the temptation for power and material wealth is greater than the strength of spirit, you are ripe for climbing the ladder of power. That temptation is always there for all of us in some form, as a test.

    • suliwebster says:

      It also reminds me of the Facebook scare for future employment. Lots of youngsters, and their parents, are frightened off Facebook in case a future employer won’t offer them a job on the basis of some embarrassing photo on Facebook! My reaction to this is what sort of employer is this, do you want to work for someone like that, and why is the future employer already controlling your life? But a lot of people are very easily controlled by this fear. In this case, the photos are only embarrassing, not criminal, but there is a similar mechanism at work.

  4. paul says:

    very good observations

    I made a point of not watching – instinct kicking in – same with not using mobile phones

    now when does everyone else start going with their own instinct


    • suliwebster says:

      I don’t normally watch tv as I don’t have one, and have always disliked them. It’s the way they control the room! I think that makes it easier to spot these subliminal messages when I do see a program. I haven’t been normalised to certain things like regular TV viewers. I watched it because my son wanted me to watch it with him on the computer, probably because we had enjoyed watching Human Planet together. You can see how easy it is to get lured by thinking you like a certain type of programme, such as “Wildlife and Nature”, then thinking you will like everything else in the same category.

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Are we talking about David ATON borough here? I saw an early “Zoo Quest” which he did in the sixties, I think. He had that gawky, geeky,somewhat uncoordinated air I associate inbred elite types. There’s something not right with him. I wonder if he was in charge of the BBC in “The Savile Years” . Good title for a documentary,eh? Be seeing you.

  6. suliwebster says:

    Good point, was he linked with the Savile time. I will see if I can find out. Quite likely I would say, as I grew up with both of them blasted into my family living room. His brother Richard is an elite too, so you are right, they are probably bred for the job. Richard Attenborough was director of Chariots of Fire, the film. It’s about the Olympics, and the title is taken from the hymn Jerusalem, played at the opening ceremony in 2012.

  7. suliwebster says:

    Some dates…
    1964 first edition of TOTP presented by Jimmy Savile.
    1969 Attenborough becomes BBC director of programming, so he decides what is broadcast and when, I.e. what is going to program our minds!
    1975 – 1994 Jim’ll Fix It.
    I can’t find a date for Attenborough’s role finishing, but there is clearly an overlap, and with such a senior position, surely Attenborough knew about Savile, everyone else at the BBC seemed to. If so, he must have knowingly approved putting a paedophile out onto children and family viewing times.
    Maybe this is how Attenborough is being blackmailed. Which means he still wants to save his own skin as more important than preventing the continuing abuse of children.

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