Psychic Experience

We all have a psychic ability, and we go into our psychic state every night when we go to sleep, when we wind down our dominating day world of five senses, allowing some stillness, allowing our psychic sense to be free. Dreaming is the psychic sense at work. And this includes nightmares.

There are two types of psychic activity. The quiet receptive psychic activity is a bit like accessing the internet. Except it’s in you, you don’t need an electronic device. You can communicate (telepathy), view places that are not where you are (remote viewing), and go to times that are not the present.

Healing is an active psychic activity. In ancient times, this was almost certainly done with the help of stone circles, which are built on energy lines to mark and fix and harness their power. Special sites may also have been used for conception and birthing, hence the legend of King Arthur’s special birth at Tintagel Castle.

Receptive psychic activity happens when we sleep, but this can also be controlled to happen at other times. The best way is to reduce all the outside interference, the constant onslaught on your five senses. Most people find this a quite frightening thing to do, to have a stillness. That’s because we have been trained our whole lives to block out the psychic, and we have no idea what to do with our psychic power. The power is frightening if you don’t understand it, if you haven’t learnt how to use it wisely.

Long Barrows come from the same historical period as Stone Circles. It seems that the real purpose of Long Barrows was to enable psychic experiences, possibly as a rite of passage for adulthood. Experiments have shown that external electromagnetic waves are blocked out by Long Barrows. Being inside one with the stone over the entrance, alone with yourself, would force such things as “out of body” experiences.

I think that the old village lockups from the 18th century have the same purpose. Though the cover story is that they are police cells for drunks or petty criminals! The ones near me are designed like chapels with a domed roof and an orb on top, and often very near water. I think they are for psychic activity. The one in Trowbridge is called The Blind House, which implies a blocking of the five senses. Wikipedia says they are for “temporary detention”, which does not necessarily mean a punishment, though that’s what you are meant to think.

It follows that Churches have a similar function too. They are a larger version of the lock ups, for many people to collectively use their psychic power. They are on key earth energy points. The power of prayer is enormous. It’s our collective psychic activity at work.

Prison solitary confinement must surely have a similar effect. This maybe the original purpose of such treatment. Not a punishment at all. But a way of creating an environment for the criminal to sort out his or her life by the experience of the psychic state of being. You are forced to explore your own soul when all external stimulants are removed and you are alone with yourself.

Th UK Army Special Services train in Jungle Consciousness. They are taken to isolated places in the jungle. The heightened awareness that they experience forces the psychic sense to kick in. And once you have experienced it, you know it’s there, you know you can access it again. The British Army know about it and find it useful, that’s for sure.

Aborigines and North American Indians are two cultures that use dreams to find answers to questions. They control the dream state, manage their own dream power. The aborigines say that nighttime is for sleeping and resting, so they normally prefer to do any psychic activity during the day, when awake. Psychic power is a normal part of their daily lives.

In our Western society, children, and even babies, are left alone at night in their own dark rooms. It’s considered a luxury. This is exposing the child to psychic experiences without any support. Some of these experiences will be terrifying nightmares. Maybe the child will fear going to sleep. The child doesn’t believe “It’s just a dream”, they haven’t been alive long enough to have that indoctrination. I think children are too young to be on their own at night, they need someone with them while they are in this state. Until they get to such an age that they understand it and can handle it, and use it.

Possibly infants that have traumatic psychic experiences alone are more likely to suffer from a compartmentalisation of the mind as a way to cope. This compartmentalisation is very valuable for those who want to control, as separate mind compartments can be separately programmed and hidden away. I think it’s possible that Cot Death may arise from this level of trauma.

You can see how the current over bombardment of our five senses prevents waking psychic activity, and how any psychic activity may be frightening to those who experience it. I guess regular drugs, or eating drug filled food, breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water is likely to numb our psychic abilities too. That might even be a comfort to those who fear their psychic power. There is a huge pressure at the moment that children must be constantly stimulated. Everyone must be busy, and entertained. No stillness or quietness allowed.

The term “New Sixth” is used a lot at the moment, supposedly to herald an era after the fifth. But maybe it could refer to the sixth sense, the psychic sense. If we use it wisely, we can take back our power.

Ref: Some of the information for this post is from a talk by Serena Roney-Dougal, parapsychologist.

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