Queen Bee

There are not many major events scheduled for 2013. Not like the almost continuous Royal Olympic activity we have had over the last couple of years. There will be the Royal baby of course, the birth and the christening. But that’s it.

Kill the Queen…
If I was in charge, I would kill the Queen. That would generate some more Royal events to keep the momentum going. There would be a massive world wide news story for the death, just like for Diana. And then there is the funeral and coronation to follow, with possibly an abdication or two thrown in. (Will it be Charles, William, or Harry next?). The death of the Queen may well be planned, but they can’t tell us if it is, can they?

The Queen unites us..,
The mainstream news has made big play out of the way the Royal Olympic events have brought us all together. It’s the Queen that unites us, we are told. We naturally crave being brought together, being united, because we have so carefully been separated, so when we are presented with a reason to unite, and some days off to do it in, we eagerly and desperately rush in. But it’s the wrong reason! We are united to worship the Agenda of the elites, our own demise.

Daily Queen worship..
Lots of energy is focused on the Queen in our daily lives. She’s on all the stamps, in the UK and elsewhere. And she’s on all the money. We stare at money every day. You have to stare at it and focus on it in order to count it out. So we are all well tuned into the Queen as a symbol of daily life, the money which we believe makes the world go round.

Humans and Bees…
There seem to be some parallels with the world of bees.
A friend of mine keeps bees. She tells me that the history of bees follows almost exactly the history of humankind. As humans migrated north to Europe in ancient history, so did bees. All the migration patterns over millennia match. The British Empire (BE) exists in colonies around the world and bees live in colonies too.

Queen Bee…
Bees have a Queen too. Just like us. In the Bee world, the consciousness of the bees is controlled by the Queen. The bees are united by the Queen. All their energy focuses on the Queen, even if she is not there, even when she is miles away. And when the Queen dies, they must have a new Queen ready. The bees can not function properly without a Queen, and they need a replacement quickly. If a new queen is not apparent, an heir apparent, then before long, the colony will collapse.

It’s interesting that bees are now suffering from colony collapse and depopulation. Human depopulation is part of the elites’ Agenda. The idea of depopulation is being carefully planted into human consciouness. Is it being mirrored with the bees?

The power of the Queen…
The only two monarchs to reach a Diamond Jubilee are Victoria and Elizabeth II. Both Queens. The Queen is far more powerful than the King in the game of Chess. Bees don’t even have a King, it’s always a Queen. I wonder how the human world was when a King was in charge? How was consciousness and unity affected?

The Queen’s decline…
The Queen in everyday life is in decline. If you use bank transfers or credit/debit cards, there is no queen to look at. Stamps are in decline, even the post office will now just print out an anonymous sticker for your letter or parcel. So the main focus on the Queen is being deliberately shifted towards international events. The way is paved for a replacement. Maybe the Royal family as a whole. Or the corporates, and the banks. Or maybe a new Queen.

It takes 16 days to produce a Queen bee from an egg. There are 16 days from the Olympic Opening Ceremony (Fertility Ritual including an egg) to the Closing Ceremony. The incubating Queen. I am not sure what the gap is about, the gap between the Olympics and the Royal “conception” (around about Halloween), about 11 weeks.

Bee food…
The Queen bee is fed exclusively on Royal jelly. A Queen bee is made, not born, and this is due to its diet. Royal jelly is also good for humans. In the same way it creates a super bee, it can create a super human. It makes you live much longer for a start. And the Royals seem to live a lot longer than the rest of us.

Do we need a Queen?…
What do we actually want? Do we need a Queen to hold the world together? To hold human consciousness? Or can we do it ourselves. Where do these strange parallels come from between humans and bees? Are we being subliminally programmed with bee terminology so that we believe we need a Queen, so that we think we can’t exist without one? The Queen Bee needs the worker bees, she needs the colony, she needs the hive mentality, she is totally dependent. She is also at the mercy of the worker bees and their decision. Same as the “human” Queen, I think. Do the human workers need a Queen?

(Halloween Harmony, The Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual, Queen Worship, The Queen’s Debt, X Marks The Spot, Do As You’re Told Days)

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9 Responses to Queen Bee

  1. dognamedblue says:

    seem to recall an old photo of queenie posing dressed up with a bee stuck to her dress, seems she has them all the time, hidden in plain sight
    plus the ancient egyptian’s were big on bee worship, which ties in with queenie claiming to be descended from the old pharoes
    [there’s photos of an ancient artifact that they claim is a “ufo” but the more you look at it the more it looks like a bee?]

    I tried placing a bet with a bookmakers that she wouldn’t be queen anymore this year but after a few phone calls they refused to place it

  2. dognamedblue says:

    cecil beaton: http://www.lomography.com/magazine/news/2012/02/05/the-queen-cecil-beaton-exhibition

    unfortunately couldn’t find a big enough version to get a better look

  3. suliwebster says:

    I can’t see the bee in the photo, but happy to take your word for it. The colours of the photo are very bee like. And honey is gold, and they love gold don’t they?
    Fascinating that you can’t bet on the Queenship ending! The bookies are always a good test of what’s going to happen. I guess if they took your bet, they would have to give you odds on it, and then other people might start to bet on it too, then it would become news, then speculation. The specualtion may then actually cause the event.
    Or maybe there are certain things that you are not allowed to bet on. There must be some restrictions, certain subjects to be avoided.

  4. dognamedblue says:

    it’s a tiny little” jewel” on her dress, but there may be a very similar photo, pose dress crown jewels etc without the halo of light around her head, that it could be, but I need to get a better quality to be certain

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Another Queen “B”, Beatrix of Holland, (whose mum, by the way, was called ‘Julia-na:) ),has just abdicated to make way for her son, Willem(William?)-Alexandre, who will (like our planetary one) shall be the Sixth son/Sun. 2013 is a year ‘6’ too…

  6. suliwebster says:

    I noticed a Queen Bea of Holland when I was writing this post.
    Very interesting info.
    A matching William! Though it seems the UK William will be the Vth.
    I came across a page on wiki answers that said hypothetically Charles and William might be killed at the same time by a terrorist attack. Who knows, but certainly things are shifting very rapidly.

  7. jacqui says:

    when Fergie and Andrew married , Fergie had bees on her dress as well , also didn’t they make her a coat of arms with bees on it?

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes! Good spot, I just checked. Amazing how long these clues have been around for. She has one very prominent bee. I wonder if bees indicates Egyptian descent as dognamedblue suggested. I remember reading that Beatrice was a surprise choice of name for her first born.
      I have also noticed Fergie has a PINK ribbon. Kate has a BLUE ribbon. It is like being at nursery school isn’t it? PINK for a girl, BLUE for a boy. Though Kate and Wills conjugal coat of arms has a PINK ribbon. Maybe their next baby is a girl.


    • suliwebster says:

      Diana has a BLUE ribbon ! I think that proves that they know the sex of the firstborn well in advance. No bees for Diana, maybe you need to be breeding queens to get the Bee.

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