The Homosexual Agenda

I never quite understood the recent fashion for wearing your trousers falling down, your bum exposed, and your trousers ready to trip you up. But lots of people religiously dressed like this in honour of the God called Fashion.

Yesterday I found out that this dress code started in male prisons. It advertises you as available to be the male “girlfriend” of anyone interested, inviting offers for gay sex.

There are numerous logos everywhere, which when pointed out to you, clearly show the male homosexual act, and there is plenty of similar subliminal programming in children’s TV, such as Postman Pat, and films.

It seems there is an agenda being rolled out to normalise homosexuality. This reminds me of the agenda to normalise paedophilia, which seems to be running concurrently alongside it.

There are some important differences between homosexuality and paedophilia, which people are being very cleverly led to forget. Please remember them!

Homosexuals are consenting adults of the same sex.

Children abused by paedophiles are not deemed able to give their consent, quite rightly so. Some paedophiles abuse just boys, some just girls, some abuse both. It is completely irrelevant whether or not a paedophile picks a same sex or opposite sex child victim. The point is the paedophile is an ABUSER OF CHILDREN.

They are trying to blur the two. Cameron refers to the hunt for paedophiles as a gay witch hunt. Homosexuality is fringe sexual behaviour, non mainstream, so they are using it as a method to bring in the Normalising of Paedophilia. They have to make paedophilia normal and acceptable in order to continue doing it, because they can no longer keep it hidden, due to the current unveiling going on.

We are being subliminally programmed to believe that all paedophiles are homosexual, and that the two are the same thing. If you fall for this, and equate the two, then you will either believe that all homosexuals are evil along with the paedophiles. Or you will believe that paedophilia is not that bad really, after all, homosexuality was once a crime, and still is in some countries.

It’s important to keep the two separate, work against the force that is trying to lump them together. Whatever your views on homosexuality, please keep it separate from your views on paedophilia. Do not fall for it. If you fall for it, you are playing into their hands.

Children are being given explicit sex education in schools from the age of 9. I have never liked this. It started as heterosexual, now homosexual is being introduced. One more step and we have paedophilia being officially taught in schools to 9 year old kids as something normal and acceptable that they are expected to do.

Homosexuality is not paedophilia, homosexuality is being used as a device to normalise paedophilia.

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6 Responses to The Homosexual Agenda

  1. dognamedblue says:

    I followed this link just as I started to read this blog:
    “Hollywood’s Big Secret and Mainstream Media Cesspool”

    ties in with what’s said here

  2. dognamedblue says:

    just another way to decrease the population that’s infecting their lovely planet
    viral scum that I appear to be to the ruling 1|% of 1% of 1%

    not too unlike executing 50,000 women because they were “witches” to reduces the population back in the “dark ages”
    I guess the paediphilia/homosexual/liberation angle is just a modern version easier to manipulate & accuse with?

  3. suliwebster says:

    I think the witches thing was to do with eliminating plant and healing knowledge. It is still being clamped down on. It is now illegal to sell herbal remedies even though they actually work. It’s the oldest form of medicine, and in my view, one of the reasons for the murder of Jesus (real or symbolic, it doesn’t really matter).
    I think the homosexual thing is more about introducing paedophilia. But I guess a handy offshoot of that might be to kill homosexuals, if they can link the two in people’s mind and stir up enough hatred.
    Will look at vid when I get a chance, but the opening picture looks a bit off putting, normal though it is these days, and increasingly what young girls aspire to.

  4. dognamedblue says:

    the pics very off-putting
    it’s used as an example of the sexualisation of children in promoting paedophilia & homosexuality
    the really disturbing bit for me was sacha baron cohen as one of his characters ripping the clothes off young girl dancers and clearly enjoying it

    I used to live at the bottom of pendle hill in the ribble valley & was friends with a family & their mum could trace her ancestors back to the women murdered there as witches, so you are right about the medicine, but I also think it was population control too, hadn’t thought about then in so many years 🙂
    [her family was full of twins, two of her sons, she was, other relatives, grandparents, used to be head spinning at family parties! twins went back through the generations too]

  5. suliwebster says:

    Thanks for the vid dognamedblue. Finally watched it. Makes the points very well in only 6 minutes! I have seen bits before, but always good to have a reminder that this sort of stuff is very real. When my life is going well, it’s all too easy to blot out unpleasant things, wanting to forget that they happen.
    It’s not just Hollywood and the High St. My kids schools are infected by it too, ” good” middle class schools. I sat through a Dance Show once, performed by 11 year old girls, all in tight black costume doing all this sexy performing to the teacher parent (predominantly adult) audience. Everyone applauds and says well done. I felt sick. This is on the curriculum. Teachers encourage it. At the primary school, kids ages 8 to 9 were having a Bugsy Malone day, they had to come in dressed as gangsters or molls. The mums get busy making costumes to support their child’s education.
    Another day at the primary school, an event sponsored by the Council “Safeguarding Children” department was to celebrate Fathers Day. There were about 100 fathers sitting at the back of assembly. The atmosphere was really odd. Then they all went off to Reception, that’s the 4 to 5 year olds. There must have been more men than kids in those classrooms. It’s normalising having loads of strange men around you, all endorsed by parents, teachers and the council. I asked one 7 year old what she thought of it and she said it was “scary”. The men were given gift bags to take home. The kids were given white balloons that look like condoms, with some slogan about men or dads on them, they were blowing them up at play time. And all the adults are saying to the kids how lovely it all is, so any kid thinking otherwise will feel like there is something wrong with them.
    Meanwhile the Council is so poor that it’s simultaneously making cuts to library services, whilst funding events like this across the district.
    I think not watching Hollywood is only one small part of what we can do. It’s very well infiltrated already. This vid also shows how the route to infecting the children’s psyche lies in first infecting the mother, or by removing the children from the mother. I have spent my entire time as a mother doing battle with all these forces that have been trying to infect my kids. I have fended off some of it, but impossible to keep it all at bay.
    I think the way that adults dress and act is also something that children pick up on. If all the adults are wearing sexualised clothing, and going to parties and drinking, it endorses it. The kids automatically copy. Saying or implying its something you can do when you grow up makes it like some sort of reward to look forward to. One of the paedo tricks is to tell the kid how grown up they are, this is what grown ups do, it must be ok.
    But before blaming Hollywood, and waiting for them to change, we have to first look at ourselves and our own part in it. That’s the hard bit, that’s the bit that people don’t want to do.
    The point about the next generation being completely normalised to it is very good. That’s how it sneaks in. The babies being born today will have it in their face from birth. Same as the chemtrails, they will grow up seeing chemtrails and hazy sky as normal. Maybe once upon a time, the moon was new, then after a few generations it became normal.

  6. suliwebster says:

    Four years in since I write this article… There are new plans to introduce Sex Ed for 4 year olds in schools in the UK. The new topic is paedophile grooming on the internet. See “Capture The Kids”.

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