Bath Alignments

I have been checking out some more coincidences of alignments within and beyond Bath. All measurements are approximate as I do not have decent equipment to do accurate measurements, and my maps are old with too many creases in them!

The Obelisk alignment…
There is an alignment of Bristol, Bath and Bradford-on-Avon. All three begin with B and are on the same river, the River Avon. It seems the line may also go through Newport in Wales. The line is approx 30 degrees North of the West horizontal. On the clock face, that means from 10 o clock to 4 o clock. It seems to run perfectly through the alignment within Bath that is marked by The Three Obelisks. I spotted both alignments separately some time ago, and have only just seen that they are part of the same alignment. The Three Obelisks is a clue to look at a bigger picture.

The three obelisks may represent the three towns, I don’t know. The central town is Bath, the central obelisk is the square one, the biggest, Queen Elizabeth II. Bath is sometimes called the Queen of the West. Bristol is then the triangle obelisk, Victoria. Bradford is then the small circle obelisk, William of Orange. The distance from Bristol to Bath is greater than the distance Bath to Bradford, which is reflected in the distances between the obelisks.

The line seems to go through the Roman Catholic Church of St Thomas More, in Bradford-on-Avon (BOA). I am not sure where it goes through in Bristol.

Another alignment…
A straight line through the centres of Oxford and Cambridge goes directly through Bath. It’s about 30 degrees North of East, about 8 o clock to 2 o clock. It maybe slightly less than 30 degrees, I am not sure. It seems to be parallel to the very well known Michael Mary line that goes through Glastonbury Tor and Avebury.

It also seems to extend to either Newquay or St Columb Major in Cornwall. St Columb Major is interesting as the birthplace of Ralph Allen who created the postal system, the cross posts, and undermined Bath of its beautiful stone.

The Bath Oxford Cambridge line may line up with the Bath King Key alignment from the Holborne Museum that goes down Great Pulteney Street and onto Whiteway Roundhill. It seems likely that this Bath inner alignment would reference an alignment beyond. It’s the most obvious alignment on a map of Bath, and even looks like it is firing off out of Bath towards somewhere.

Bath has two churches of St Michael, one Within, one Without. It used to have two matching St Mary’s. The remaining St Mary’s of Bath are around the edge of the city, in suburbs and villages, including where Ralph Allen is buried in Claverton in his giant Pyramid mausoleum.

Worldwide alignments..,
If there are indeed two parallel alignments not far apart, one through Glastonbury Tor, one through Bath, then it seems likely there is a whole load of them across the country. And possibly extending around the world. There are certainly plenty of Earth Energy lines doing this, so it seems quite likely there would also be corresponding alignments created by the built environment, as with the Michael Mary line. I still don’t know whether the built markers create and fix the earth line, or whether the built markers simply mark something natural.

Royal Miles…
The Royal Mile is measured out in Edinburgh. The street called The Royal Mile is 8/7 of a British Mile. This Royal Mile is used in ancient Egyptian sacred geometry, and clearly links the Egyptians with the 18th century freemasons, and the Royal family today. The street layouts of Bath, Edinburgh and London are designed with sacred measurements to encode clues for the future, for our time, now, just like the Egyptian Pyramids. One of the reasons for Bath being designated a World Heritage City is its Georgian street design that influenced that of London and Edinburgh.

My measurements are not as precise as I would like, but if I measure some of these alignment distances in Royal Miles, I seem to get whole numbers.

Bath to Chippenham (en route to Oxford) is 10 Royal Miles.
Bath to Bristol is 10 Royal Miles.
Bath to Bradford is 4 Royal Miles.
A perpendicular from the Bath Oxford Cambridge alignment to the Michael Mary parallel line is 6 Royal Miles.

Clock face…
If the lines are indeed angled at clock face points, it seems possible that there may be a total of 6 lines going through Bath, dividing it into 12, like a clock. The Zodiac is similar to a clock in that it is a circle with 12 sections. Someone has mapped out a zodiac pattern around Glastonbury, the shapes made up by the lanes and buildings and landscape around. All hidden in plain view. There may be something similar with Bath.

(See also earlier posts: The Bath Keys, Round Tables, The Three Obelisks, The Golden Circus, Earth Energy Lines, X Marks the Spot)

Ref: The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst (about dowsing the Mary Michael energy lines)

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