The Saviour Within

I notice a lot of people believing that Jesus will save them. Jesus the Saviour is coming soon, the second coming, to save the world, and save us from all these atrocities that are happening. We can learn a lot from the symbology of Jesus, but he won’t save us.

I notice a lot of people believing that 21st December 2012 will save them. That’s been and gone. I believe things changed at that point, and that we may now have more clues to help us, but no one was saved by it.

Some people want to get out of this world by dying, so they can go somewhere better. They wait to die, and are willing to die. They will probably have to reincarnate and start again where they left off. They are just postponing their work. If you don’t learn joy and freedom in this world, you won’t get it elsewhere either. It is not given to you.

Some people believe that the aliens will save us, or some other non-planetary or non-human entities. There may be aliens helping us out, there maybe ones against us, I have no idea one way or the other, and I don’t think it’s relevant, except as clues for our own path.

Some people believe we just need a new bunch of people in charge, maybe a different structure with a new set of rules, new logo, new name, or maybe just another political party will solve it for us.

There is a pattern to all of these. Its a belief that someone or something else outside of ourself will sort it out for us. It’s a belief that the goodies and the baddies are something outside of ourself. It’s a belief that we have no power, we just wait. Wait for the superhero, the saviour, the knight in shining white armour coming galloping in to rescue us. It’s a belief that we don’t have to make any changes ourself! Someone or something else will sort it all out. That’s the biggest deception of all. That we have no power, that we are dependent on the whim of external powerful forces.

It’s also a belief that all the evil is outside of oneself. That you have no part to play in contributing to the wars, the slavery and the paedophilia in the world. It’s all set up for us to easily turn a blind eye, and we all collude with each other in the West to collectively do this. Campaigning and rebelling is demanding that other people change. Giving money to charity is abdicating your responsibility to something else, paying atonement money for your own part in things.

I have come round to believing in Jesus, but I am not a Christian. I see Jesus as symbolic of a state of being, a free spirit, free of all the dense earthly material weight that we are constantly tempted into, trained into from birth.

I see the path as dealing with yourself, your inner self, lightening the load until you feel lighter, almost rising up above the density of the planet. As you deal with your inner self, the world without starts to change too. That’s the way it works. The good news is that it works just for you, you don’t need everyone else to join in to make it work for you. The bad news is that you can’t blame everyone else’s lack of awakening for your own bad world.

The path to Jesus means the path to enlightenment. Light is not just the opposite of dark, it is also the opposite of heavy. To be enlightened is to become less heavy, less dense, less weighed down. It’s hard work, but the rewards are great for yourself and everyone else around you who will benefit from your lightness.

Enlightenment can’t be taught. It can only be found. You can’t be enlightened by blindly following a leader. Each path is individual and must be individually discovered, deciphered by its owner. That’s why there are all these clues around, hidden in plain sight. Through studying and working through everything around you, you slowly decode yourself, and you start to see. And that’s why it’s hard and full of pitfalls and mistakes, we are all trained to follow instructions and copy everyone else!

The Lords Prayer comes to mind “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. This is a reminder to self to stick to the path.

Gravestones often say DIED IN JESUS. I think this means that through death, these people have become free of the dense earthly trappings. I don’t think you need to die to be free, and I am not sure that death will free you for very long anyway, you will soon be back at square one.

We can learn from Jesus by looking at how he lived his life. No money, wandering nomadically in the desert, a healer, a lover of his fellow people, a simple life. Everything he represents (doesn’t matter if he was real or symbolic) is a signpost for us. This is what it means to follow Jesus. But you have to work it out. If you don’t know why you are doing it, you will find yourself easily tricked or tempted away again.

A final word from Marlo Morgan:

Born empty handed
Die empty handed
I witnessed life at its fullest
Empty handed

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Ref: Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan

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4 Responses to The Saviour Within

  1. drukqs says:

    Excellent piece. Thanks.

  2. dognamedblue says:

    I often wonder just how many of these “religious” people actually read the bible? I don’t mean repeating it but actually read it
    Jesus said in the new testament “if you wish to find god then look within yourself”
    & that bit about god’s temple [church house etc] being your body – I guess that’s where “my body is a temple” comes from? – just my educated guess
    it’s like those in america that think they going to be saved in the “rapture” haven’t read the small print about having to being a male virgin jew to get a ticket for that ride
    I think he’d tell people to stop following & start leading, their own way

    • dognamedblue says:

      jesus telling people that they are god kind of negates all god following religions which is probably why people read it but don’t want to see it

  3. suliwebster says:

    Yes I agree dognamedblue. The religions have told people that God is separate from themselves and he tells them what to do. Via the vicar or preacher of course! I was just thinking today about the part of your head that is the temple. Everything in our body seems to be mapped outside of our body.
    I am not very well read on the Bible, but so many phrases stand out in my mind that make perfect sense.
    There do seem to be some very frightened people in the US.
    If you were a Church member and started interpreting the Bible differently, you would probably no longer belong in the club. The Church provides a social life and status and a label of “good”.
    I see nature as my “Church”.

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