Godfrey of Jerusalem and Bath

The first King of Jerusalem was Godfrey of Bouillon in 1099, when Jerusalem was captured. Curiously, there is a Bishop of Bath called Godfrey, around the same time. A little bit of digging, and it seems they are the same person.

They are linked by Queen Adeliza of England, who I hadn’t heard of before.

Godfrey of Bath…
He was born 1060. There seems to be no record of his surname, or title, which means you have to work it out the hard way. He was Bishop of Bath from 1123 until 1135. He died in 1139. He came from Leuvan, (Louvain in French), in Belgium. Louvain is the capital of Brabant. Godfrey of Bath was chaplain to Adeliza of Louvain and came with her to England when she was to be married to the King. That’s how he came to be in England.

Godfrey of Jerusalem…
He was born in 1060 too. The birthdate coincidence. Wikipedia says Godfrey is from France, or maybe Brabant in Belgium, they are not sure which. The Brabant coincidence. He was known as Godfrey of Bouillon, and was Lord Bouillon from 1076. He served Henry IV, King of Germany and future Holy Roman Emperor. He never married. Wikipedia says he died in 1100, but there is some confusion. Some records don’t mention it, others say an arrow, or poison. Or just an illness. Did he recover? Although he was hailed as King of Jerusalem, Godfrey refused the title, saying that the true King of Jerusalem is Christ. His title was Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre (Advocate of the tomb of Christ). Belgium are pretty keen to claim him. He came 17th in the Belgium list of national heroes 2005, and a statue of Godfrey stands in the Royal Square in Brussels since 1848. He was also Duke of Lower Lorraine.

Born 1103 in Louvain. Married King Henry I of England in 1121. Her father was Godfrey of Louvain, Duke of Lower Lotharinga (which is the old name for Lorraine). The Lorraine coincidence, Godfrey of Jerusalem was Duke of Lower Lorraine too. The “chaplain” who came with her to England when she married was Godfrey from Louvain, who later became the Bishop of Bath. She was Queen consort until 1135, which exactly matches the death of Godfrey of Bath. Her most important feature for marrying was the status of her father, Godfrey. Godfrey was in league with Henry V the Holy Roman Emperor. This was a way to introduce Godfrey into the Royal bloodline descent. Coincidence, the other Godfrey, of Jerusalem, was in league with the previous Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV.

Piecing the story together…
If you assume it is the same Godfrey, it fits very well. Godfrey of Bouillon was born in France in 1960. He served King Henry IV, including a battle to take Rome away from the Pope. He then went on to lead the Crusades to capture Jerusalem in 1099. He became King of Jerusalem. He set up the Priory of Sion in 1099. People were told he was dead, but he was smuggled out around 1100 to Belgium, Brabant, for some reason, possibly taking something important with him from Jerusalem. So he had a sort of rebirth with a new identity in Belgium. He became Count of Louvain in Belgium, and had a daughter Adeliza, who then married Henry I of England. He accompanied her to England for her marriage in 1121, and was known as her chaplain, another disguise. Maybe he brought something with him to England too, something precious that might require a disguise. He worked for the King, and was then appointed Bishop of Bath after the Holy See (Bishopric) had been transferred to Bath from Wells. The Holy See was not in Bath for long, but long enough for the Priory of Sion to be set up in Bath under the auspices of the Holy See.

The Knights Templar were set up in 1099 in Jerusalem, and first came to England around 1118. About the same time as Godfrey of Bath came to England. Godfrey links the whole lot, and what went with him from Jerusalem to Belgium to London to Bath?

The Priory of Sion…
The purpose of capturing Jerusalem was to capture Christ’s tomb. That was in Godfrey’s title, Advocate (defender) of Christ’s Tomb. They wanted Christ’s bones, his DNA, his code, his encryption. The Priory of Sion exists to install the Jesus/Mary bloodline in the Royal families of Europe.

Christ or Jesus…
At this point I get confused. To me, Jesus whether symbolic or real, was good, against the moneylenders, teaching us how to share and love each other, teaching us our own inner powers. If we can master Jesus’ teachings, we don’t need any battles or kings or rulers. Why would the Priory of Sion want another Jesus? Surely they want to stop any further Jesus interference? Maybe their purpose is to prevent Jesus bloodline resurfacing? To slay it as soon as its born. Or is it like Philip Pullman’s book, Jesus and Christ are actually two very different people, and that is what the battle has always been about. The Bible carefully uses Jesus and Christ as different people. But most people read it as if they are the same person.

The Royal bloodlines…
Queen Adeliza bore no children with Henry I, but she did with her second husband, William d’Aubigny. Henry I’s only legitimate son was killed during a convenient ship disaster, (like an earlier version of the Titanic), and this seems to have given rise to a whole new bloodline in British Royalty, with Adeliza being the ancestor of many Royals, passing on the genes from her father Godfrey, King of Jerusalem, founder of the Priory of Sion. Perhaps that’s why the name Adele is blasted at us constantly through the media these days, they are gloating over their interception.

The Bishops…
Some say the Priory of Sion is against the Roman Catholic church. Then why was Godfrey made Bishop of Bath? Why was the Priory of Sion in Bath set up under the Vatican controlled Bishopric? It seems to me that The Priory of Sion is linked to the Vatican, it’s part of the same team, and always has been, and is active today in Bath and elsewhere, hidden in plain view.

The Deaths…
Adeliza spent her later years in Brabant, where she died in 1151, and is buried next to her father Godfrey, who died in 1139. Godfrey of Bath is buried in Bath Abbey in 1135. So if Godfrey the chaplain and Godfrey the father are the same Godfrey, whose bones are buried in Bath?

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Ref: The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman

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