Invasion of the Telescreens

I pride myself on not having a TV, and having brought up my kids pretty much without one. Yet now I find that my home is filled with telescreens, and we are constantly watching them. How did that happen?

Each person has their own mobile phone and a laptop. That’s two screens each, it used to be one for the whole family. I always hated the way the TV commands people’s homes and stops social interaction, but any telescreen can have the same effect. It also sends people into a sort of hypnotic trance state. Perfect for being programmed.

Outside the home, I find telescreens on buses, trains, cafes, pubs, in shops and shop windows, in the street, in the dentist waiting room, at the leisure centre, and of course the cinema.

The auditory equivalent is radio and iPods.

They are all programming our minds. Just like the television does. They all take us to another place, another time, take us out of the Here and Now. They are distractions from interacting with what’s happening around us. It stops us occupying our own time and space. I have learnt a huge amount the last year from the internet, but I still see it as second best to my own direct experience.

A main topic of conversation amongst people is discussing what was on the tele last night. It can make you feel like you have to watch the tele to keep up, to be part of society. Now I notice there is the same thing happening with other Telescreens. Have you seen the latest film? (there are new ones every week). Have you watched the latest YouTube about 911 Truth? Have you read this? What do you mean, you don’t know about the latest on the Savile scandal, you are not keeping up. The telescreen world is replacing the TV world. The TV is but one part of it. Overall I would say people are watching screens more and more, even those of us without TVs.

There’s an endless amount to look at, far more than there ever was on just the television. I can’t keep up, I never will. It’s constant catch up, and the more I am on the telescreens, the more my life is governed by them. Meanwhile I don’t talk to my kids, or cook, or grow veg, or get outside as much as I would like, the very things I advocate as being part of a better world. I end up becoming part of the virtual reality.

Some say the computer is a temporary stage in the evolution of the world. But each of us can choose to quit or do less any time we like. Same as with the TV. They have OFF buttons. They are not compulsory to own. A life without them is possible, perhaps a better life.

The Internet is an incredible resource that is enabling people to communicate across the world and share huge amounts of information, but there is a price to pay for this, and it’s worth keeping careful track of how much you gain from the telescreen world against how much you are losing from the Here and Now.

I see the U.S. as gun crazy. How would another time or place see us? Telescreen crazy perhaps? It’s become a very normal part of everyday life, just like George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

(See also Big Brother of 2012, Closed Circuit Information, Gun Crazy, Nature’s Free Internet)

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2 Responses to Invasion of the Telescreens

  1. George Silver says:

    I’m listening but not hearing an ultrasonic subliminal recording that is supposed to enable me to speak better French. I’m curious to see if it works. There is no sound whatsoever and can be played 24 hours a day, as loud as you like (no audible sound). Just imagine what “messages” are being pumped out from the TV and computer screens masked by music or the spoken word.
    You have obviously fallen for the “subliminal” message about gun crazy USA. Most people in the US or not actually gun-crazy but there is a need for “powers that be” to disarm the population so that there is no resistance to what is happening in that country. What better way than to hype the gun crazy message.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Hi George, Sounds like an interesting experiment. I am sure there are subliminal messages being delivered to us too. I remember when I was a kid, there was some hoo ha about subliminal advertising. Presumably the news got squashed down and everyone forgot about it, but it always stuck in my brain. They just have to insert a subliminal every fifth frame or so of a moving picture and your eye will not consciously notice. The radio sound is the worst, I can actually detect the gaps in the sound with my ear, it’s not smooth, it’s like looking at a pixelated picture.

    I don’t think I have fallen for the subliminal message about gun crazy Americans. I have experienced their fondness for guns myself when I was working and travelling there 30 years ago. It’s a big part of their everyday culture. I am not for or against any gun legislation, because I think its totally irrelevant. It’s a pointless argument that gives you only two possible choices of which side you are on, creating yet another Divide and Conquer. It’s also another way of putting the solution outside yourself, believing that the Gun laws will solve the problem, or create the problem, or worsen the problem, the idea that if only we can get the laws right, then all will be fine.

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