The Lion and The Unicorn

The symbol of the lion and the unicorn appear prominently on the British passport, and elsewhere. It’s the coat of arms of the UK and of Queen Elizabeth, which shows that she owns all us UK citizens.

In Bath, the lion and unicorn are carved over entrances to important buildings, often elaborately painted. The lion is always on the left and the unicorn on the right, and there is a shield inbetween. Sometimes the lion has a crown, sometimes the unicorn is chained.

I think this represents the left and right brain. The left brain is the rational logical MIND. The right brain is our more creative colourful HEART side. The left brain is currently king, and the right brain is controlled, shackled, diminished. Access between the two is blocked or limited by the shield. The majority of humanity is running along with the right brain shackled and the left brain overly dominant. This imbalance has been deliberately created by the personae that is our ruler, the Queen.

As if to emphasise the idea of right and left, the motto under the lion and the unicorn is DIEU ET MON DROIT. It’s French which is a bit odd for the UK coat of arms, as English is our national language, don’t they know that? It means GOD AND MY RIGHT. Maybe GOD is the lion. And MY RIGHT is the unicorn.

The unicorn has a spiral horn growing out of his third eye, like an antennae, so the unicorn also represents the third eye that we don’t use, our psychic ability. The unicorn is white, signifying that the chakra are not separated, but locked up as one, the power is there, but unused, imprisoned. The crown around the Unicorn’s neck symbolises a blocking of the throat chakra, the voice. Because our masters do not want us to speak, to be heard, we must just obey.

We need to free the unicorn and get rid of the shield! Our brain needs to have a balance between left and right with good communication between the two. We still need our lion side, but not as the ruler.

I just saw an ad for Spring Breakers, a new film. The only thing I like about it is that it confirms my lion and unicorn theory! A pornographic style female wears a green bikini, a pink balaclava, and has a gun in her left hand. Strange costume. The interesting bit is that on the balaclava, just where her third eye would be, there is a motif of a unicorn head! The woman looks vulnerable, frightened, imprisoned, and unhappy, and probably has all chakras unfunctioning. Her top three chakras are blocked by the somewhat imprisoning hat, for a start. The fact that she has a gun shows that she has no faith in her psychic ability or any other power within, and that she lives in fear. She needs to free the Unicorn too.

I visited Lacock Abbey this week, and unexpectedly came across a beautiful white unicorn. It’s in the central grass square of the Cloisters. The Unicorn is cloistered! All the other art exhibits were free in the gardens amongst the trees. A notice about the cloisters described how the grass square would always be kept green, “green is the key”, because green was needed to reset the Nuns after too much cloistering. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, the one we can access via the Unicorn, our right brain. I notice I feel a craving for green if I don’t get enough of it, this time of year it’s very welcome after the winter, and I also notice it after I have spent weeks by the sea with more predominance of blue.

The swan, like the unicorn, is sometimes depicted with something tied round its neck, a crown, or a handkerchief. The blocked throat chakra, the mute swan. The swan is also white like the unicorn, so symbolises unused, imprisoned chakra. Anything that’s symbolically white is starting to look a bit questionable. And one of the biggest sacrifices of all is of course the Bride. All dressed in white, approaching the altar to alter her.

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23 Responses to The Lion and The Unicorn

  1. dognamedblue says:

    great post
    I hate being dyslexic or I could properly remember the bit I saw a couple of months ago that said the lion & the unicorn also appear on the ground, covering hundreds of miles, like the constellations they create on the ground to reflect them in the night sky – I’d say “it’s just on the tip of my tongue” but it’s not even there

    being left handed I’m a “mirror twin” so the left & right brain are reflected the other way round, which I’m fairly sure has been used to confuse me in the past, getting me to use the wrong side

  2. suliwebster says:

    Let me know if you remember where it is! Sounds interesting, haven’t heard of it.

    I didn’t know that left handedness meant reversal of the brain sides. I wonder how that works for people who are ambidextrous, or who do only certain activities left handed? So even though left handed scissors now exist, the whole left brain right brain discussion is orientated towards right handed people. Maybe dyslexia and left handedness are linked too, they do seem related. I imagine that the total confusion of living in a world deliberately set up mirror style for you could easily lead to dyslexia. It must be like trying to drive a car in reverse gear all the time, sometimes you are going to accidentally turn the wheel the wrong way, because the wrong way instinctively feels like the right way. Why are they making things difficult for left handers I wonder? Or why is it they want everyone to be right handed?

  3. dognamedblue says:

    banged the car last week reversing & went right instead of left, pesky wing mirrors
    you’ll find those twins that “just don’t quite look identical” are mirror twins, one will be left handed
    love my left handed scissors! guard them like a nut case lol – although I do use right handed knives with my left hand

    will try & find that grogram

    • suliwebster says:

      that’s quite funny! Though probably wasn’t at the time!
      Something that really throws me is seeing one of my kids in the rear view mirror of my car. I know them so well, but it’s like another person in the mirror. Their face just looks completely wonky! That demonstrates how non symmetrical we are.
      I guess that’s the same as seeing yourself in a photo when you are used to seeing your mirror image. Must be much harder for people who look in the mirror regularly, and maybe that’s why I instinctively avoid glass mirrors, preferring the reflection of response I get from how others act towards me. The glass mirror image that we see is false, it’s not what other people see, and maybe its odd because the left and right are swapped. The photo image of ourself is the way round that others see us.
      Maybe that’s why people who look in mirrors a lot are always trying to improve their appearance, because what they see in the mirror doesn’t ring true.

      • dognamedblue says:

        oh I avoid mirrors, don’t shave my face, even when shaving my head I just look at where I’m running the clippers, not the whole
        I don’t look in one when brushing my teeth & so glad I bought a camera so I’m never in photos 🙂

  4. dognamedblue says:

    tried finding that show, I think it was this guy alan wilson & I think it was on richplanet, but struggling to find it as there’s no search option on
    I think there’s something about it on one of these five [30min] vids on youtube but where & which one, I haven’t watched them 😦
    starts at number 1:
    The Ancient British Genealogy by Alan Wilson

  5. dognamedblue says:

    I think “Alice Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” is where Carol updated the poem? (such an interesting title 🙂 [I do wonder if he was claimed to be a paedophile just to distract people from what he was trying to say?]

    not heard the men they couldn’t hang for years, there were quite a few groups back then trying to say something, most ended up being distracted & “tub thumping”

  6. amosouldeer says:

    The Lion represents the Male Principle (logic, rationality, etc.), and the Unicorn the Female Principle (intuition, emotions, etc.)…which no doubt explains why the latter are thus chained on the Royal Coat of Arms, where the Unicorn represents Scotland.
    Are the Scots, too, dyslexic, dognamedblue? Because the Unicorn – now unchained – swops sides with the Lion on the Scottish Royal Coat of Arms :
    Symbolically, when the Male Principle (the Sun, Lion, Chinese Dragon, etc.) occupies the right-hand side and the Female Principle (the Moon) on the left-hand side, (e.g. as on the English Coat of Arms), an allusion is being made to the Eternal, Divine hierarchy, the spiritual realms (immortality), as opposed to the purely mortal, terrestrial realms.
    Chinese Temples and Gothic castles, for example, are often adorned with the Male Principle figure on the right-hand side (acca Royal Coat of Arms) ‘elevated’ positions, above magestic entrances or in other lofty (‘high up’ ?) positions, while the ‘guardian’ male lions or dragons at the base of stairways leading up to the main entrance are located on the left-hand side.
    This is echoed in the energetic diagnosis of any ailment that is brought into (or ‘dreamt’ of during) life concerning the right-hand side of the body, which is related to the Male Principle (Authority, Justice, individual personality – the left brain attributes, etc.).
    Whereas any ailment incurred in ‘real time’ on this same right-hand side of the body concerns attributes pertaining to the Female Principle (Femininity, personality structure, sentiments, the ‘social mother’ aspects, etc.).
    Even (or should I say “even more so) today, the ‘elite’, who situate themselves above mere mortals, continue to attract the latters attention incessantly to ‘what is going on on the ground’, thereby obscuring their innerstanding of, (and witholding their attention from), their own, innate multi-dimensional nature.
    Trying to hoard the lion’s share…

    • msrhuby says:

      Thank you for this explanation. On another website I call myself the Unchained Unicorn. I chose this name because I feel free now. Free to be me.

  7. suliwebster says:

    That link is very interesting Thanks amosouldeer. I think the Unicorn is still chained for Scotland, but now wears a crown like the Lion. But it is odd how they have swapped sides! I notice that the labels seem to match with my theory, the right side is labelled left hand, and the left side is labelled right hand.The word Dexter is used for right hand, and the word Sinister is used for left hand which is interesting. It’s as if left hand right brain is a sin. Are we born in sin? In right brain mode? Then we are indoctrinated in left brain stuff, and any stepping out of line is deemed a sin. I will have to rethink Jesus dying for our sins.
    Interesting about the Male and Female Principle too.
    I have just been to parents evening and I now have a suspicion my schools logo is the Scottish Lion. Will have to check it out, I had no idea there were so many different types of lion.

    • amosouldeer says:

      While ‘DEXTER-ity’ infers qualities such as adroitness, clmeverness, ingenuity,, shrewdness, artful ness, canniness & so on, ‘SIN’ originally referred to ‘ignorance’, in the sense of lacking ‘KNOW-ledge’ or experience; being uninformed (regarding facts or subjects) – being unenlightened, untaught, ‘uninitiated’, – notwithstanding an epitome of ‘SIN’-cerity for all that ?

  8. amosouldeer says:

    Yes indeed, and you don’t need to look further than 1700 years back to dis-cover when this occured, and by whom…
    Many words have morphed their original meanings, have been transformed or even auto-integrated with opposing significations, ‘believe’ it or not. Take the word ‘beliefs’ for example; discover the ‘LIE’ that lies within it (acca religious/political/social belief-systems, etc.), and then, at its centre, the cause for many a mis-innerstanding : ‘I’.
    An ‘eye for an I’ ?…

  9. amosouldeer says:

    Lion’s share ?

    The chart immediately below (see link below) shows just 3 of the Lion graphics used used by different nations, but especially the British Royal family. This Lion symbolism hearkens back to the coming of the light in Babylon, the START of the illusory 3D realm, which manifested as the SPHINX Lion in Giza, Egypt. This Sphinx Lion is referred to as a LION COUCHANT, or lying down.

    The next Lion graphic is the LION SEJANT, or the Lion sitting up. The Lions 2 front legs are straight up and down, and relate to the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple. This will be elaborated on in the charts to follow. This sequence of Lion graphics is a subliminal that suggests that the Lion is on the move, on the hunt, and will be shown on this page exactly where its prey is located.

    The Lion is androgynous, displaying characteristics of both sexes. The SPHINX has female as well as male mythological elements attached to it, in the different cultures and periods throughout this illusory 3D history we now experience. This is based on the coming of the light, which is the beginning of the Thought Process, which conjured up the Adam and the Eve, the male and the female notion, and manifested itself as ALLAH ION, or A LION.

    The 3rd Lion graphic is the LION RAMPANT, suggesting the Lion is on a RAMPAGE. This coincides with the building of the European Cathedrals. These magnificent structures are spell binding. Which of course, was the whole idea. A little more SPELL, a little deeper into the Trance State. Thought by many to be the most magnificent of all the Cathedrals is the Lincoln Cathedral. The name LINCOLN, not being at all accidental, still has a cover story so as not to give away the true intent of this structure.

    The name of this cathedral is the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. Mary is another name that equates to the Moon Goddess Astarte. Astarte was the coming of the light, the electrical current generated through the Thought Process. This was the current of the living water of regeneration, which is the life and death process. This Living Water is the MARE, the SEA, the SEE, the MARY, the Holy See, the All Seeing Eye, the Supreme God, and the Lion King who would have a cathedral built in LINCOLN, LINCOLNSHIRE COUNTY, England.


    The reader must take note of the shape of Solomon’s Temple. At the entrance to Solomon’s Temple, there’s an Altar where sacrifices are prepared. Then a flight of STAIRS (STARS / A-STAR-T) leads up to the Temple itself. This coincides with the 2 paws of the Lion, creating a slight rise before passing into the Temple. There are 2 PILLARS at the entrance to the Temple. Rising above these Pillars, there’s a tall, 11 STORY TOWER before entering the Holy Place. This was called the PORCH, and together with the 2 Pillars, coincide with the head of the Lion that rises up from, and above, the 2 legs. The Holy Place led to the Holy of Holies at the far end of the Temple, which together, formed the body of the Lion, immediately behind the head.

    The Cathedrals of Europe followed this same pattern. The symbolism is blatantly obvious, and is found in even the smallest of Christian churches throughout the world, regardless of denomination or doctrine. All religion, everywhere, (including the religion of Atheism), is based on the coming of the light, which is the god Lucifer, the group entity egregore, the Light Bringer, and coincides with the initiation of the Thought Process, the introduction of Science, referred to as the luciferian Mindset.

    (N.B. Go to following link for the duiagralm/s etc.):

    • suliwebster says:

      Interesting about the different positions of the lions. I also wonder if they have different numbers of toes like the dragons.
      And then there is the number of lions themselves on, say, a shield, which seems to be a bit like the tourist Michelin star awards, or the number of stripes you have in the Air Force.
      I always thought of Lincoln as Line Column, which seems to fit with grand architecture quite well.
      I feel that there are many ways to interpret symbols and words, and the meaning you subconsciously choose gives you the answer you need at the time.
      Lincoln is on the Fossae Way, the Roman Road from Axmouth to Lincoln, and I would say it goes onto Grimsby too.

  10. amosouldeer says:

    Grimm’s progress ? 🙂

  11. Veritopian says:

    Good post on the L&U. 🙂
    My interpretation. Lion being male, fire sign, will. Unicorn has the horn – which means IT should be the ruler. So it symbolises MIGHT over RIGHT. The true royalty of the country having been silenced and enslaved.

    Amo said this:
    The Lion represents the Male Principle (logic, rationality, etc.), and the Unicorn the Female Principle (intuition, emotions, etc.)

    Intuition is entering Yang time – and it applies across all levels of mind. So you can have intuitions about things, people (emotions), ideas (logic) or ideals. It is THE male/Yang mode of absolute knowledge, where Yin is book knowledge, history, relativity.

    Intellect and emotion is shared equally between men & women.
    Men are quite emotional. Just not grounded…

    • suliwebster says:

      The more I go on with this, the more confused I get as to what gender I am ! Maybe gender characteristics are something we are trained into from birth or even pre birth, labelled blue for boy and pink for girl. Maybe there is not that much difference, maybe this is only a very small part of the uniqueness of each individual being. Maybe we are processed (like a factory production line) into behaving in a gendered way according to our physical appearance at birth. Maybe it is nearly all TRAINING.

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