The Comfort of Your Own Home

Once upon a time, earth, air, fire and water were all free. Freely available to all, and no money required to buy them. They should be free for all. Noone should hog them, and noone should own them. Now money is the gatekeeper to all of them, except air. Air will be for sale before too long if things carry on the way they are going. Air will be another utility bill to pay, and we will think that it’s ok to pay for air.

The earth is the land, it provides our shelter and our food, the fire represents our energy supply which is now largely gas and electricity. Water is piped into our homes. The amount is measured and charged for. And we are at the mercy of the markets and the corporations and the governments for our basic physical needs.

These things weren’t just free in terms of money, they were freely available to get yourself. Now they are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. You become helpless and dependent as things are done for you, and you end up paying money for someone to do it for you, and you pay another sort of price, the price of not being free.

We live in rabbit hutch style homes, rows and rows of them, look at them from an aerial view to see what I mean. Water tubes come in through the cage walls, just like rabbit hutches. We have a tube for gas and a tube for electricity. The gas tube leads to a gas time bomb, called a boiler, with an electric timing device attached. The electric tube runs rings around us creating electromagnetic effects on our bodies, we are very sensitive to electricity, being 70% filled with water. We also have a rabbit hutch style run, called a garden, which limits how far we can go.

We have lost the skills to fetch and make our own food, homes, water, fire. Or we have lost trust in the natural versions which should be far healthier than the artificial versions. Most people no longer know how to make or handle fire. Most people think natural water is unsafe and dangerous. Most people no longer know how to grow food or build simple shelters. Even our food can now be delivered “direct to your fridge”. Just like rabbit hutches, someone comes in and puts your food down in your kitchen for you.

We think it’s normal and acceptable to pay money for gas and electricity and housing and food, we’ve got used to that. We are slowly getting used to paying for water, it’s increasingly becoming metered so exact amounts can be measured and paid for. Most people would think it wrong and unacceptable to pay for air to breathe. So I guess people must have once thought that water, land, food, and energy should be free too, and there are parts of the world where this is still the case. There is a process to change our minds over the generations.

What happened when water first became controlled and chargeable, and how did it happen? First they have to mess up the existing natural water supplies, poison them maybe. They don’t actually have to poison it, just get us to believe it’s poisoned will do. Then they save us from the poisoned water by providing “safe” clean water that you have to pay for, its worth paying to have safe water isn’t it? The nice government or corporation that sells it is helping us out, we must be grateful, except they don’t say they are the ones that poisoned our supplies in the first place. They put in some additives to make it “safe” for our own good. Then to make it extra attractive, to really convert people, they make it convenient. They make it ON TAP. No need to exert any effort to get it. So with all this treatment and delivery and installation, obviously that’s something that has to be paid for. People want to pay for it, the new system, it’s actually BETTER than the water they had before the pollution started, because now its ON TAP, in the comfort of your own home. We are so lucky compared with African women who have to walk to get their clean natural water supplies. We can spend more time in our rabbit hutch while it’s all done for us. Great!

Before long we overdose on it, because it’s on tap, same as food, and energy, but that’s another story.

So what will they do to make us pay for air? Well first they will pollute the air. Chemtrails and roads should sort that one out. It doesn’t even matter if the air really is contaminated, we just have to believe it is. Lots of scare stories about deaths and illnesses due to the contaminated air. Then they will start to save us from the contamination, the air tube into our own home that we have to pay for. We already have this in some places, inside cars and offices, it’s called air conditioning. We already have sealed in homes in the form of double glazing and insulation. People who are building eco homes are being advised to keep all doors and windows shut to make them more efficient. Insurers advise people to keep all doors and windows shut, even when at home, otherwise they can’t claim if they are burgled. But the air inside is poisoned by your gas boiler and many other home pollutants. All sealed in. It’s more poisonous than the air outside, but we will be told the opposite. Because they want us to live in sealed in air tight chambers (gas chambers), where they control all the inputs and outputs. Estate agents then tell all the home owners that they need the air tubes into their homes to improve the value of their property, and a few property TV shows and magazines help that along. So everyone installs them, that’s how the gas central heating and double glazing got installed.

Domestic animals get sick a lot, just like domestic humans tend to. Whatever we do to animals, we do to ourselves. I don’t know if we started putting rabbits in hutches because we are in hutches, or if we first put rabbits in hutches and then copied the rabbits.The funny thing is that we think we are being nice to our pet rabbits because we give them a nice comfortable home and feed them and give them water tubes and a run, and make them completely dependent on us, their owners. Which shows how acceptable we find our own comfortable prisons.

(See also earlier posts: Gas Time Bomb, The Nuclear Family, Sun Screen, Microchipped Dogs, Comfortable Prisons, Shelf Life, Drinking Water, Safe as Houses)

See also song by Show of Hands called Cutthroats, Crooks and Conmen, one line goes “Is there anything left in England that’s not for sale”, sums it up quite well.

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2 Responses to The Comfort of Your Own Home

  1. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli
    You show real fear. They have you where they want you. You believe their story.
    They are powerful because they have the will. Most people, like you, believe in a quiet life free from aggression. They use this attitude to take the upper hand. You become their slave by being a slave to them. If you do not want to confront them head on then you must use their weapons against them. Be subtle. Know what you want. Know what is possible. There is no longer a place where you can quietly exist. So use their system against them. Say yes and do no. Be ingenious in the way you handle their system. All ways look to benefit from their foolishness. Use your intelligence. Pay as little to their system as possible. Do not follow their rules. Do not save with their institutions. Do not buy from their corporations. They rely on you being a consumer of their corporate rubbish. Ignore politicians. Ignore the press. Believe in yourself. Be self reliant and be happy.

  2. suliwebster says:

    George, you’ve been reading my blog for ages, you know I don’t believe their story. I am also the most unfrightened person I know.
    Possibly I have fallen into the common trap of writing to scare people, in order to get attention. That may make my writing sound fearful. It’s a trap I try and avoid because it’s not good to spread fear. My intention was to explain how the system controls certain things, how it can creep up on us by stealth. When people get how it works, they develop ways to avoid the control.
    I agree with all you say about how to live without being controlled by the system. Though if I was completely avoiding it, I wouldn’t even be on the Internet with my corporately made computer and my corporate internet service provider. I probably wouldn’t even be using words, and certainly not money, so there is a way to go yet. But slowly bit by bit, I detach. I guess you will be pleased to hear that I generally enjoy my life. I did an earlier post on the importance of joy…

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