Open and Closed Chakra

Someone recently sent me a link about closing chakras. This is the second time I have been alerted to this idea. People who close down their own chakras seem to feel a lot of benefit. The idea is that chakras have been put in us to control us, and provide nodes for bad forces to attach to. The bad forces can then transmit stuff into us that harms us, or drain our good energy. If you close down these connections, you get rid of this invasion.

I have a lot of sympathy with this idea, and my own experience matches this. However I still find I have a certain attachment to the idea of open chakra.

In most of my earlier life, I went around feeling as if I had control nodes on the top of my head, controlled by my mother, and later on by others. Mothers are trained to train their kids this way, so the kids grow up to be controlled by others. It took a major traumatic life event (that I probably crashed into as a result of the control) to turn my life around. A year or more of counselling and a change of life patterns and I felt I had got rid of the control nodes and I was in charge of myself.

That was before I had ever heard of chakra.

I can now see that the control nodes on my head were actually my crown chakra. So that’s one I no longer use! One I have closed down and feel better for doing so.

I think there may be uses for chakra as tools when needed, providing you are in control of opening and closing them yourself. Experienced psychics always open their chakra if they are helping or healing someone, and then close the chakra at the end of the session. This way, they cannot get any extra energy drained out of them by psychic vampires.

Psychics and healers are often exhausted by a healing session because they are giving their energy. I find I automatically do this with my children. But as they get older, I almost need to break this connection like cutting the umbilical cord, so that they can break free from dependence on me.

If you go around with your chakras open for anything all the time, you will constantly be drained and manipulated. Having all your chakras closed is a good idea for getting some peace, cutting out the endless interference. You will not get any of the bad stuff. Phew, if you have had a life of torment, that will be an amazing transformation.

My personal feeling at this point in time is that, even better than having the chakras constantly closed, is to have an awareness of your chakras so that you can be the gatekeeper to them all. You can receive that which is good, when you need to receive something, and you can transmit and use your own power for good, possibly healing others. We have the ability to communicate and share electromagnetically with each other through our chakras. This would make the internet obsolete, if only we could master it.

The Internet is a good analogy to chakra, as it is a way of connecting outside of yourself. I get peace and rest when I get off the Internet, close down my computer. But then I open it up again and I have a whole load of emails etc waiting to come in to me. Some are bad, some are good. Sometimes there are just too many. Same with chakra. Similarly I can use the internet to broadcast what I need to say. The powers that be are always interfering with the Internet and trying to control it, but we can still use it successfully for our own ends, the benefit of humanity. Same with chakra. If I had the Internet on all the time, I would soon get overloaded and sick and feel drained. People who are never on the Internet do just fine. Same with chakra.

I think there is a lot of relearning of chakra skills required for nearly all of us, and we are all beginners with no teacher. Like any other tool, you need to know how to handle it in order to use it wisely.

We have been seeing a lot of Opening and Closing Ceremonies on the World Stage recently, including inaugurations of Popes and Presidents. Maybe the purpose of the World Stage ceremonies is to open our chakras, or even a giant world chakra, so that they can access us.

I wonder if we could work out a similar, but simple process for doing the same with each of our chakras, as and when we want to use them. Under our own control. Not anyone else’s. With a bit of practise, we might get quite good at it.

Info on closing chakras:

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11 Responses to Open and Closed Chakra

  1. Christine b says:

    Hi Suli! This one is so interesting. I researched the jinn a while back as I had no clue they are a normal part of existence for Muslims. What was fascinating, was that the jinn entered the body through the chest and healing/exorcisms are via laying the healers hand on the chest to close off the access. Sounds a lot like what you have said hear. The link is a great read. Have you read Bronte Baxter’s blog? She was involved in the Maharishi yoga movement in the 70’s and started to feel drained and sick.

    • suliwebster says:

      Another post I had forgotten about! But good to reread it. I am impressed by how much of my blog you are reading.
      Interesting about Muslims, we dont hear much about that side of their life do we? That would be the green heart chakra.
      Will look at blog you mention. I have been practising yoga for many years and find it mostly very beneficial, it made me well. Maybe it depends on how you do it, and who with. It is banned where I live because the Church here own all the community spaces and they see it as the devil. I am a bit wary that it is now being introduced on a mass basis in UK schools, my son tells me, which means that Big Brother is moving in to take over the interest in yoga.

    • suliwebster says:

      I was right to be wary, the school newsletter advertises Teen Yoga with a logo of an upside down teenager with legs opened wide, this is a common theme nowadays, seen in the Olympic imagery in 2012, and many other places advertising children’s events or charities. The legs are always wide open. The yoga is run by Wesport a big anonymous company corporate charity thing, not good. There are plenty of independent teachers round here, why not hire them?

  2. Christine b says:

    Yes it totally depends what you focus on. It would seem that if you are chanting the names of Hindu sun gods your energy would be directed at them unknowingly. And if you are taught to practice meditation in excess it would be draining. I think it is extremely beneficial when done for health and well being. The avoidance of gurus seems to be essential. In Quebec very strange things are happening. Outward display of any religion is being banned. In schools, they gave hired “spiritual animators” to teach a generic form of meditation even in catholic schools. Something very disturbing is in the works. I am relieved to find someone having the same bizarre thought which just happen to be getting at the truth of our existence here. Thanks!

    • suliwebster says:

      It looks like religion is being homogenised. Interesting that similar things happening in Canada too.
      I am pretty sure Catholic and Church of England are merging, the two religious schools left here have merged, and it is obvious the supposedly CofE Abbey is loaded up with Catholicism. I mean Roman Catholicism (always Roman now).
      We have houses at school now, Harry Potter style, called Phoenix, Unicorn and Dragon. They are also getting an increase in assembly times and tutor times (which are like small assemblies). Subject teaching is cutting right down because of this and all the endless testing.
      From what you say, and what is going on here, it looks like they are sweeping through the schools with a new religion of some sort, one that hijacks and centrally controls all the spiritual awakening going on. Which is what they probably did 2000 years ago.
      Could the schools be the new churches? A leading Christian last week said Christianity would soon be extinct, and it was because not enough young people had been targeted and brought into the fold. Obvious remedy is to take the new church to the school, but call it something else, NOT “church”, something cool, like The Nowhere Foundation. Thats what we have running our school. No Where, Now Here. or No Wear or Now Hear. Always Foundations. Rebuilding from the foundations.
      Schools are being upgraded to corporate owned “Academies” over here, very very rapidly.

  3. Christine b says:

    Currently, the vast majority of kids are in the public/catholic government run schools. Only the rich go to private schools that are blatantly illuminati. Nepotism is rampant here. I think you are completely correct about the school as church plan. Quebec is a experiment in my opinion, to see what will be accepted. They are pushing “spirituality/unity” in schools and there is no way that this is the domain of academic education. My guess is there will be set times to meditate en mass across the province. With sinister intention to be sure. I am completely in awe of that program.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes you could be right about the set times. The secondary (11-18) schools are starting to synchronise timetables supposedly so that pupils can go to another school for a subject that is not offered at their home school.
      I just found out that a secondary school in Bath will be offering boarding places as from 2014. For the first time, admissions criteria will not be done on if you live nearby.
      It is all getting very much like the pied piper. The obvious answer for us parents is to take our kids out of school. But they have made it look quite nice and fun and attractive and cool, and all your mates are in school. How can I compete? It is the same with home cooking vs the supermarkets, the shops offer cheaper more glamorous food, but there are poisons hidden inside. Big Brother can provide everything I can but it looks bigger and better.

  4. Veritopian says:

    I’d not come across this idea before. That’s a fascinating link. Thanks. 🙂
    Perhaps an open chakra is always attached to something external? Maybe you can only open them *to* something?
    The ‘inner sun’ in the heart area is exactly what the elements predicted – white! That’s awesome. Validation…

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes that sounds plausible. As soon as the chakra is open, maybe it magnetises a stream of energy through it. I am reading a book at present which shows how you can dowse chakras. The crown chakra comes in different shapes, one is a skull cap closed shape, another is more like a bowler hat (the British shape perhaps), another is the cone which is the wizard shape, and finally the completely open head ! Apparently healers use this last one to draw in power bit have to shut it up pretty quick to stop themselves being taken over and drained.
      The book is It’s Not Too Late by Hamish Miller (who also co authored The Sun and The Serpent, which I am always going on about !).

  5. paul says:

    hmm why was a drawn here today – off to find Hamish

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