The Bath Skull

An area of Georgian Bath has a street layout representing a skull. From studying this, I have discovered the eighth chakra, known as the Mouth of God, at the back of the neck.

The main street layout…
Start at the Holborne Museum, which represents the Lambda at the back of the skull. This is the point where the lambdoid sutures and sagittal suture meet. Follow Great Pulteney Street towards the city and you are walking along the sagittal suture which runs centrally from the back of your head towards the front. Then you come to an opening of the streets, Laura Place, with a fountain in the middle. This is the fontanelle, and the shape of the streets here looks remarkably like the unclosed fontanelle of a baby. Follow Argyle Street and you come to Bridge Street and Pulteney Bridge. This is the bridge of the nose.

The hexagon….
At the back of the Holborne Museum (the Lambda) is a hexagon shape which contains the park Sydney Gardens. The lambda shape of the lambdoid sutures is represented by the two sides of the hexagon adjoining the Holborne. The hexagon shape is not a regular hexagon, it is slightly elongated, and reminds me of a crystal. If I follow the proportions of the other streets, the crystal seems to be from the lambda of the skull down to roughly where the knobbly bit is at the base of your neck. This is at the same level as the throat chakra at the front.

The Eighth chakra…
I posted the above on a Facebook thread, and someone came back with details of an eighth chakra. It has several names. The Zeal Point Chakra, Mouth of God, Medulla Oblongata. It is related to expression through voice, telepathy, and ascension. It is a quartz crystal, with a square pyramid at either end. It’s important to me that this information arrived AFTER I had worked out the street plan, and AFTER I had felt the hexagon to be a crystal.

The crystal…
It seems to me that this crystal is a seat of power within our body. It can be controlled by us or by an external electromagnetic force, a way into our body. If we control it ourselves, we can use it for transmitting and receiving amongst ourselves. Quartz crystals and also pyramids are power centres. As if to emphasise the crystal, the Holborne Museum has recently had a major rear extension made entirely of glass. Despite this being very controversial, a glass attachment to a major listed Georgian building, it went ahead. The glass extension extends backwards into the hexagon crystal.

Medulla, medusa…
Medulla looks like medusa to me. Medusa, the woman with snake hair, is strongly associated with Bath. There is a stone sculpture exhibited in the Roman Baths, though this is mysteriously a male version. It is the logo of the University of Bath, and is often seen around Bath as a symbol.

Energised by Ralph Allen…
The Holborne Museum, the top of the crystal, is energised by Ralph Allen. Twice. The Eye of Ra, Ralph Allen is RA. Ralph Allen mined the stone that built Georgian Bath. The first energy line is from Ralph Allen’s mansion (now a college), which faces towards the Holborne, passing through two churches on the way. Coincidentally, the architectural plans of his mansion look like a crystal, but that’s another story to look forward to! The second line is via Sham Castle, Ralph Allen’s “folly” (not so foolish as people think). It has an archway that faces down the hill to the Holborne. If you extend this line backwards the other way, you pass through the university (symbol of Medusa, Medulla) you arrive at Ralph Allen’s monstrously large mausoleum. This is topped with a pyramid, and the historians do not know why he was buried in a tiny village instead of somewhere more important!

The Allen Key…
I have previously written about the hexagon being the handle of the King Key, but it also now strikes me as being an Ralph Allen key, an allen key is hexagon.

Off with her head…
The hexagon street plan is “cut in two” (this phrase is from a tourist signboard) by both the canal and the railway. It seems very deliberate. It corresponds to chopping off the head towards the base of the neck, severing the chakra, severing our communication. The chopping is presided over by Cleveland (cleave) House which is built to sit astride the canal as it enters the hexagon. History records that Cleveland Bridge was built to allow building of Georgian Bath to continue on the other side of the river. That’s what all this is about. Cleveland Bridge was put in specifically to build THIS street layout, the entire skull is the other side of the river from the main city. The word “cleve” is carefully chosen.

Fossae Way…
As if to emphasis the skull, the Fosseway goes through Bath. Historians as usual have no idea why it’s called the Fosseway. I think it’s the Fossae Way. Fossae are the bone parts of the skull, either side of the sagittal suture, and others. The Fossae Way is also an axis, an axe. The names prove it (see link below, and maybe a future post). An axe is for chopping off heads too.

Head on a platter…
The head is laid out flat in the street plan, in the same way that a map of the world is laid out flat, even though the world is not flat. This reminds me of the Biblical phrase to have a head on a platter. A platter is a flat plate. It’s symbolic. The head is the head of John the Baptist. Ho Ho, Bath is a city of water, full of John the Baptist references, one of them being a Church right next to Cleveland Bridge. If we have a map of something, even someone’s head, we can study it, learn from it. Laying it out in the built landscape is more foolproof than bits of paper. What better way to pass down information through the dark ages, ready for us to decode as we start to power up our minds into the Bronze Age.

Lambs again…
I have written about lambs, in Bath before with the Knights Templar and Agnes Day. And here we go again, more lambs, but this time in the skull. Lambda, lambdoid. Sheep have a reputation for being stupid, which I have never been happy with. Yet here we have lambs wrapped round our human brain. Maybe by condemning the sheep to stupidity, we are condemning our own brain to be the same. Or by seeing the sheep as stupid, we just see a reflection of ourself. The lamb is the Holy Lamb of God. How fitting that the Mouth of God chakra resides within the lambdoid sutures, the Holy Lamb of God.

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See my other blog for some notes on the Fosseway here:

The Zeal Point Chakra:

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8 Responses to The Bath Skull

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m glad you have problems with sheep being stupid,I do too. Everyone puts them down,following the herd like silly…..humans. I like them, they are warm and wooly,you can bet David Aton-borough doesn’t wax lyrical about them.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes and they provide meat and wool and milk too! Do those that call them stupid happily take the gifts they offer? I have also noticed that since I have been more aware of what’s going on, my aura must have changed… Sheep no longer run away from me, sometimes they even approach me inquisitively and I can look at them eye to eye!

  2. cathi morgan says:

    I’m quite excited to find your research – I’ve been looking into the significance of Bath too – I put this set of quotes about Bath together,

    • suliwebster says:

      Oh that’s interesting. I write about Bath because I live here, I am never quite sure how much extra significance I give Bath due to it being my home town. Will check out your stuff. I have loads more material on Bath, but it takes a while to turn it into blog posts.

      • cathi morgan says:

        I’m going to read all your other Bath posts. I’m coming to believe Bath is extremely significant – very much connected to the Illuminati. I lived there for 7 years as a child and talk about some of my research into Bath in this video especially between 0:3:23 – 0:14:27 and again 0:49:25 to 0:54:20. Links with the Cambridge Five, Queen Mother, and Queen Mary of Teck in Swainswick and more . . .

      • suliwebster says:

        Hi Cathi. There are quite a lot of posts about Bath, I have lost count. There is probably stuff on my other rambly blog which has all sorts of bits and pieces that I observe or think of, some of which end up here
        I’ts interesting how different people get connected to different places, people and topics. I have lived here on and off since about aged 16, and hardly been away the last 23 years, so the opposite to you, just my adult life.
        I hadn’t really honed in on Swainswick before, apart from the Bladud story. But now I notice it’s another “wick”. Wicca, witch. Like Bathwick, Wick (Lansdown direction) and Widcombe (once called Witcombe). Two notorious Wick places according to Icke, are West Wycombe and High Wycombe, in Bucks. (See The Old Welsh Roadfor Bucks stuff).
        Ralph Allen is also buried at a small St Mary’s church. In a monstrously large pyramid mausoleum. This one is in Claverton, and has had a huge publicity boost recently. There were 3 big players at the time in Bath, John Wood, Beau Nash (see Creme and Cement post) and Ralph Allen (who I seem to have a lot of personal connections to). They all come together in the big Queen’s Square obelisk (see The Three Obelisks)

  3. Christine b says:

    Hi Suli! This is quite interesting…..The addition to your museum reminds me of some research I did on my side of the pond prompted by an article about PAris ley lines and the Louvre pyramid. It was written by Matt Delooze called “Spitting out the feathers of the Benu Bird”. In Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) had an addition put on it a few years back and it’s opening corresponded to the tour of the Dead Sea scrolls. It is called “The Crystal” and does not fit at all with the old stone structure and is hated by all who see it. The architect, Daniel LIbeskind, also designed the new Tower One in NY city and also many crystalline type additions and buildings around the world. There is a trend to “open up” these old buildings and the futuristic designs have a certain purpose. Very strange in deed, again!!

    • suliwebster says:

      Will check out links thanks Christine.
      Maybe the glass crystal style structures are the next iteration. More powerful than the old stone structures, or the wood ones before that.
      The new Bath Spa (Hot Springs) is glass and steel, whereas the old one was stone.
      It does seem to be more than just a “fashion”. Fashion is a disguise for something.
      SInce this post, I wrote about the portrait of Kate hanging in the Holborne in “Royal Georgian Bath”.
      ROM sounds like Read Only Memory or ROME, which I described in “Romans Remain”.
      I know very little about Canada and it is interesting to hear the news from your patch.

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