Free the Spirit

I recently learned that a set of small earth energy lines are regulated by the Moon. They are tuned to the Moon. This suggests to me that other planets maybe remotely controlling Earth too. And therefore controlling us. This is not good, we need to be free.

Mother Earth…
The Earth is infused with natural spirit energy (Chi), the same spirit that is within us, the trees, and the animals. The spirit is more concentrated in certain places, forming earth energy lines around the planet. The lines are not straight, they meander like rivers. There are several different sizes of lines. The widest and most powerful lines are called dragon lines and there are only 3 pairs of these. The narrower lines are much more common, but less powerful. I see the earth energy lines as a natural form of power supply and communication. The dragon lines can provide almost instant healing.

The Metatron Cube…
It looks like our Earth spirit is being hijacked. I suspect that the Metatron Cube is the overlay. Even the name is a bit of a hijack of the word mother. Meta or matron, mater, mother. It feels like a rigid metal cage clamped down onto the Earth, nailed in, creating grids of straight lines. The Metatron Cube holds us in prison and is not in harmony with our natural spirit. But we are programmed, trained, and tempted to follow the rigidity of the Metatron, and to forget the flowing dance of Mother Earth.

Moon Control…
The Moon controlled earth energy lines are the small ones, they are everywhere, and are much more likely to be going through people’s houses and workplaces than the big dragon lines. So even if you pay no attention to the Moon, it still affects you because it has taken control of the 4 pace earth energy lines at certain times. The Moon lines have an energy blackout at New Moon and Full Moon, about every 2 weeks. This is the same effect as a solar eclipse, but this time only the Moon lines are affected. New Moon and Full Moon are a sort of eclipse, because the Earth, Sun and Moon are aligned within a plane. The powers that be must love the solar eclipse, a supreme expression of THEIR power to block out the Sun and turn off OUR power, our life force. And they get us to celebrate it.

Remote Control…
If the Moon controls the 4 pace lines, water and women, what are the other planets up to? How many remote controllers are there? One for each set of earth energy lines perhaps? This maybe why astrologists can be so accurate, knowing how the position of the planets affects our moods and well being, our fortunes and disasters. Remote control. We have got used to this, but would we better off without it? What would life be like without the planets controlling us?

Ground Control…
The planets need something on Earth to receive their transmissions, a bit like a TV aerial on your roof receives transmissions to send down a wire to beam out into your living room. These ground controllers are church spires, masts, electricity pylons, London eye and other eyes, obelisks. HAARP. The list is endless. All these things are great antennae, receivers and possibly transmitters too. Look at a city and notice the tallest things in it. Tall buildings are known as lightning risks and are rigged up with metal tape from the top down to the Earth, supposedly just in case of lightning. This metal tape may be to transmit data to the Earth, just like the TV aerial does. You only need a bit of wire to transmit live moving images to a TV. Imagine what carefully constructed data can be transmitted from the planets to be captured by a Church spire (what are the metal weather vanes for?), down the metal tape and into the Earth.

Nail in the Coffin…
The ground control antennae aren’t just at any random point on earth. They are carefully positioned like nails into the Earth energy lines, often at crossover points known as “nodes”. I would not be surprised to find these antennae laid out around the planet to form the structure of the Metatron Cube. Michael and Mary are a pair of well known earth energy lines running through Avebury and Glastonbury. Their journey across Britain has been well documented in a book (see below). There are many places where the lines are marked with a church, a stone, a castle, or monument, or ceremonial landscape, or manmade hill. The interesting thing is that this seems to FIX the earth energy line in position. Someone has pinned the line down to the ground! If you join up many of these fixed points, you get a STRAIGHT LINE. Fixing and straightening seems to go against the nature of the Earth spirit. Inbetween the fixed points, the lines meander and flow and move where they are allowed to.

Jesus and George…
This nailing down of spirit is mirrored in Jesus’ death. His hands and feet were nailed down at chi energy points by big heavy nails. George is known for slaying the dragon with his sword, and this seems to mirror the nailing down of the dragon earth energy lines, conquering and controlling the Earth energy, Mother Earth, the spirit.

In favour of churches…
Despite churches seeming to be used for planetary remote control (and other sorts of control), they can also be used for us to connect directly to the Earth energy for good purposes. We can hijack them back. I personally find myself increasingly drawn into them. Most, if not all, are on energy nodes. Many churches are freely open to the public and this is good. Many are peaceful and spiritual places to be, and this is partly because they are hogging the best energy spots.

Human love…
In the book The Sun and The Serpent, two people spent two years lovingly following and documenting the Michael Mary earth energy lines. When they redowsed certain places (nodes) at the end of their quest, they found that the shapes had changed. The wonky pentacle shape had changed to 3 perfect concentric 12 point stars! This shows that love and attention given to the Earth Energy can transform it to a more healthy balanced state. It in turn can then support us back.

Free the Spirit…
The more we connect to the earth and each other directly via our natural shared spirit, the stronger and healthier the spirit becomes, and the more the Metatron ruler dissolves. It can’t compete. It can only win by persuasion, temptation, deception. If we free the earth spirit, we free ourselves. We have far more power than we are led to believe.

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Book: The Sun and The Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst

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3 Responses to Free the Spirit

  1. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE: more information on the Moon controlled 4 pace lines. There is not a complete blackout of energy, eclipse style, at new and full moon after all. The flow of the energy is spiral rather than linear at this time.

  2. Christine b says:

    Suli this is a great article. I seem to be having the same revelations and then “happen” to read it in your blog. I can truly feel the earth as a living organism now. I am beginning the study of geomancy and dowsing so that I may better tune in. I do acupuncture for people so why not the earth!! I feel that obelisks act like needles but now are if a more sinister nature to steal the energy. This has been a profound realization for me as you can imagine.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks! I had forgotten I had written this one, but yesterday the METAtron cube returned to my mind. I was wondering how it relates to the METronome which controls the beat of music, and also the METAbolic rate which controls our internal rhythms.
      I was first alerted to the idea of acupuncture on the Earth by David Icke in his book I Am Me I Am Free. And it jumped out from the page at me, so obvious when you see it.
      I did a one day dowsing course and it has really influenced my thinking. I am just about to order a book by David Cowan who has done some interesting research in Scotland.
      I have also recently been playing with the idea that an obelisk or standing stone embeds in the earth in the same way a fertilised embryo embeds in the lining of the womb. It creates a feeding tube.

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