Roads to Roam

All Roads Lead To Rome, so the saying goes. I prefer to say that All Roads Lead To Roam. Roaming is freedom, wandering without restriction, free spirit. So whatever your path is, your road, it leads you to freedom.

Roma gypsies…
Just to emphasis this, the city of Rome is called Roma in Italian. European gypsies are called Roma, roamer, too. The country Romania spawns the Romani, Roma gypsies. The Roma gypsies are nomadic and they like to roam. Gypsies are Roman! That’s almost funny. How different can you get, the big fixed city of Rome, and freely wandering nomads.

Destroy the Roma…
The powers that be want to destroy nomads and gypsies, and any other signs of free spirit. They want us fixed in places with names, numbers and fixed addresses. So the idea of roaming has been hijacked and become a city of money and shopping, called Rome. The gypsies find it increasingly difficult to roam as more and more places become controlled and owned and have restricted access. And camping overnight is strictly forbidden in many places. That’s to force everyone to have a fixed abode, a fixed address, so that we can be controlled and labelled and monitored.

Building Rome…
The city of Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like all cities, it started small as a sacred site, a crossover point of earth energy, known as a node. The sacred site became hijacked, overlaid, bit by bit over the generations.You can see how this process starts by looking at Ayers Rock in Australia, not long ago it was a freely accessible respected sacred site. Now it is a major tourist destination, with all sorts of signs and control around it, still freely accessible, but no longer respected. In a few generations, it will grow, and the sacredness will be completely lost, it will become commercialised, maybe a city the size of Rome. But the sacred earth energy will still subliminally lure people into the money making centre.

The city of Bath is another example. Once upon a time, the sacred hot springs were freely accessible to all. In this cold weather, we could all be in the water getting its healing powers and heat. I do not believe there is any current public access to the hot springs at present, other than to look at it. Nowadays Bath means shopping, tourism, and romance…

The word romance derives from Roman City, romancity. Romance has nothing to do with love, it is the Hollywood sugary commercial overlay. Romantic cities are ones where love is equated to spending lots of money, expensive meals (making you sluggish and bloated), theatre (programming your mind) and alcohol (drugging you). The Roman City is overlaying the true love of the sacred site of the roamers, the roma site.

Roads to Rome…
In the days when the site of Rome was a respected sacred site, many sacred roads, ways, paths would have led there to its centre, some still do. The ancient ways follow the earth energy lines, and the bigger junctions have many paths leading up to them. It is likely that people would have journeyed, gravitated, to these places at sacred times, such as equinoxes and solstices, walking along the earth energy lines to get there, using the earth energy to navigate. A natural way of living, humans and the earth in harmony, symbiotically nurturing and connecting. Some Australian aborigines still live this way, but they are declining rapidly, deliberately driven out, their way of life interfered with and their children taken from them.

The novel Northern Lights introduces the word “gyptians”. The gyptians are nomads, gypsies, who travel about on boats. It’s now obvious where the word gypsy comes from. Egypt. Which came first? The gypsies or the civilisation of Egypt? The roma or the civilisation of Rome? Did the great civilisations stamp out the nomads, or did the nomadic free spirit break free from the controlling civilisations?

It’s worth noticing that nomad is No Mad. Nomadic groups do not have mad people. Only civilised societies do. That’s because madness is caused by the control of the free spirit.

(See also earlier posts: City Sites, Earth Energy Lines, Free The Spirit, Hot Springs Go Cold, Stories of the Borehole, Boring Bath)

Book: Northern Lights (trilogy) by Philip Pullman.
Book: Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan (about the Aborigines).

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12 Responses to Roads to Roam

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Romany Travellers hail originally from India, wending their way/s through Romania and Egypt towards the Roman baths at Bath πŸ™‚ A Romany friend opnce found herself pon the banks of the Ga

    • amosouldeer says:

      …A Romany friend of mine opnce found herself on the banks of the Ganges and was able to communicate with the women washing their linen therein. “Kushtie bok!” πŸ™‚
      ‘Roma’ :)miss-spelled reads, of copurse: ‘Roma’…AmO…

      • suliwebster says:

        Maybe that was the pilgrimage? Heading for Bath? I am not aware of Romany gypsies around here, suspect they would be stamped out in minutes. You can almost see the battle going on between the Romans trying to make the cities and create walls and gates around sacred sites. And the Romany people trying to pilgrim towards them. I wonder why the Romany people felt the need to leave India, maybe simply the joy of travel and freedom and going new places.

      • amosouldeer says:

        We ‘all’ used to be ‘travellers’, travel, in the good old days before the introduction of the Georgian calendar (opps, wrong page! πŸ™‚ ) and ‘settling down’, which announced the beginning of almost all of humanity’s problems; possession, ownership (“Do you ‘own’ a ship ?”; “Yes, at ‘berth’…”), the introduction of I.O.U.s and the banking systems…
        When I worked with Romany Travellers in the 1970’s, they were (barr a few exceptions) only ‘legal’ when travelling along the…’Queen’s ‘(!) highway. Virtually all inner-city borough zones were ‘no go areas’, just as in South Africa at the time…
        “Move along, please!”

      • suliwebster says:

        I find it quite heart rending how gypsies and Romanies are treated, and the hatred that is whipped up against them.. I just found some stuff on how they suffered in the Nazi regime, but we are not instructed to remember that, only the bit about the Jews.
        I am personally very drawn to reclaim my wandering roaming self, not impossible, but seems like a long way off when we are born into captivity, and only allowed on the Queens highway. And even the Queens highway is forbidden overnight.
        In Bath, the closest you can get to nomad is to live on a canal boat. But the authorities are always trying to mess that up too, make moorings difficult for the live-aboards, and give priority to the holiday makers who they call “the real users” of the canal. They frequently close off sections of the canal for “maintenance”, and of course there is a water tax just to exist.

      • suliwebster says:

        Georgian calendar too? I missed that! The Georgians control our time, pretty big power eh? But only if we let them.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I read Mutant Message and loved it. I wanted to find out more about Marlo Morgan but it seems the book was fiction and a lot of aboriginies felt that she made oodles of cash out of their culture. It may all be lies,who knows. I feel like an aborigine all the same.

    • suliwebster says:

      Marlo Morgan wrote a second book, Mutant Message From Forever, declared fiction, based on truth. It’s about the stealing of aboriginal kids.
      I feel like an aborigine too!
      She originally said the (first) book was true, but like so many others retracted when challenged. When I found this out, I was initially disappointed, then I realised that it didn’t actually matter whether the story was true or not! Because the story is about the Truth. I think it’s my favourite book ever. I still reread it from time to time.
      I have an old post about fact and fiction and truth…

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I have just been reading the conjuring post. I think money is the greatest conjuring trick of all,it is the real truth behind the show of alchemy,how to make gold out of nothing.Money is a token of value not a thing of value and to make money out of money as with interest is a deed of powerful magik. It says I have made something out of nothing and we all believe in this illusion.When we have exchanged the whole world for money/illusion what will be left?I don’t know if you are familiar with the books of Fritz Leiber,I find them very amusing.He presents lots of true things in complete fantasy form, this could go on forever so I’ll follow your link

    • suliwebster says:

      I have heard the name Fritz Leiber, but not read any. Totally agree about money being the biggest conjuring trick. Though I am starting to wonder if time maybe on an equal footing. I have written several posts about money, Taxing, and Why I Need Money, and The Queen’s Debt are three that come to mind.
      Money is a way of making sure every human interaction goes via the system, with the system taking a big slice each time. It also perpetuates the master slave relationship between us all. We play the master when we buy, and the slave when we are bought.

      • amosouldeer says:

        Yes, ‘humans’ are the value behind all monies; money itself has absolutely no ‘value’ whatsoever. However, just as humans appear to have lost sight of their inherently divine, multidimensional selves…

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Fiction,fact,truth-yes agree!

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