The Georgian Empire

George is the patron saint of England, but the name seems to turn up all over the world, and even the Universe. The country of Georgia is the homeland of the Rothschilds, which instantly rings alarm bells. It seems to me there is more to this George than we are led to believe. I think George is a major symbol of a major power, and that’s why so many things are labelled George, Georgia, Georgian.

Georgian Cities…
The City of Bath is “Georgian”, supposedly named after King George, several King George’s actually, numbers I to IV. Making sure George was King at the time allowed many British cities to be extensively rebuilt under Druidic designs and labelled “Georgian”. Georgian Bath includes an 18th century stone circle, The Circus, with the exact dimensions of Stonehenge. Other Georgian cities include Edinburgh, Limerick, Dublin, and parts of London. Official Georgian tourism and history in Bath is about Jane Austen romances, a neat disguise for the real Georgian agenda. Bath is also known for its Roman history, so you could call it Roman Georgian.

Roman Georgia…
There is a little known country called Georgia in Asia. Or is it Europe? It was under Roman rule during the Roman era, so you could call the Roman parts Roman Georgia. Wikipedia says that Georgia is in Eurasia. !!! That’s odd because I thought Eurasia was a fictitious place invented by George Orwell. Watch out, they are sneaking it into our language via repetition.

George Orwell…
George Orwell is not only Orwellian, he is Georgian, Georgia, Georgeor. This is his pen name, did he choose it for a reason perhaps? To warn us in code? He once wrote about the idea of writing as a way of communicating to the future, a sort of message in a bottle. The official story is that he chose the name after King George! That sounds familiar, even though this is a different King George. George VI. George Orwell knew a lot about how the world ran. He was a member of the elitest Fabian Society and his father was in the opium trade. He mysteriously died young shortly after the publication of 1984, I suspect that was necessary to shut him up.

Georgia, US…
Georgia is a state in the US. I have a friend there, and we often find connections between Georgia, US and Georgian Bath. The Cleveland Bridge in Bath is Georgian, its purpose to enable further Georgian building on the south east of the river. There is Cleveland, Georgia. There are warm Springs in Georgia, US and Hot Springs in Georgian Bath. We both live on an extinct volcano. She has the Georgia Guidestones, and I have some similar looking stones recently erected near where I live. Georgia, US, was named after King George II. The Georgian state symbol has Masonic columns and the date 1776, a most significant date in modern Freemasonry.

Georgia, the country…
Georgia got its independence from Russia in 1918. Coincidentally, this was the time of a King George, George V this time, of England, which might explain the country name. Parts of the Caucasan mountains are within Georgia. This is the source of the white Caucasian race, that emerged from the mountains and migrated north to Europe, then to the US. The people of Georgia do not look middle eastern, nor Asian. They look very North European, or American. The port of Batumi was once called Bathus. Bathus, Georgia. That’s Bath and US in Georgia.

Georgian politics…
Georgia is not mentioned in mainstream or alternative news, though it seems Georgia is well connected behind the scenes. Obama and Condoleeza Rice are separately pictured with Georgia’s president. The road to the main airport is named George W. Bush Avenue, (another George), he was the first sitting US president to visit. (which implies that presidents have visited when they are not “sitting”, and presidents have visited since then). Washington is the capital of the US and that’s another George too. In 2005, the entire Georgian police force was sacked and the US is helping to rebuild it. The education system has undergone a similar controlled redesign.

Georgian architecture…
Georgian architecture is familiar in the UK. It’s surprising to see the same style in Georgia, a middle eastern country. Georgian has a whole other meaning, nothing to do with King George. The Georgian port of Batumi has an upside down White House, similar to that in Washington DC, and there are other very esoteric looking structures. Wikipedia tells us that Georgian social history begins in Colchis (Western Georgia) in 6th century BC. That’s a little bit before any King George of England.

The Rothschild connection…
The Rothschild’s homeland is Georgia. They are Khazars, otherwise known as Ashkenazi Jews (hence the Nazi label). And they are currently active in Georgia. They own oil refineries at the port of Batumi, and railways, and steel plants. It seems that they practically own the whole of Batumi and have made big money from it.

Caucasian Iberia…
Iberia was a country which is now partly overlaid by eastern Georgia. The Iberian flag is a red cross on white, the red on white is the Rothschild symbology, the Rothschild name meaning “red sign”. The flag is identical to the English flag, the cross of St George, which suggests that Iberia and England are very strongly linked. The west part of Georgia was previously known as Colchis, and interestingly the first capital of Roman Britain was Colchester. Countries and national boundaries are false divisions. The Georgian influence does not pay any attention to national boundaries.

Iberian peninsula…
The Iberian Peninsula is no doubt related to Iberia, and therefore Georgia. The Basques live there. By all normal rules, the Basques would have been taken over by now, but they are left alone, just like no one ever invades Switzerland. The Basques are known for their blood type. It’s Rh neg, same as the prize bloodline, the one that the Rothschilds and the other elites are so obsessive about.

Georgian language…
Georgia even has its own language. It derives from Aramaic, and is related to the Basque language. It seems to me that the Basques are Georgian too! Georgian is spoken in Israel, and there are 120 000 Georgian Jews in Israel.

The Georgian Flag…
This is very similar to the Crusades flag and the English/Iberian flag. It is a red cross on white, with a mini red cross in each of the four quadrants. The layout of 5 like a dice, is a common theme…

US, EU and THEM…
…And the idea of 4 quadrants reminds me of Tony Blair and his Office of the Quartet Representative which is set up to takeover the Middle East and has an office in Jerusalem. The Quartet is UN US EU RU. (RU is Russia, note they all include U, you). Georgia was once part of Russia. If you put EU and Russia together you get Eurussia. A bit like Eurasia. Will Georgia be the capital of Eurasia? Orwell predicted 3 separate world powers. My bet is on US, EU and THEM. These are the three groups created by the Latin language to limit our thinking. Us, you and them. I, you, he/she/it. The US is already formed, Eurasia is on its way, and the rest is what’s left. Just to confirm my suspicion, there is a Eurasia Foundation in Washington DC which has offices in Georgia, the country. Since the 1990’s.

George and the dragon…
My version of George slaying the dragon is that this is fixing the free spirit of the dragon earth energy lines in place to control them. The dragon lines are the most powerful and there are only 3 pairs of them. St George represents the whole Georgian world power at work. The dragon is not our enemy, it is powerful earth energy connected to the human spirit. And St George is not our friend. St George slays the most powerful part of our free spirit.

George and the Welsh dragon…
The flag of Wales is a large red dragon with 4 toes (5 is the most powerful). George slaying the dragon also represents England slaying Wales. There are no longer any Welsh Kings, and the Prince of Wales is appointed from the English Royal Family in London. England rules over Wales, despite the Welsh people putting up a strong and continuing resistance.

George and David…
England’s dominance over Wales also shows that George dominates David. St David is the patron saint of Wales, and the Star of David. The Star of David represents Israel, so it would seem that Georgia and Israel (David) may have a Middle Eastern version of the same relationship, with Georgia being a higher centre of power than Israel.

Planet George…
The planet Uranus was originally called Georgium Sidum, when it was first discovered in 1781, by William Herschel in Georgian Bath. It was also known as George’s Star, named after King George !!! This time George III. The George Star, Star of George, reminds me of the David Star, Star of David, which corresponds to Saturn. Like Saturn, Uranus has many rings, and I suspect there is a lot of control of Planet Earth by Uranus, as well as by Saturn and the Moon. St. George could mean Star of George or Saint George. I suspect that the word Saint is a reference to star. Do we have a third George/David power relationship? England over Wales, Georgia over Israel, and now Uranus over Saturn. Saturn is bad enough, what is Uranus up to?

Georgia baby names…
I have noticed a surge of Georgia, George baby names, most of who will now be teenagers. It’s as if it’s a reminder to us, a hint of what’s in the air. I would not be surprised if the royal baby is named Georgia, but we shall see. Maybe I should try betting on it and see what odds I get!

Blood types…
The elites are obsessive about blood groups, in particular Rh negatives (and also the universal blood, O). Rh negatives are relatively rare in the world, about 5% average, but the US and UK have a higher rate, about 15%, the US rate having increased relatively recently. The Basque region of the Iberian peninsula has the world’s highest concentration of Rh negative blood type. I can’t find statistics for Georgia the country, nor for specific areas of the UK and the US, but I do wonder if the Rh negs are being herded towards the Georgian areas, separated out. Hong Kong is an example where there is virtually no Rh negative blood. And the same is true of Asia in general. Atlanta’s airport in Georgia is, surprisingly, the busiest international airport in the world. What is all the traffic about?

Georgia Guidestones…
The inscriptions on the Georgia Guidestones in Georgia, US talk about reducing the world population to 500,000. The stones may be sited in Georgia specifically so that they can be labelled “Georgia”, without anyone questioning the label. If they were in Florida and called Georgia Guidestones, it would look a bit odd. It seems to me that Georgia refers to the Georgian Empire, the Georgian Agenda, which is very much controlled by the Rothschild family. The Guidestones are the plans of the Georgian Empire, rooted in Georgia, Eurasia. Eurasia is a bit like erasure and euthanasia, which neatly matches the theme of the Plan.

There is a lot more on this Georgian subject, it seems endless. I could go on, but that’s enough for now…

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10 Responses to The Georgian Empire

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Rather coincidentally Haris Georgiades today becomes finance minister of Cyprus! Marx divided the world into 3 trading zones, I guess that’s where Orwell got the idea.Alan Watt says that the east asia trade area will be run by China,decided in a RIIA/CFR conference in Australia in the late thirties

    • suliwebster says:

      That is a coincidence. I have had this post in mind for a few months, but only started writing it yesterday. Watch out for more Georges! The new pope is a Jorge too.
      There must be something about the number 3. The Orwell idea is that it’s the minimum number to always have an enemy, and the possibility of an ally. It also meets the essential requirement of being able to change the enemy from time to time.

  2. amosouldeer says:

    And ‘George’ (Washington. …W. Bush) ? :
    Links up with the En,glish & Welsh Royal heraldry…

    (See : ) :

  3. Phillis says:

    I found it helpful to read ‘lion’ things like so: The El Ion King. The etymology of Evan(s), Eric, John, etc. all came from the word ‘ion’. Which makes sense. This is why the story of the cross includes the part where “jesus” refused the vinegar.

  4. George Silver says:

    You forgot me.

  5. suliwebster says:

    UPDATE to this post.. I now have some more information on sound. According to Wikipedia, Georgia has a unique musical system based on perfect fifths. Perfect fifths are what is required to tune in and harmonise with earth energies too. It seems that Georgian music may be designed to harmonise with the Earth. I also have it on good authority that the Olympic Bell is a perfect fifth too. This is different from our piano keyboard tuning that is used in western culture.

  6. suliwebster says:

    More on George…
    There are 6 Georgian Kings, that’s VI Kings, Vikings. Does George link to the Vikings?

    A pound note from 1917 shows George and the Dragon on the left and George V on the right. The Kings name is at the bottom as GEO V. Just as I suspected, George is also a reference to the planet, GEO. Geoengineering. Maybe the 6 Georgian Kings refer to 6 stages of the planet Earth.

  7. dogman says:

    Very interesting information. I live near Bath now and recently read some of Cathi Morgan’s (MK Ultra) recollections and she mentioned Swainswick village as being owned by Oriel College, Oxford.
    I found that interesting and now even more so after learning of all the research you have done about Bath!
    Thank you, dogman

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I have read some of Cathi’s stuff too! She knows the other side of Bath (North) to me and was here at a different time to me, so together we can add up quite a lot of pieces.

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