Is it Worth It?

Ford Motor Company asked themselves if it was worth it to put a safety device on their Pinto car model. They knew the car was potentially dangerous, that it could burn up and kill. They worked out the cost of compensation for a death, and the chance of a car burning up, and compared that with the $11 cost of installing the safety device on every car. They decided it would be more profitable to skip the safety device. 500 people burned to death as a result, but it was worth it.

That’s a nasty corporate doing what we expect them to do. But is it just the corporates that make these sorts of calculations?

About 2,000 people are killed on British roads each year, with 200,000 injured, about 20,000 of those seriously, according to Wikipedia, and the actual figure may be higher. The deaths and injuries are disproportionately high for children, who have no say in what goes on. We obviously collectively think that it’s worth it, otherwise we would have all stopped driving by now. It’s worth some people being killed and maimed so that the rest of us can carry on with this lifestyle that includes driving cars. It’s a price worth paying, and it’s bad luck if it’s your family that is affected.

I guess that’s where the phrase “to dice with death” comes from. And maybe why war memorials and baptism fonts sometimes have three dice carved on them. As if Life is a gamble or a game.

It’s well known that computers are made by slave labour, unfair trade, in places like China. Yet still we think it’s worth it, because our need to research and communicate is more important than the lives of others. Some anonymous people in China are expendable. Bad luck for them.

If you still believe wars are justified (I don’t), then you believe that it’s worth it for soldiers, civilians and children to be murdered to make things better for the rest of us. When Tony Blair declared war on Iraq, saying it was worth the sacrifice, I knew he wasn’t sending his own kids out there to be deleted. Soldiers volunteer to take this risk, which is bad enough, but civilians and children don’t, they just get in the way. At least we have permanent peace in Britain eh? Lucky us, did we throw a six?

If you believe in population reduction due to us not having enough resources to go round (I don’t, and I think there are PLENTY of resources), then you will believe it’s worth it for some people to be put to death to save the rest of us. You will have done some calculations to show that this is necessary. Are you volunteering yourself and your family for this noble sacrifice, or some anonymous people from a different country or different social class? Who exactly do you think should be put to death, and who do you think should decide?

Major building projects, or mining projects, nearly always involve some deaths, and certainly major injuries, and they are going on around us all the time. Every time I look at a large cathedral or church, I wonder what kind of human sacrifice went into building it. But we still think more such projects should go ahead. Because it’s worth it. Those that die are unfortunate. It’s just an accident.

All of the examples above, cars, driving, wars, big buildings, attract glory, and worship, and money. Those who escaped death, and were merely injured, are worshipped at the Paralympics, look how amazing they are, how happy they look, how they have rebuilt their lives, that’s alright then, we can carry on creating some more of them.

How can it be right for anyone to have their lives sacrificed for others benefit? And how does it feel for the rest of us left behind knowing that we have sacrificed others to prop up our lifestyle? It’s an unspoken subject, but subconsciously we must all be carrying a hidden burden of guilt. We are all part of this world, all participating in propping it up and perpetuating the way it runs.

When I get angry with something, I ask myself what it is within myself that I am angry with, because I know I am seeing some sort of reflection. I get very angry with the elites and their sacrificial rituals, especially when it is children killed or maimed or abused.

It’s really easy to blame it on others, (it’s all the elites fault, just shoot them and everything will be fine), or make excuses (I care for people, I would never harm anyone), or turn a blind eye. We have all been born and bred to this way of doing things. The hard bit is to see your own part in it all, how you have been tricked into participating. And the participation is in a remote control sort of way, so easy to detach your own actions from the far away consequences.

People say how bad and sad and evil the world is, then shrug and say “But there’s nothing you can do about it”. A belief that we are all helpless, helpless, helpless. And that the world is innately evil.

I disagree. I can research what’s going on, work out my part in it and slowly withdraw my support. I am my own best judge. I can choose to change how I think, and change how I run my life. I first got into writing and research through wanting to work out why there is constant war, slavery and paedophilia in the world. That’s what keeps me motivated to write, and to make changes in my life. Work it out, then make changes. What I have noticed is that when I make changes in my life that detach me from the evil system, my own life automatically improves too. Maybe because I become more free of the subconscious burden of guilt.

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19 Responses to Is it Worth It?

  1. dognamedblue says:

    someone on twitter was complaining about 7 billion people being too many & I resisted saying why don’t you lead by example? to my regret, this is one of the most worrying aspects of modern life for me the “we need to get rid of them” attitude because “they are using too much of our stuff” eugenics when we should be looking after everyone, which makes me as bigger part of the problem for keeping my mouth shut

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree, they have all the everyday people joining in with the eugenics. I had an argument about it with a good friend of mine recently, a warm, caring, intelligent person. But she reads the papers and watches the TV and hangs out with others that do the same. I asked her who she thought should die.
      We are all part of the problem at some level. It’s hard to make changes, but not impossible. Sometimes I talk back to people about things if I am in the right mood. Sometimes I don’t, it can get very tiring being a lone voice. And if you don’t look after your own health and well being, you are no good to anyone else anyway, so that’s important too.
      I think the loaves and the fishes story is about sharing everything, and because they are sharing, they are happier, and thus need less anyway. A true Jesus story.
      On the other hand, the idea of Jesus dying for us maybe a way of programming us to allow sacrifices of other peoples lives. And to think that’s ok. Thats a Church indoctrination story.

  2. amosouldeer says:

    You could equally become ‘sad’: “…with the elites and their sacrificial rituals, especially when it is children killed or maimed or abused.” Because the heartless atrocities perpetuated by the elite mirror precisely their ‘own’ level of suffering, as these words intimate: “I ask myself what it is within myself that I am angry with, because I know I am seeing some sort of reflection.”

    “People say how bad and sad and evil the world is, then shrug and say “But there’s nothing you can do about it”. As long as ‘people’ continue to consider themselves to be ‘apart’ from, as opposed to being ‘a part’ of, playing a role within, the world of which they are co-creators and thereby ‘responsable’ FOR, they shall continue to refuse to acknowledge and to assume response_ability for themSelf.
    Whenever we become angry, sad, judgmental, etc., we lose sight of ‘what’ we wholly are by confusing ‘who’ we think we are not – these ‘others’ (that are, in fact, none ‘other’ than another expression of our Self) – as something/someone external. Copmplaining about/against anything or anyone is indicative of y/our (take your pick) desire to ‘control. This should ring a bell; what does the illuminati seek to do?…The ego is always right…from its own point of view. But it always has a limited, fragmented point of view; it sets itself apart from, (and above!), the ‘rest’.
    However, ‘we’ are not our ego, a physical body, feelings, emotions, opinions, judgments, etc.; these are simply vehicules that ‘we’ place at our disposal in order to better innerstand our Self. The more we become sidetracked by our ego’s (our ego = our personified illuminati/elite !) antics the effects – the further removed we become from the cause of it all: our Self !
    So, continue to throw (a pint_o’) flaming vitriol, or a_Fford to install the ego-deactivation safety device in our vehicule ?…

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes I agree the elites are probably the saddest of the lot of us.
      I wrote a post a while back called We Are All Right, which is along similar lines to what you say about the ego always thinking itself right, and therefore everyone else who differs is wrong.
      I was going to write about judgement of others here, but decided to save it for its own post one day.
      I increasingly see anger, guilt etc as useful tools to alert us to something that needs addressing within, and if used wisely, they can be forces for good. Anger is an immensely powerful energy, just needs careful directing.

      • amosouldeer says:

        The only problem with this (i.e. …” see anger, guilt etc as useful tools to alert us to something that needs addressing within”), as with judgment, we are immediately propelled back into our ego…and away from the point. A bit like the inherent dilemma of conventional science that seeks to separate things in order to ‘identify’ them, (and their rerspective role and purpose), in what amounts to a vain attempt to arrive at a ‘Unified Theory’! You don’t unify through division. Love is the unifying force; fear, anger, guilt instantly introduce division between the observer and the observed – ‘ere w’ego again !

  3. George Silver says:

    Dear Suli,
    Welcome to “Individualism”
    If we could just get more members the World would be a better place.

    • suliwebster says:

      Think that’s summed up by someone I overheard asking a councillor if they could do something about all the traffic on her road. Because she found it really difficult to get her car out!

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    When I was young in the fifties we played war games.We asked our dads about the war and none of them would ever speak about it,NONE. I don’t know what they did or witnessed but I think it must have been awful. I think a declaration of war is really a declaration of carte blanche for psychopaths of every side to go out and have fun.The leaders of all sides are in collusion,either by communicating between eachother or just knowing the game.The more I see the more I’m sure that we are farmed.I agree that the battle against the “new world order” is the same as the battle against the ego,the false self,that which we are told we are or think we are.

    • suliwebster says:

      War reminds me of a game of Risk, which I played a lot f when I was a kid, but no longer can, it make me feel sick thinking about how the war mongers play it with real people. In Risk, you shake a dice to see who dies. Sounds familiar? maybe that’s what they actually do? I wouldn’t put it past them.
      Interesting that your dads would not speak. My parents were war babies so talk about it, as they were not actually fighting, just lived through the conditions. Harry Patch, the last WW1 veteran, died a few years back aged 111. He lived near me. He did not speak of the war until his 100th birthday. That coincides with the telegram from the Queen, and apparently all these telegrams are uniquely worded. He then denounced the war as condoned and calculated murder. There’s some You Tube footage.
      It could be that it’s so horrific they can’t say anything, they can’t re live it by talking about it. We all have a tendency to lock away any traumatic memories. And it could be that something else is shutting them up too, some command from on high that carries a threat. I have personally been shut up in this way on a completely different subject, so I know it is possible if the threat is big enough, and you know they are evil enough to carry it out.
      The absolutely most effective threat of all is not to point the loaded gun at the person you want to do as you say, but to point it at someone they love.

      • amosouldeer says:

        “Naturally, the common people don’t want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them that they are being attacked, and denounce the pascifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”
        Hermann Goering, Hitler’s Reich-Marshall, cited at the Nuremberg Trials following WWII.

        BBC/The Times/The Telegraph/The Etc. headlines: 9/11 “Attack”; 7/7 “Attack”; “Attack” on democracy; etc…
        Once the individual awakens to, and remembers, their innate divine essence, they no longer need fear of any “attack”, for they re-cog-nize the ‘other’ as representing and BEing a further expression of the multiple, multidimensional facets of that which is OneSelf – Unified Consciousness.

  5. amosouldeer says:

    On the other hand, war may be viewed from a vibrational point of view.
    Y/our government is the by-product of the vibration of the masses. A war is the by-product of the vibration of the masses. In other words, this is not a war that y/our government has waged against y/our will. It is a war that has grown vibrationally from the vibration of the masses.

    • suliwebster says:

      That’s an interesting viewpoint, and not one that most people want to acknowledge, because that means accepting responsibility. My own thinking has been along these lines recently, the idea that the government is simply responding to the masses. And that therefore we can influence it by our own vibration. We can’t influence it by our vote or by pleading with our government. It has to be our own actual way of being that has the influence. That’s what we have to keep working at shifting, and we can do that on an individual basis.
      Of course there is plenty of control at work manipulating us into bad vibrations, leading us into temptation. But it is possible to resist that temptation if you really want to.
      It is really starting to bug me that even in conspiracy world, people still believe they have no power, no say, and that they do not need to change themselves in order to help the world change, that’s someone else’s job. The mind programming is very deeply ingrained.

      • amosouldeer says:

        When we “vote” for, or “plead” with, a government (virtually all international instances of of which represent the interests of the Elite), we tacitly submit our own soveREIGNty to its rule – we are thereby personally responsible for disenfranchising ourself. And yet certain voters subsequently continue to persist in complaining about their (self-imposed) enslavement !
        But these ‘governments’ and this ‘Elite’ are simply ‘illusions’; the truth only hurts when we become attached to our illusions, and it’s our illusions that keep us limited and in bondage. Government depends upon our FEAR for its survival. Our most immediate task is to set about systematically dispelling each successive fear that presents itself to us. Fear – becoming fearful, full of fear – is the antithesis of a sovereign BEing…

  6. suliwebster says:

    I agree Amo, fear is our biggest enemy.
    In my view, responsibility and freedom go hand in hand. Therefore, you will only get true freedom by taking responsibility for your own life.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Yes, and as each ‘individual’ (on a soul level) decides every single aspect of their “own life”, EVERY SINGLE ASPECT, blaming/bemoaning others (family, friends, governments, the Elite, etc.) for the state of their respective situation is tantamount to Self-denial. But of course, it’s so much easier to play at being the ‘victim’ than to take the bull by both horns, assume FULL responsde-ability for one’s situation and innerstanding it’s implications…
      This ‘point of view’ reads, then, that there are as many ‘worlds’ as there are “own lives”. What may well be lived as a curse by one (“Damn, it’s raining, I’m bound to catch a cold!”) can be seen/lived as a blessing for another (“Great ! This’ll help the flowers grow…and no need for me to do the washing today!”) 🙂

      • suliwebster says:

        That’s an ok argument when we are talking about random rain, but it sort of falls apart for me when we are talking about a child abuse victim.
        Or possibly even when we are talking about deliberate chemtrail fuelled rain.
        I also think its difficult to judge others when you haven’t actually lived their life.

  7. amosouldeer says:

    There are no “others”, other than your Self. The child-abuse victim, Margaret Thatcher and local meteorology conditions are all YOUR holographic projections. ‘Judgment’ has no place here – simply statement of fact. By (you) opting to differentiate yourself from what you experience – people, places, things;, etc. – you are once again falling foul of the duality trap. People, places and things in your world are not ‘apart’ from what your experience, they ARE ‘a part’ you, who IS your experience. Like your mental-ego, they constitute vehicules whereby you invite yourself to appropriate a fuller innerstanding of yourself; the abused child symbolises (consciously or unconsciously) your own abuse; chemtrails and meteorological conditions represent your own emotions (or the collective emotions of humankind, if you insist upon hiding behind a conceptual basis that ‘appaears’ to surpass your mere mortal (i.e. egotic) identity.)
    Sooner rather than later, preferably, you may choose to assume full, unadulterated responsability for your experience of “own life”…because it is a mirror reflection of you. No more, no less…

    • suliwebster says:

      For the time being at least, Amo, we will have to differ on this one.
      Maybe (or maybe not), one day I will come round to this way of thinking, but at the moment I cannot see how a child is responsible for being abused, because they decided every single aspect of their own life. That kind of seems like a neat way to promote paedophilia, and fits well with the classic paedophile view of themselves that the child was willing, and that they the paedophile have done nothing wrong. That seems like the paedophile abdicating responsibility for their actions from where I am sitting.
      The system supports paedophilia and we support the system that allows it to continue. So we are by our actions, way of living, etc, condoning the paedophilia.
      It must be quite difficult for a child that is being abused to think hey ho its only a holographic projection, or to convince themselves it’s a blessing.

      • amosouldeer says:

        You choose, then, to remain IN the film, playing ‘a part’ therein, instead of re-cognizing the fact that you, inasmuch as an expression of co-creative Consciousness, wrote the scipt, designed the settings, all components ‘parts’, etc.
        Who is ‘behind’ pardophilia ? The Elite/Illuinati/PTW; who is (hidden) behind the (visoible aspects of the) Elite & Co. ? Certain Extraterrestrial fraternities (e.g. the blue-blooded Draco-Reticuli providing the Royal lineage, etc.) But all of these ‘expressions of Consciousness’ are playing out their role. All of them contributing to the rise (or not, on the behalf of certain ‘watchers’) in Consciousness. Bearing in mind that, according to Watson & Crick and their studies on DNA, there are at least twenty traces of different extraterrestrial origin within the human genome, here is part of a message channeled by Wes Annac:

        “When was it decided that we were to flaunt apparent negative extraterrestrial entities to whom we give nearly all the credit for the establishment of our existence, and then in nearly the same breath, criticize others for still having a positive perspective?
        To me, it seems that we are continuing to give our power away; both by looking for deceit everywhere we go while criticizing others who don’t unendingly search for such deceit, and by allowing ourselves to think that negative entities have been in charge of establishing aspects of our existence that, if so, would not have been designed for our ultimate spiritual growth and would have only been designed to keep us in states of unawareness and subservience.
        I think that overall, the mechanism to rebel or build-up a figure to then believe is controlling us so that we can rebel against it or “spread awareness” about it, is still strongly prevalent in the awakening public and I think that we will hold ourselves back if we are unable to keep our perceived need for rebellion in check.
        I’m never going to believe that Archons have any control over my existence, and I hardly believe in their existence at all as they seem designed to display extraterrestrials in a certain light as well as deceive us about our soul growth and the reasons we are on this Earth under the perceived limitations we are.
        I ask all of you not to be drawn in by the false rein that the cabals and the beings who have employed them would love for you to believe they still have on this Earth.
        As long as you believe an Archon has control of your existence in any way, you are allowing yourself to be deceived and controlled by the very forces you would otherwise be working to raise awareness of.
        As long as you feel that positivity translates into being naïve, you will forever enforce a veil between this realm and the higher dimensions where, guess what, unending and mushy positivity is constantly prevalent.
        …it’s time to let ourselves see that positivity and genuine spirituality are here with us and that the fading influence of negativity, deceit, control and all who have fed those things is just that; fading. The sooner we can realize that, the sooner we can lighten the collective vibrations sufficiently and speed-up this entire collective evolution…”
        When you state that you : ” cannot see how a child is responsible for being abused, because they decided every single aspect of their own life”, it could be taken as an example of arrogant condescension (I’m being deliberately provocative here because, indeed, this is no light matter); your refusal to acknowledge and accept that particular child’s innate sovereignity which, alone, determines what, how, when and where they shall ‘experience’. Obviously, we are not consciously aware of what our Inner/Higher self has programmed for us to innerstand; there would be no point in incarnating (playing hide & seek) if all of the answers were immediiately revealed to us !
        It also situates the (individual/) child in a one-off/one-life context, in complete ignorance of (so-called) past-life exactions on their behalf. Unless, of course, you are party to a limited (aren’t they all ?!) belief system whereby you are born, you live a life, you doie, and that’s the end of that ? Your position appears to confirm the adoption of a belief system, which is tantamount to a prison with it’s rigid boundaies and implicit exclusions. Fortunatey the key is within y/our grasp…available for when we become ready to release what resides within, in place of bein,g drawn into “watching” what is going on in an ‘apparent’ outside.
        It may well be that “you” support the system, but not all of us (“we”) do. I do not support the system; I am IN the world but not OF it.

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