Stop Watching

According to a mainstream paper, the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster was the most popular viewing in ten years. That means 911 footage has viewer ratings. A real live mass murder has ratings. Watching thousands of people die on live TV is pulling in the viewers. Great for advertisers. If it has high ratings, then there is profit to be made. If people are watching it, then there must be a consumer demand for this kind of thing. Plenty of incentive to provide more of it.

Did you watch 911? Did you watch footage of mass murder, thousands of people being slaughtered? Did you buy a newspaper about it? It’s a good story for selling papers too.

There is a Ben Elton novel on this theme, whereby the viewers determine whether or not someone is murdered, really murdered, live on TV. The murderer has the hostage and the worlds TV cameras watching. He also has the live viewing figures on a screen in front of him. If everyone switches off their tele, the murder will not take place. If they carry on watching, the murder will take place. What happens next depends on the viewers. Each individual viewer has a choice. They can switch off their TV, thus contributing their bit towards saving a life. Or they can keep watching, and actually get to see someone being murdered live on TV, and by watching they will contribute towards the murder. Wow, how cool is that, live murder on tele, something to talk about with everyone else, major news because it’s something new, hasn’t been done before, will go down in history!

The novel was published in 1996, then there was the Twin Towers in 2001. Since then, watching death, on the TV and elsewhere, has become increasingly normal, and therefore boring. An example is the footage recently shown on the Comic Relief day, family viewing of death and disaster and starvation, inbetween comedy, and telling us to donate money. I am sure it has great viewing figures, and must also make a big profit from the donations. So no doubt they will continue with this particular act.

We are increasingly desensitised by the show. It’s got to keep getting faster and more extreme to keep us watching. One dead body is not enough, we need to watch more mutiliation, more war, more sex, more grotesque images. And more reality, not just actors. Reality pulls in more viewers. The ratings dictate the way things are going. The show is responding to our demand.

Events on the world stage come thick and fast these days. The Korean Nuclear War (or was it Iran?), and Death of Thatcher are two recent ones filling up everyone’s lives. It’s not just the telescreens that are waiting to pounce on the latest subject matter, it’s the newspapers, the critics, the book writers, the film makers. All part of the show. We all watch and wait for the next act on the stage.

It’s quite easy to be smug, and think you know what’s going on, but those who consider themselves informed are watching the show just as much as everyone else, and publishing and sharing as much grotesque viewing. That will suit the powers that be quite nicely.

They want us to keep watching in case we actually start to look inside ourselves and realise that we can make changes in the way we do things. We might stop participating. We might find something more fulfilling to do. It’s obvious really, if you want the show to end, help lower the viewing figures, stop watching. Don’t wait for everyone else to do it, lead the way.

I think it will all get more and more extreme until we are all dead, or until we stop paying attention to them (the show) and pay attention to ourselves (sort out our own lives). My feeling is that humanity will win through, but I sometimes have to ask myself “How bad does it have to get?”

You can see the way it’s going, can’t you? More and more deaths, increasingly horrific, are required to feed the insatiable demand. A televised nuclear war would be quite a novelty, wouldn’t it? Never been seen before. People will watch, and say “Isn’t it awful?” which will demonstrate how they care. People will donate money to charities that will help sort out the mess, and then carry on with their own life as before, providing they are still alive. People will say “How lucky it didn’t get us” or “We needed less people on the planet” or “We won” or “The Illuminati are carrying out another one of their preplanned wars”. Different people will analyse it differently, but we will all carry on watching.

Everyone’s addicted.

When we withdraw from the show, the show will stop. Are we frightened of what life will be like if we stop watching the show? Will our lives seem empty with nothing to analyse, nothing to criticise (like a theatre critic). Do people in conspiracy world need the constant unfolding drama? We are like an audience in a global gladiatorial stadium waiting for the next sacrifice, and fuelling it by our expectant demand.

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Book: Popcorn by Ben Elton

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15 Responses to Stop Watching

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Should YOU ever choose to “Stop Watching”, (I did over fifteen years ago), you may prefer to follow Tony Rooke’s example, rather than simply switch off :

    BBC’s Jane Stanly ‘before’ the times! :

    • suliwebster says:

      I haven’t had a TV for 15 years either, brought my kids up without it, and didn’t watch much before that anyway.
      I am not really referring to the TV in this post, but any attention paid to the World Stage. World Stage events are on TV, newspapers, radio, the Internet, cinema, theatre, books, on advertising hoardings, etc etc, and circulated amongst conspiracy researchers too. It’s a dependence on what THEY dish out for us to consume, no matter which camp you think you are in (TV addict, intellectual, conspiracy researcher etc). If your life revolves, or partly revolves around THEIR programme of events, then you are being distracted by it from something that is more important and more useful. That’s my view anyway.
      I am trying to wean myself off it, but keep getting lured back in. We are trained from an early age to always watch things, watch the teacher, watch the TV, give our attention away.

  2. amosouldeer says:

    “YOU” is intended to be read in its plural form (or are we just ‘two’ reading these lines ? Is there a good film on tonight ?!) πŸ™‚

    • suliwebster says:

      Confusing language English. No idea how many people reading. I know the majority don’t comment. The blog averages about 50 “reads” a day, but that doesn’t mean 50 people read it!

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at here .Do you meam ignore it and it’ll go away?

    • amosouldeer says:

      Whatever you are “watching”, Nixon, is merely an external holographic projection of your own inner (greater or lesser) turmoil.
      So-called “reality” is, in fact, simply a staged show (See videos above, for example. Furthermore, in the U.S.A., hundreds of ‘actors’ make a career by pre-recording so-called “live reactions” (commissioned by FOX, CNN & Co.), in the roles of parents in school shoot-outs, terrorist attack (sic) victims, and so on. It’s big business.) Just as when viewing a film in a cinema, you can become so engrossed in the ‘plot’ and your emotions engaged to such a point that you literally jump out of your seat (with shock, fear, horror, etc..)
      ALL of this is the context that you (your Inner/Higher Self) have created for you (egotic self/personnality) to experience in order awaken and grow to innerstand your veritable divine and multuidimensional self. Obviously, if you choose to continue to remain the (horrified?) observer, accepting the ‘illusion’ on face value as if it were real/”reality”, then you postpone the process whereby you tackle the ‘real’ issues in hand, the resolutions of which provide you purpose in having incarnated upon Earth.

    • suliwebster says:

      Good point Nixon ! I don’t know if the show would go away if we all stopped watching. I think there is probably more to it than that, and we need to stop participating too.
      It does seem to me that watching the show contributes to furthering the show, and contributes to desensitising us. Whatever is watched creates a market for more.
      On the other hand, you need to have an awareness in order to spot the tricks when they come your way, and to be able to understand how to make changes to your life that are effective in pulling the plug on the system. So possibly a certain amount of watching is useful to become aware, and stay aware.
      I think the thing that is troubling me is that even in conspiracy world, it’s quite easy to get drawn into just watching the show, analysing it, becoming aware, without actually APPLYING what you have learnt, or realising that you are in some way able to influence events.
      If everyone carries on just watching, without changing, then surely we just end up watching our own demise? Then the only advantage of being aware is that you can see it coming.

      • amosouldeer says:

        On the contrary, by the time you have become aware of what is happenoing, it has already happened !
        We are in a time of choosing. Are we going to choose the upward spiral of ascension into 5D (an internal process) or hang on to the old 3D program (the external) out of fear, guilt and unworthiness falsely be-lie-ving there lies our security.
        There is no security in hanging on to the old world. Doing so will be the greatest insecurity because it is collapsing. The banksters have reached the height of greed with no more jobs or industry to support their system. The war industry has reached its height of weapons beyond imagination, running out of enemies with weapons they cannot even use due to annihilating all life on the planet. Governments have also reached their height of corruption, enslavement and disservice to the people. The religions have run the God outside of self and all creation, separating and disempowering people from making their own personal God connection. Corporations have run out of resources (both human and Earth) to exploit. This is all one big unsustainable train wreck having nowhere to go other than to collapse.
        Yet so many are continuing to be willing participants in their own demise. They are clinging desperately to the old world, the manipulations and programming of the matrix, their egos need out of fear and insecurity to completely dishonor their own soul and spirit. They actually believe they have control over what is about to happen.
        The ways of the ego separate from soul and spirit are over. Only the illusion is left of thinking we can still save this reality. The be-lie-f that the external will provide for our security is another illusion about to be shattered. Inner awareness, inner guidance and acting on that inner guidance is the only real security in the days to come.
        Opt ‘in’ or opt out ? πŸ™‚

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Amos,old dear,you’re way beyond me.Idon’t even know what 4D is,let alone 5D.Blake said that the body is the part of the self which is apprehended by the five senses,which is roughly my opinion.When that’s gone I will see what’s next.and I agree with you that it looks alarmingly close.The whole world of people is so full of deception and lies that I do often think that even the world itself might be just another con. I wonder if Meaning is the 4th dimension.Different people use different words for the same thing and I’ve spent time searching for things and discovered that I knew it anyway and I just called it something else.I love the living world and know it’s not just flesh and dust.I think religion and science are just descriptions,word theories and just create an artificial world.I love the world of blackbirds and sparrows, trees and rivers,I’m with them and if they’re in 5D I’ll see you there.I suppose I just want to be a Red Indian!

    • suliwebster says:

      I find the same Nixon. Many people have tried to explain 4d and 5d to me, but I don’t really get it. I think I probably have grasped the same concept somewhere, but find it hard to label. Some things are beyond labelling and words anyway. I also love the living world, nature, and the spirit that flows between and within us all. I have wondered if the whole world is a con too, its certainly a possibility! I wrote a post along those lines awhile back if you are interested.

      • amosouldeer says:

        It’s perfectly straightforward. 3-D reality is limited to the information gleaned via our five senses; which according to Einstein accounts for barely 0.4% of ‘all that is’. 73% of all that exists in the Universe consisting of dark energy abouit which nothing is known. A further 23% consists of a form of “unknown dark matter” that cannot be seen. The remaining 4% is composed of molecules and atoms and, by mobilising the whole range of modern scientific apparatus, a mere 0.4% in total can be “seen”.

        In other words, what is loosely termed as ‘reality’, from our point of view, is only 0.4% of all that is ! You might say that 1-D is akin to a dot; 2-D to a straight line; 3-D to three-dimensional proportion, and the Fourth Dimension constituting ‘time’. In 5-D and beyond, there is no longer any space/time continuum as such; all ‘popoints of view – past, present & future – are contained within the prersent instant.

        This is only inconceivable as long as the individual considers themself to be restricted to their physical human body (with a bit of grey matter thrown in for good measure!), in place of situating them-Self as Consciousness experiencing matter through/from the point of view of a human being. Less a question of being a human being occasionally conscious of their spiritual dimension, than that of a Spiritual Being living a human experience…

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Nixon, dear youngster, Blake also said :

    “All of that is human, rivers, mountains, towns and villages, and if you enter them, you travel through the heavens and earth just as you find sky and earth WITHIN yourself along with EVERYTHING ELSE that you perceive; well, even though it SEEMS to be outside, IN REALITY IT IS WITHIN, in your IMAGINATION, and this mortal world is only in shadows.”
    (Quoted from ‘AmO… – an initiatory voyage’, by John Scott, Ed. Deep Root Press. 2013;
    Chapter 14: Cosmic Chromosmes in holographic Reality, p. 260)

    You may find some of the answers to your interrogations regarding the (actual limitations of classical science, the five senses, etc., amongst many other things) in ‘AmO…’:

    By all accounts, you almost certainly (would?) appreciate Wallace Stevens and his ‘Thirteen Ways of looking at a Blackbird’ V:

    “I do not know which to prefer,
    The beauty of inflections
    Or the beauty if innuendoes,
    The blackbird whistling
    Or just after.”

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    First of all,dear arm and shoulder,thanks for your forbearance of my irreverance.Being a victim of those psychic vampires in the past I am very wary of everything and I shall give you an example-An initiatory voyage under the influence of fear based psychic vampirism on the path to unconditional love and light. It might sound good to some people but someone who has been “Tavistocked” might look at it and say I don’t want to voyage under the influence of psychic vampires anywhere and initiations always end up with me getting hurt.That shadow world that Blake talks about can be very sharp and painful.As they say”just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!”I know those Brothers of Light and I keep well clear of them, their “religion” is an anathema to me, light for them is darkness to everyone else. It may be a very good book but the old fox smells a rat and would rather not take a chance,he’s been trapped before.I wish you all the best,love to you,Nixon.Suli,many apologies for taking up your space,I shall be on my best behaviour in future!

    • amosouldeer says:

      ‘AmO…’ is an account of my own ‘voyage’, for ten or so years unwitting prey of an extermely powerful (as long as he remained unidentified) energetic vampire. Nobody reading ‘AmO…’ runs the risk of falling foul of this particular dynamic. On the contrary, one of the purposes of ‘AmO…’ is to alert the reader to certain mechanisms/clues that indicate that foul work may be at play. But it’s much more than that.
      “Initiatory”, here, not only refers to my ‘own’ personal growth in awareness, just one part of an ongoing “initiatory voyage”, (regarding this and many other subjects), but also has the humble aim of referring the reader other sources that invite them to (re?) -consider their own relationship to Self and to their experiernce of life/reality…
      I subscribe to neither to religion nor any other be-LIE-f system or dogma.
      Oh, and I do not find your comments “irreverent”. The original meanoing of the notion of ‘sion’ was ‘ignorance’; ‘sinners’ were not considered to be innately evil, simply less-informed. My role in life is to share experience – essentially my own. My advice, based upon my experience, is to “stay true to y/our own instinct” – y/our ‘inner voice’.
      AmO… to you πŸ™‚

  7. amosouldeer says:

    Well well, here’s an example of synchronicity for you, Nixon! I have just come across the following article : “How to Psychically Protect Yourself Against Negative Energy.” by John Fitzsimons, with the opening paragraph of an introduction by HJ:

    HJ: “In a dualistic existence, we are only as susceptible to negative energy attachments as we let ourselves become. Most people are unaware of this aspect of their existence and so may host many energies and spirits that do not serve their highest good. Such is the nature of life on Earth at this time. However, that being said, it is not at all difficult to rid oneself of these energies. An invocation is usually enough to banish most unwanted spirits/energies from ones field and may be repeated as often as is desired. The article below goes into detail on the mechanics and techniques of this practice…”

    This sums up one of the reasons why ‘AmO…’ was written. The article may be found at the following address :
    …Inner voice pending… πŸ™‚

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