Today’s Metro headline is about how thousands in Britain are now dependent on Food Banks ! Banks are not just for money.

Any form of banking is about hoarding, stockpiling, controlling resources. Building up big banks, big piles of something, remember the European Butter Mountain? While people starved in some parts of the world, the butter in Europe banked up. Crazy.

Money banks, food banks, time banks is another recent one round here. People are asked to give their time, and get credits in the time bank system, which they can then use to buy someone else’s time. In the middle of this human to human exchange is a bank, a Time Bank, which stockpiles time credits, and brokers every deal. Why can’t we do it directly, why do we need the middleman?

It’s not just banks that hoard, individuals hoard stuff too. We can’t just blame the banks without first looking at our own lives. And because people hoard, and stockpile stuff and money, and food, there is not enough to go round.

In 2012, David Cameron announced a petrol shortage. The subsequent panic buy of petrol created a shortage that wasn’t previously there, when people rushed to make sure they individually had enough, doesn’t matter if someone else then doesn’t have any. You can see how it works, people believe that things will run out, and then they start to hoard. It’s fear and panic at work again.

The North American Indians had a better way of running things. They say: “If I have two coats, and another man has none, I give him one of my coats”. If no one hoards, there is enough for all.

Maybe the knock on effects of two world wars have screwed up our minds so that we have turned into hoarders, always in fear of not having enough, always keeping things just in case, saving for times of shortage (thereby creating the shortage), and not able to trust that things we need will come our way when we need them. And now it only takes an announcement from the government to trigger a panic. I have also noticed people in conspiracy world, frightened of the end of the world, are busy stockpiling tins of food, and guns, and putting energy into building nuclear bunkers to hide and hoard in. The source of fear is within, but the trigger can come from anywhere.

People will be asked to donate to the Food Bank to help solve the crisis. Just give money. Or maybe even donate food to the Food Bank. Just give. Don’t bother changing the way things work. People will give because they care, and this is the only choice they think they have to manifest that compassion for fellow human beings. The will is there, the human spirit is there. But the giving is to the wrong place, to the bank. The energy is being hijacked by the middleman, diverted towards perpetuating the system that causes the problem, not towards resolving it.

As people start to notice that so many problems stem from money banks, other control structures will start to automatically spring up in their place as the answer, the solution. A solution that makes sure we still go through the central control banking system, where things get banked up, and the resources get centrally controlled. Money is only one form of hoarding currency and controlling humanity.

Then there is the World Bank, for hoarding and controlling the World presumably.

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6 Responses to Banks

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’m told that Pharaoh constructed banks on the side of the Nile and water gates from which you could irrigate your fields……at a price.No doubt the banks were to save the people from floods,no doubt at all.Which reminds me of Aten borough who wants to save us from global warming.

    • suliwebster says:

      And that reminds me of the false river banks in Bath ! They are to “save” people from the floods too. I am suspicious that the river was once rerouted. The artificial bank section goes neatly around the station, so that the station is just on the city side of the river, right in the U bend. The entire station area has just been injected with a massive expensive redevelopment (though the council still can’t afford the mobile library due to recession). There is a concourse, and chain restaurants including one very tall one that seems to have doors on its top floor onto the London bound platform. Why does it need doors onto the platform? All other access points are controlled by barriers and security guards.

  2. Banks are out of control. All attempts now to ‘regulate’ them is bordering on laughable. People thinking independently and community working together are the only tools we have left.

    • suliwebster says:

      I personally think we will have better tools if the banks go, though there will be inevitable chaos for some time until we rediscover our own skills. As you say, our minds and our community are very important, values that we have lost, but can find again.

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        I just realized;we are living in a moneyless society already.”I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of £5″.A worthless piece of paper with a promise,like a love letter,it may be sincere,it may not.If we just worked on promises we would get ripped off now and again but I think it would be better than being semi-swindled all the time with official promises.

      • suliwebster says:

        The money is just IOU notes. And not even from someone we trust ! Namely the Bank of England. Money is of no use whatsoever unless you can persuade someone else to swap something useful for it. Everyone then keeps on doing that because they want something useful. And clearly the Bank of England and The Queen are in a lot of debt. Look at all the IOU notes they have issued ! See
        I agree I think we would be a lot less ripped off by each other than by the banks. (any bank, money or food!). I keep reducing my involvement with the money system and other forms of central stockpiling, and I find I need it less and less and feel better without it. Curiously, I always seem to have enough this way. I also find that things freely given have much more value because they have someone’s intention of love and kindred spirit to go with them, instead of the bad energy of enforced labour.

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