Be Positive!

Don’t be so negative. Negative is nowadays associated with depression, misery, being a killjoy, and all things bad. We must force ourselves to be positive, to think positive, to be happy, no matter how much outside pressure there is depressing us. In particular, we must smile for the camera. It’s as if the government has rolled out a national campaign to Be Positive, to program us. I wonder what it’s all about ?

Positive and negative are polarities, and both are equally necessary for balance and flow. The flow of electricity is from the positive to the negative. A magnet has a + and – too, the + and – are attracted to each other, too many positives and they all repel !

Positive is +, which is adding up, to get more. That’s what we are encouraged to do, isn’t it? Consume. Buy more, do more. More, more, more. Be positive, keep consuming. Negative is less, subtracting, taking away, and we are led to believe that having less is bad, though I would say having less is better.

The male is positive, and the female is negative. Cables are connected in this way with the socket being the female, and the plug is the male. The male is mountains, and obelisks. The female is the valleys, the wells and the water. Is there some stamping out of the female energy going on? And therefore of water, and of balance and natural flow ? The womb is the negative, receiving the positive male sperm, and the womb is the well that nourishes the developing baby. There are definite moves towards eliminating the need for a human womb, and fertilising and growing babies in labs, a bit like garden centre plants. Eliminating the negative.

If you are too “negative”, it’s not allowed. There is something wrong with YOU. The world is just fine, everyone else is happy look at all the pictures, so it must be YOU that is the problem. If you can’t sort yourself out, then take more happy pills. Depression is not allowed. I personally find a bit of depression quite useful. It’s down time. I go deeper into myself, quieter, temporarily withdraw from the world, and often have some of my best insights. And I have allowed my mind and body to go through some natural process. I sometimes wonder how much depression is exacerbated by the belief that you are wrong, and must be fixed, rather than simply travelling through it and making use of it.

If you keep alternating between overly positive then overly negative, you have “bipolar disorder”. Flipping between the poles. It used to be called “manic-depressive”. But that seems to imply that to be positive is manic, and that won’t do. We might start to think all those happy happy people are constantly manic, when they are just being Positive.

Money is now Positive. “Positive Money” is a group campaigning for an alternative money system, a good money system, a Positive money system. Money is not negative, it’s not bad. Think Positive, think money.

I am not sure where the blood types fit in, but there is positive and negative there too. The Rh Negatives are the Royals, the Nazi blood type. The Rh Positives are the monkey bloods.

Positive is Yes, and negative is No. Just say Yes ! We are brought up to be polite, and there is always an inclination to prefer to say Yes to a question, or a request, rather than No. Yes always seems to be the answer that will please. It seems more positive. The No answer seems to give the asker the wrong answer, let them down, create discord. This has become so skewed in our minds that many people subconsciously phrase questions in a such a way that the Yes answer will be the answer they want. Especially with children, and this surely trains the kids really well for obedience to corporations or paedophiles. I have taken to asking questions more like a multiple choice with a “none of the above” option, so that I get an answer that is closer to a true representation of the other person’s thoughts, not just the answer I want that fits my plans. It makes quite a difference.

No is the same sound as Know. Which reminds me of the book “The Power of Now”. The Power of No. The Power of Know. Knowledge is power. Maybe being able to say No is power. Maybe being negative is power. Maybe female and water is power. Maybe being able to grow our own children is power too. And maybe that’s the ultimate power they want to take away.

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Book : The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

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2 Responses to Be Positive!

  1. amosouldeer says:

    The very instant an infant expresses their first “No !”, they reveal to themself and dis-cover their own innate power. It (question ?) marks the beginning of socio-familial polarity dynamics, much to the dispair of many ‘mal(e)-ignant’ power base structures.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Just noticed that Be Positive is a blood group B+. Don’t B-, don’t be negative. Are we being programmed to favour B+ and ethnically cleanse B- ?

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