Housing Tax

A new house gets built which costs a certain amount in labour and materials, the cost of the new house. Someone “buys” the house, and pays for it over 25 years, so that eventually the debt is repaid. The cost of the house has now been paid for. Then the owners sell the house to someone else. The new owner then has to pay for it all over again! How many times has each house been paid for ? We have collectively paid for each house over and over again. Where is all this money going ? And what have we had to do to sell ourselves to get the money ?

It’s obvious where it’s all going. Straight up to the banks, with interest, and with increasing value over time. A house that cost £3,000 to build 50 years ago, can now be sold for £300,000. Great scam. And it’s acceptable, an ok way for things to work. People are entitled to make fortunes out of this, and such wealthy people are revered as “successful”.

There are only two actual costs for houses. The cost to create the house in the first place, and the cost to maintain it. That’s it. Rents should not cost any more than the maintenance of the house, but the rent is set either to make money for nothing, or to pay the landlords own rent or mortgage (and before long it’s back to the banks).

Rent or mortgage is tax by another name. The Housing Tax. It’s the biggest tax there is. My guess is that the majority are paying 50% or more of their income on housing. People are crippled by it, working stupidly hard in jobs they don’t believe in, that they don’t like, just for a basic box to live in. Mothers are driven out to work, couples with kids alternate day and night work shifts. Young people can’t even afford their own room. If you have a mortgage, you spend most of the fittest years of your life working to pay it off, thinking of the future when you will be allowed to stop working when you are worn out. If you pay rent, it continues forever, no way out.

Any attempt to live more freely, in vans, sheds, or boats is heavily stamped out by legal means, and whipping up public opinion against it. It’s important that we are all in controlled housing with the attached tax. Because housing is the biggest controlling force for our enslavement. It’s the main reason why people need money, and therefore why they willingly sell themselves.

One of the major costs of a new house is the cost of the land. But land cannot be owned. Once upon a time, the land was free, and no one owned it. At some point, someone said “this bit of land belongs to me”. They stole the land, then sold it on, made a profit. Every bit of owned land is therefore stolen goods. Our law has a peculiar feature that says that whoever sells on stolen goods is at fault, not just the original thief. That would be an interesting test case in court. Planning permission is another good scam to make money from nothing. For a small fee, the council grants you a certificate saying “your” piece of land is worth hundreds of thousands more. Take away the land cost, and the new houses become cheaper.

Homes are nowadays called “housing” or “property”, which should give us a clue as to what is going on. A “housing” is where you store a tool ready for use. That’s kind of what we humans are in the eyes of the elite. Tools for them to use. We are stored in housing ready to use. A “property” is something owned, something to be bought or sold, traded, an investment. Our home should be a place where we can be at peace, not something that is the biggest burden around our neck.

If the money goes, the housing will all still be there. There is plenty to go around if no one hoards. I doubt we need any more housing, especially if those that wish to live simply are allowed to do so. There are over a million empty homes in the UK. Plus holiday homes and second homes (about half the homes in some parts of Cornwall are empty most of the year). Moving house would be a lot easier without money. You just find an empty one and move in. Leave your old one behind for someone else to find. Houses are then homes or shelters, not investments and property.

Here is an extract from National Geographic. It seems the debt slave market works the same as the UK Housing market. It’s a common form of trickery…

” Victoria was a debt slave. Payment for her services went straight to her owner of the moment to cover her “debt”—the amount he had paid to buy her from her previous owner. She was held in servitude unless or until the money she owed to whomever controlled her had been recovered, at which point she would be sold again and would begin to work off the purchase price paid by her new owner. ”

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