Offending Images

The Internet is full of horrible images of sex and violence. The TV is the same, and so are our streets, with telescreens and posters and advertising everywhere. I don’t want to look at these images, and I avoid them as much as I can. They program our minds and hurt our souls. If we see too much, layers of protection start to build up to defend the soul, just to carry on in life. These protective layers get so thick, that eventually connection to the soul is lost. At this point, people are desensitised, numb to the images, and detached from their inner self. And evil wins.

All in a good cause…
I see many good folk circulating horrific images of violence on the internet. They want to shock others into realising what’s going on in the world. To wake others up. The deeply offending images are justified as a means to an end. The goal is to have less of this stuff in the world, so we send round more of it? And because people see so much of it, the photos have to be as real as possible and as shocking as possible to have any impact. A missing leg is not enough, we need pictures of people being blown to bits. Or even better, kids being blown to bits. Or even better, lots of kids being blown to bits. And it can’t be staged, it has to be real. It’s all good material for the cause. To make people realise what’s going on.

Profit for charities…
My letterbox is frequently full of images of violence on charity leaflets. Corporate charities like Comic Relief have day long TV fund raising events with an eclectic mix of celebrities and entertainment, interspersed with footage of horror, and demands to donate money, all from the comfort of your own sofa. Millions of people watch, it’s a major Do As You’re Told Day, and they donate money and carry on as before. Seeing such images is an everyday event, it doesn’t make people do anything different. But the worse the images, and the more real, the more money will be raised. Violent images generate profit.

I recently had a horrific photo in my Facebook feed, of two dead and mutilated children. Who supplied that photo, where did it come from? We don’t pay to use Facebook do we? But Facebook makes a lot of money. They make more money if they can generate more use of Facebook. They will have statistics telling them exactly which photos generate the most interest and activity. And the ones that do, they might just want to supply some more of.

Supply and Demand…
And that fuels the demand for more such shocking photos. Someone went out and took that photo, maybe they even got paid for it. And if people are getting paid for good photos, eventually people may even be desperate enough to create the scene for the photo shoot. There are plenty of people in the world desperate for money.

If they were my kids dead and slaughtered like that, I would be even more upset to have photos of the slaughter being distributed around Facebook. Just as your kids are slaughtered, someone comes along and takes a pic to circulate, or to sell. No respect, no dignity, no concern, just a single minded greed for their own path at the expense of yours. The distribution of the photo is justified because it is worth sacrificing the lives and dignity of a few FOR THE GREATER GOOD. But who decides who to sacrifice? Who plays God? Noone sacrifices themself or their own kids or family or friends for the cause, it’s always some anonymous remote people. Except they are not remote, because we are all part of the same human spirit.

Child Abuse Images…
A very unpleasant analogy to images of war and violence, is images of child sexual abuse. We have become desensitised to images of violence, which are now part of normal everyday life. The same applies to sexual images, normal everyday life. Images of child abuse are still creating some reaction, it’s the last frontier, and is not yet acceptable, not yet legal even. But it’s creeping in next. Will good folks circulate graphic images of a child being sexually abused in order to alert people to it happening? All in a good cause? To wake people up to what’s going on in the world? Charity leaflets, Facebook photos, TV fundraising days to create awareness and raise money for child abuse. Wait a minute what did I say there? “for” child abuse, to support child abuse? Yes, that’s what it does, it actually perpetuates the problem. The elite would love it wouldn’t they? To make pictures of child abuse acceptable. And to get us to pay money for them too. Just like we now do with the violent images.

Split off the Soul…
It offends the soul to look at horrific images. The agenda of the elite is about detaching us from our soul, and our shared human spirit, and the Earth. We then become so easily brainwashed, programmed and manipulated. So will some soul sacrifice now pay off in the promised new world of the future, where those of us remaining somehow get our souls back in return for sacrificing others? My own feeling is that I have to honour my soul and that of others as part of the journey. That the way out of this is to find our soul and spirit again, not offend it and detach from it even more. That’s what feels right, and that’s what has an awakening effect on those around me.

Images paint a thousand words, but words create imagery in the mind too, so I am reminded that I can easily fall into this trap myself, and probably have done.

The Root of Evil…
How does evil start, does it start like this, as an ideological cause? People are even more motivated by ideology than they are by money. It’s a more powerful cause, and there is a danger that the cause overrides all else. People are tempted to sacrificed their soul for ideology, even if the end goal of the ideology is to reclaim the soul. And maybe that’s how the elites got to be where they are. They sacrificed their own souls, and they continue to justify sacrificing the souls of others.

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3 Responses to Offending Images

  1. amosouldeer says:

    Y/our thoughts create y/our reality.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    There are all sorts of thoughts, some of them are licorice allthoughts,some are just my thoughts,some are as naught,while others hold the fort,some are broadcast others caught.Where thoughts meet other thoughts they can mix and meld in organic creation or clash and bounce off into nowhere.Some thoughts are deep and reverberate the hills some dance like dissolving butterflies.Which thoughts will come to me today and what will happen to them?Here we go

  3. amosouldeer says:

    When you say “Yes” to something, you include something you do want in your experience. When you say “No” to something, you include something you don’t want in your experience. Here w’Ego.

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