Illusion and Reality

The recent Boston Bomber story is very blurred. I didn’t witness it, I wasn’t there and there was nobody I know involved. The same probably applies to most people. The story is as big as Christmas, and it is being blasted out on the mass media, and also in conspiracy world, as part of the Main Stage programme.

There are huge amounts of photos and evidence going around to “prove” that the Boston Bombing was just actors, a complete fake. All staged to introduce Martial law in Boston. Even the injuries were all faked, just like a movie. Though there must have been plenty of people that were present that were unaware they were in a staged event. Or maybe not. How do we know, unless we were there, or second best, we know people that were there who we can trust to tell us their true experience.

Reality and illusion are becoming very blurred. Was it a staged event? Or are the photos of the actors created deliberately to lead us to believe it was staged when it wasn’t? A double bluff? Once you start having these kinds of doubts, you question everything that has been presented to you via some form of media. Like 911. Maybe it was so staged, it was actually just a movie? WW2? Another hoax? Nearly everyone from WW2 is dead or in a nursing home, so any story can now be made up to replace the actual events.

What I have noticed with the Boston Bombing is that conspiracy theories are being allowed to creep out into the mainstream. As if it’s the next step of the AGENDA. Mainstream news keeps correcting its own “facts”. As if it wants to lure people, lots of people, into checking out the conspiracy world. And if they do, the material they will find is so completely obvious, actors sitting next to fake strap on bleeding blown up legs for example, that everyone will see the Conspiracy Theorists are right.

Great. If we hang onto our ego and our desire to be proved right, then we will think this is a fantastic victory for truth. But I sense that it is another trick. A trick to blur reality and illusion. I still hang onto the word “reality” to mean something that is not fed to us via a medium. Something that is our first hand experience. Something we KNOW for sure. Though my idea of reality maybe just another layer of illusion.

Someone I know recently said she was upset by something cruel in a TV fiction programme. Someone else responded with “But it’s not real!”. There is confusion everywhere. What is real and what is not? The fiction affects our minds, programming them, or triggering something, so the fiction is part of our reality.

I am pretty sure 911 happened because a friend of a friend was killed in it, or was announced “dead” at any rate, and is sorely missed by family and friends. When information is presented by the media or screens, it could easily be fabricated, and for that reason I trust my own experience of life above all else. We have been trained to trust external experts, and media, more than ourselves, and that allows us to be controlled.

I have noticed several WW2 memorials saying things like “who nobly played their part”, as if it was a play. It sort of is a play, but people get horrific injuries, mental illnesses and are killed in war. If we really are in a giant movie or play, it’s got so out of hand that no one ever takes a break, there is no interval, no end, and no one realises it’s just a play because it’s become too real, too convincing. So real that deaths and injuries are no longer faked. And who casts the roles? Who is the director, the casting director of the World play? The one that sends us here with our part to play and our script. It’s just a play though, so it’s ok to kill someone. It’s not real.

The blurring of reality and illusion affects our minds, so that there is a danger that we will start to believe that there is no suffering in the world, no paedophile victims, no slaves, no one slaughtered in WW2. It’s all just fiction, made up for the show, no different from a fictional TV program, or a movie. Our minds are being shifted more and more towards the world of screens, media, and movies. One of the classic problems with paedophile victims getting heard is that no one believes them. They are making it up, surely? They got the idea from TV programmes, obviously. This of course allows the perpetuation of paedophilia. And you only have to go and work in a mainstream school for a while to know that paedophilia is very prevalent and very real.

I find myself falling into this way of thinking, this idea that EVERYTHING is an illusion. Then I pull myself up and remind myself of the people I know that have suffered, the things that I have witnessed first hand, whats going on around me and under my nose. Whether or not “reality” is another layer of illusion, people are suffering big time within it, and it’s about time we stopped following our script, so we stop perpetuating the horrors.

They want us all living in virtual reality believing everything to be an illusion. WW2, 9/11, just like the Boston Bombing… Did anyone really die? Were they just actors? We start to doubt everything. We start to believe that even things around us that we experience with our own senses are not real, because we are so accustomed to illusion as the norm. And then ANYTHING can be programmed into us. The only way out of this I think is to hang on to the truth of what you actually experience directly for yourself in your everyday living. That’s the only truth you know for sure.

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2 Responses to Illusion and Reality

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I wonder if the “its just a holographic projection”stuff is part of this.It’s just a dream go back to sleep,oh by the way that’ll be £100 for your cubicle.Perhaps the powers that war see our real world as a hologram because they are outside of it,do they just view it through a gun sight?What if they are mineral beings of the second dimension,which would explain their obsession with symbols,numbers and diagrams.What if,far from being hyper dimensional geniuses ,they are just so unbelievably slow and thick we discount them from our calculations. You don’t have to be very clever to add up money or kill people.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes Nixon, I am wondering the same myself. The holographic projection theory is an excuse for a cop out, which is an interesting coincidence.
      I agree that the powers that be are most likely less powerful than us. It’s just that they have created an illusion that they are more powerful. And they have diminished our innate powers by their extreme control. I could see that really clearly when I first got into this, but it’s got a bit blurred along the way ! Wizard of Oz stuff. The apparently powerful wizard is just a little guy behind a big screen with a megaphone and lot of symbology and worshippers. That’s it.
      I think that’s why they need labels on everything too. Because that’s they only way they can work out what’s in things. Place names, people names, group names etc etc. And somehow they have got us doing the labelling thing too.

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