The Queen’s Alms

Every year the Queen gives out alms money to the “deserving” poor on Maundy Thursday. Each recipient gets a few quid of coins and is enormously grateful, and worships the lovely generous Queen. The Queen’s dress for the day probably costs more than all the alms money put together. The whole ceremony must cost a lot lot more.

It’s taken very seriously. The Queen has only missed 4 services in her 60 year reign. They take place at a different Cathedral or Abbey every year, but Westminster Abbey seems to crop up a lot. Maybe the poor are more deserving round there.

There is an Anglican Lord High Almoner. There is a hereditary title of Grand Almoner, held by the Marquess of Exeter. The Pope has his own Almoner, and the City of London Livery Companies (the ones with voting rights) have an Almoner’s Office too. Traditionally, monasteries had to give back a tenth of their income as alms to the poor. Why were they so rich then? And why give back only a tenth? Where did their income come from? Why were the poor so poor? You can see the pattern though, can’t you? The very very rich make a point, a very important point, of giving to those that they have taken from.

Masonic lodges have an Almoner who takes care of the Masonic brethren and visits to the sick, charities etc. etc. Almoners don’t just dish out a bit of cash, they need to be seen to be doing good works too, even though these good works have another agenda. I wonder if the Royal visits to children’s hospitals are covered by the Almoner? It always makes them look good doesn’t it?

The custom of the Sovereign giving money to the poor dates from the thirteenth century. The Sovereign giving sovereigns to the poor, having stolen our own rightful sovereignty over ourselves. They are having a laugh, rubbing our noses in it, and getting us to be grateful. It’s a psychological trick to reinforce gratitude for crumbs. And we are so easily deceived because we would really like to believe that our rulers are good rulers, it’s so much nicer than believing in evil and trickery.

All big corporations work the same way. They all have some charitable arm (or alm) that does some good work or raises money for charity. That’s so we know they have a good ethos, and they are generous, and we can all praise them for their generosity. Meanwhile they are spending 99% of their time making a fortune exploiting the very people they are seen to be helping.

Another good example is the wealthy landed gentry. The almoner is usually the wife, doing good charity works, baking cakes for fundraising events, or even organising them. Meanwhile the family is getting rich from exploiting and creating the problem they are seen to be helping with. But all the locals admire them for their generosity and good deeds.

It seems that they take everything from us, then give us back a paltry fraction of it, a few crumbs, and take the credit for being generous. And we worship them some more. We are so lucky. That’s how the Alms psychology works. And that’s how everything else works too. The tax system for example. Rob us of almost everything we have and then give us back a tiny bit. Because they GIVE it, they appear generous.

A tiny amount of their time is taken up with this, and a tiny amount of their wealth. But it gets all the publicity. That’s the facade that we are presented with, and that’s why the Almoner is such an important job.

A recent exhibition in Bath by St John’s Hospital was called “Very Important People, The Faces of St Johns”. It was portraits of the Almshouse tenants. Of course the tenants are important, they are the face, the facade of St John’s, making St John’s look generous and charitable, when in fact most of their time and immense wealth is spent on other things that are hidden. Maybe St John’s has its own Almoner? St John’s is home of the Knights Templar, and they are Knights in Armour. Or is it Knights in Almoner ? That kind of fits better. Psychological trickery is more powerful than a sword.

They take our spirit from us too. I have often wondered why you see pubs that are called the Queen’s Arms or King’s Arms, but never legs or hands. Maybe it’s the Queens Alms. Maybe the pub is to give us back some of our spirits? They take most of it and give us back a few crumbs, and the sprit we get back is not even the same sort of spirit they took. It’s a sort of substitute that makes us feel temporarily good. And grateful too! Yes our work is over, lucky us we can go to the pub and drink some spirit to uplift our spirits.

Does the Sun work the same way too? Those that rule over us worship The Sun God. Why do they worship the Sun? The Sun provides our energy, light, warmth. We are dependent on it for survival. We don’t get much in winter, and it goes away every night. Sometimes the weather blocks it out completely. We are desperate for sun (in the UK). Are we just getting paltry crumbs? Are they taking nearly all our energy and giving us back just a bit, alms style. Look how grateful we are? What happens when the Sun comes out? Everyone rushes out if they can, and we all thank the Sun for coming out and brightening up our day. They take nearly all our energy from us, harvest it for their own use, and give us back a little bit of Sun.

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