Bank on The Weather

Here’s a good scam to make money. You have a weather forecasting company. The weather forecast controls people. And if you can control people, you can make good profits.

For example, the bank holiday weekend is predicted to be good weather, barbeque weather, and everyone rushes out to buy barbeques, so they are prepared to do the right thing, as they have been instructed to do by the forecast.

Who benefits? The people that make barbeques, of course. Barbecues may not cost that much, but if you sell a million in a couple of days, you do pretty well. They make good profits. Profits from prophets. It doesn’t matter what the weather actually is. The barbeques get sold on the basis of the forecast.

Or you could forecast snow. Then everyone would rush out to buy car snow chains, sledges etc. And those companies would make money. Even if there was no snow.

So the companies that profit from the weather have an interest in the weather forecast. I guess that after a while, they might be more than interested. They might want to influence the forecast in their favour. They might want to pay YOU the weather forecasting company to swing the weather the right way. You could offer to swing it their way for a fee.

You would have to make most or some of your forecasts accurate, so that people would believe you. But for some reason people trust the forecasts anyway. You just have to give the appearance of being an expert, having more knowledge than them. That’s easy because the people have all been trained at school to listen to experts.

You could play the companies off against each other, the highest bidder winning the day. Especially at bank holiday weekends, a really lucrative time that could make or break a business.

You could start to play things a bit more nasty. You could threaten the companies with the WRONG weather forecast unless they pay you. If you don’t pay me, I will forecast rain and you will sell no barbeques.

You don’t need to charge people money to hear your forecasts because you are going to make your profits elsewhere. The more people that listen to your forecasts, the bigger the viewing figures, the more money you can get out of your clients. So make the forecast free to listen to, and that way get the most followers.

It seems that the Rothschild family has already worked this one out as they now own a weather forecasting company.

I am starting to wonder about any sort of prophecy or forecast. A prophecy or prophet controls the present, because people believe the prophecy and act NOW in preparation for the predicted future. To hold and increase your power, you need to make sure your prophecy comes true. So when you get to the future point in time, you can control things to be how you want them by making ANOTHER prophecy ! A prophecy that gets people to do things that make your first prophecy come true. And if you can keep getting your prophecies validated this way, you increase the power and worship coming your way. And if you increase your power and people’s belief in you, you can more easily tell them what to do.

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