Bridle and Groom

The Wedding Ceremony Ritual has a lot of horse references. A groom is someone who looks after horses. Not wild and free horses, but horses that are owned, tacked up and ridden or used, for show and for service. Servant or slave sort of horses.

Horse and Groom…
The Horse and Groom is a common pub name in England. Bride and Groom. Bridegroom and Horsegroom. The words Horse and Bride are interchangeable. When the groom tacks up (or maybe tax up) the horse for use, for riding or other service, he fits a bridle (bridal) onto the horse, so that the horse can be stopped, or jerked to right or left by pulling at its mouth. The pain thus inflicted must train the horse to obey quite quickly.

Bridle Wear…
The horse has a saddle to wear, strapped around its middle like a belt. Whips, and heels or spurs are used to beat or kick the poor horse to start or speed up. The pain inflicted trains the horse to obey. The top strap of the bridle (bridal) across the forehead reminds me of the strap or band that holds a bridal (bridle) veil in place. The veil is maybe so that the bride can’t see what she is letting herself in for. The bride wears a garter as a traditional piece of bridal wear, which is very odd, but seems to be important. Horse riders wear garters too. And an Internet search shows me a Horse and Garter Hotel in Windsor of all places (now called Harte and Garter) convenient for Windsor horse shows, complete with a Stables Spa, and of course it offers weddings.

The Order of The Garter…
…is the oldest and highest Order in the UK. Its patron saint is St George, the same as the English national saint, and that’s why the Order’s home is Windsor Castle. The Queen is the sovereign (is it a country?) of the Order, with Charles second in command. Apart from Royals, only 24 people are allowed in, so it’s very, very exclusive. William is in there, Lord Sainsbury, so is John Major (not such a minor player as he seems), and Maggie Thatcher too. Maybe the significance of the Order is to do with the bridal bridle sacrifice.

Lucky Horseshoe…
A quick Internet search shows me that garters often have lucky horseshoes attached. Someone knows that brides and horses have the same fate. Of course, horses are not lucky to have shoes. They have shoes nailed into their feet for use by humans on man made roads. That doesn’t sound very pleasant. Wild free horses don’t need shoes, neither do wild free humans.

Brood Mare…
Diana referred to herself as a brood mare. Someone whose purpose is to breed the right stock. And she did, and then she died. Be ridden, Bed ridden, marital bed ridden, Be rode, B.ride, b.road, brood, b.rood, Be rood, Be Holy Rood. Holy Rood, Edinburgh, the Royals spend a week there every year, it’s their Scottish power centre.

Rides and Roads and Roods…
Bride. B.ride. Brood B.rood. Broad. B.road. Brode is plural of brood. Brood is also a variation of “bridi”. B roads are minor roads, and broads are waterways. Rides are routes to ride through. All about riding and travelling along ways or routes. Horses are ridden. I rode on the road. I divine a road with a divining rod. Rode, road, rod, rood. Rood is a word that derives from rod, and then we have the rood screen in the church that blocks the passage down the aisle. It’s another screen! The audience face the front and look at the screen, just like a tele, waiting to be hypnotised by the ritual.

Ride and saddle…
These words are slang for a man to have sex with a woman. To ride or to be in the saddle. A “broad” is a slang word for a female that describes her as a physical object. None of these words describe any spiritual or sensual connection between man and woman. A man’s tackle, tack is what he uses to impregnate his brood mare.

It sounds like Mary age. Something to do with Mary, maybe? Aging Mary, or Mary coming of sacrificial age. Mary is symbolic of woman as Mary the mother and Mary Magdalene the lover. Mare is the female horse, and Mari.time is the sea, “mer” is French for sea. So here we have the horse, and woman, and the sea, all joined together in marriage.

Surf and Serf…
Sea surf is described as white horses. Back to the sea again! White horse is surf, a serf. The white horse bride becomes a serf. A domestic servant and a brood mare. Same as the domesticated horse. That’s the purpose. The female chained in servitude for happily ever after, and her whole preceding life training for that chaining.

The bride walks down the aisle to the altar where she is altered. The aisle of a Church is often on an energy line, so there will be a feeling of earth spirit down the aisle. The service will almost certainly take place at a crossover point of energy lines. If the aisle is an isle, we are back to the sea and surf theme. Walking down the isle, and at the end of the isle is the sea, the “mer”, mare, the brood mare, and the surf, the serf.

The woman is owned by her father until she is given away in ritual to her new owner, the groom. Her husband to be. Not even paid for! Given away for free. Sometimes, the father even pays the husband a dowry to take his daughter away. How does that make you think of your self worth? If someone has to pay to get rid of you? Noone even wants to buy your services. You are that worthless, a burden really. Maybe going out to work full time for a corporation is a better option eh? The name change from the father’s (sur is French for on top of) to the husband’s surname signifies the change of ownership, the new branding, the new stable.

Animal husbandry is the skill of looking after animals. Not wild free animals, but animals that are domesticated, raised for breeding, milk and meat, or service. After the Wedding Ceremony, the happy couple leave as husband and wife. Wife husbandry must be the skill of looking after wives. And maybe that’s what the wedding ring, or band, is for. The band that brands the wife. Animals have branding too, sometimes as clips on their ears, or rings in their noses, or paint or tattoos on their body.

This is the word we use to describe how paedophiles train their child victims for sex. The idea is to make the child an almost willing victim, by using every psychopathic trick in the book. The paedophiles can then convince themselves that what they do is with the consent of the child. Girls are STILL trained from a young age to WANT to be married. Not only do fathers give their own daughters away, but mothers groom their daughters to aspire to this happy happy day. And of course the prospective groom courts, or grooms, the prospective bride with persuasive gifts, including the red roses, which make her feel she is worth something.

Horses are dressed up and groomed for shows, just like the bride. Hair is a really important part of the ceremony. Horses and brides have their hair all braided up nice, and wear their best clothes. Braid is another word like bride and brood.

Bridal Ware…
Brides for sale. Brides are sold. You can buy them online these days. Girls have been put in a position where they think this is their only choice. And it is also heavily promoted worldwide as their Happy Ever After. So it not only looks like their only choice, it looks so good you wouldn’t even bother considering any other course through life.

White Horse…
The White Horse is symbolic of the bridal sacrifice. The bride is dressed in white. White horses are very prominent in all sorts of legend and myth. We have ancient white horses engraved on our hillsides. We have unicorns (white horses with a third eye spiral horn), pegasus the white horsewith wings. The plain white horse has no wings and no third eye. And maybe that’s why the bride is so easily given away to a new owner with no attempt to escape. A little alteration and we get White House, White Horle, White Hall. The seats of power seem to pay homage to the bridal sacrifice. It must be one of their most important accomplishments, the bridal sacrifice.

Lady Godiva…
…rode a White Horse. Something to do with a protest over her husband’s tax on the people. Maybe it was “tacks”. To symbolise this, she wears nothing, she is naked. No tax. No tack. No bridle wear. No bridal wear. No bridal wares.

Spirit of the Horse…
The horse symbolises spirit. The Wedding Ceremony is the nail in the coffin of the female spirit. It can’t be that great for the groom’s deep down lost soul either, to be doing all this to a fellow soul, any more than the soul enjoys kicking a horse. The elite want our spirit and our soul, and the Wedding symbolises that. The fact that so many still buy into the Wedding Ceremony shows how lost and disconnected our spirit has become.

(See also: The Lion and The Unicorn, The Power of The Earth, Queen Worship, Normalising Paedophilia, Centre For Exploiting Missing Children, Monasteries and Mothers, The Mary Line, The Nuclear Family, The Georgian Empire, Invasion of The Telescreens, Earth Energy Lines, Psychopaths, Agnes Day)

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8 Responses to Bridle and Groom

  1. Phillis says:

    Wow, this was excellent! Now I understand why so much of the things that have happened, all had to do with taxes. The “Brides of Christ” are about to be “given away” to their new master. I’m just wondering how willing it is. Ignorance is the bridle by which one’s free will is Miss Lead.

    • suliwebster says:

      The terminology with horses goes on forever it seems ! Someone also holds the reins, reigns, rains, which steers or halts the horse. The willingness could be induced by grooming. I am not as knowledgable as you about the bigger scheme of things, Phillis, but the everyday existence of everyday people always seems to contain the same information.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Blimey,Sool,you’ll be wanting the vote next! That was a good one wasn’t it,getting men and women divided over whether or not they could vote for the reds or the blues.

    • suliwebster says:

      A sort of double divide? Yes, and then women feeling obliged to vote because we once weren’t allowed, and someone died for it. Er, that sounds like someone else I know called Jesus.
      And surely women should vote labour, and men conservative to fit in with the colour coding?

  3. suliwebster says:

    Some more thoughts since I wrote the post…

    Jesus was born in a stable to Mary, mare. It’s a very horsey sounding birth.

    The Vale of the White Horse is in Oxfordshire. The White Horse is on the hillside. If you are in the valley, the vale, the veil, you can’t see so much and you are sort of sheltered and protected and innocent. When you get up on the hill, lift out of the vale, veil, you are exposed but you can see everything.

  4. Anonymous says:


    • suliwebster says:

      I had to look this up to understand it. malum in se means something that is illegal because it seems innately wrong to us. Against nature. Maybe the sort of thing that offends the soul. And it seems they want to drive this sensitivity out of us, our ability to detect what offends the soul. So that our natural soul law gets replaced by their mechanical overlay.

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