The Reds and The Blues

When engaged in the game of war, murder is generally considered acceptable, within the rules. Some things in war are considered to be war crimes, against the rules, though in my view, all war is a crime. Certain types of murder and behaviour are not allowed, and are prosecuted at war tribunals after the event. So that means there must be some sort of rule book, some laws, for the game of war.

When killing in a war, humans are playing a game, and not tuning into their soul. The soldiers,, dead souls, are above all else obeying orders, as they have been trained to do, and have signed up to do. The government and indeed the people of their country do not see them as murderers, and absolve them from any guilt. And the soldiers are trained to judge themselves by the external judgement and praise of their country.

People think it’s ok for soldiers to kill each other in war. It’s their job, and thats what you do in a job, you obey orders without question, no matter what it is. There is still some outrage for innocent civilians and children who get caught in the cross fire, although I have heard people blame them for getting in the way. Increasingly, more and more civilians are murdered in wars, and this is not good is it?

Back to the rule book. There is a rule book, and we would prefer it if soldiers just killed soldiers of the opposing team, and left civilians out of it, wouldn’t we? So why not put them all in a giant arena, and let them fight it out?

The two sides wear different uniforms already, let’s colour code them like all good sporting events, the red team and the blue team. War is already a spectator sport, with TV footage of death and destruction, accompanied by live commentary, beaming out to the worldwide audience. Just like a big sporting event. It gets good TV ratings and sells papers. It has a rule book, just like sporting events. And it must already have some sort of referee, if people can be prosecuted for breaking the rules. It also sells lots of specialist equipment, a profitable industry, just like sports. And breeds another industry of kids growing up wanting to dress and be like their heroes, and practise on computer game versions. Just like sports. We are nearly there aren’t we? We just need to put it in the arena or stadium. And the winner gets to take over the other country.

It’s just like The Hunger Games books, where the hero is the last one left alive in the arena. War is a sport where death is allowed. We think that Roman gladiatorial stadiums were brutal and horrific, we don’t do that sort of thing in the 21st century, do we? Er, yes we do, and it’s done in our name every day. War is a game, and it’s entertainment, and it produces heroes to worship. And kids are indoctrinated all about it in school from an early age as part of the curriculum.

Sporting events have their fair share of war like happenings. The players get injured, or even die, sometimes. There are nasty attacks on the opposite team, outbreaks of violence from players and spectators. Players are carried off on stretchers just like the symbology of war. The spectators sometimes get involved and fight each other, as at big football matches. We have players in sport, players in games. We have players in wars too. Some war memorials say things like “THOSE WHO NOBLY PLAYED THEIR PART”. Sometimes war memorials have dice carved on them, as if it’s a game. And one dice is a die.

The 2012 Olympics emphasised the link between sports and war. The Olympic Torch was carried by many war veterans, many of them paralysed or with missing body parts. War footage and war mentions were blasted out on the Olympic tv coverage whenever possible. The Paralympics emphasised that further, putting disabled people (many disabled by war) into another sort of war in a sporting stadium. The modern Olympic Torch originated from Nazi Germany, the gas flame symbolising the gas chamber murders.

We have been trained into this division of humanity from very young. There always have to be teams and sides, and fighting, and winners and losers. It’s The Reds vs The Blues. Again and again, everywhere you go.

Which team do you support? Which side are you on? Who do you identify with?

There is Arsenal (red) vs Chelsea (blue). Arsenal has the cannon as its logo just to emphasise that war and sport are the same. England (red) vs Scotland (blue). UK vs Iraq. Roundheads vs Cavaliers. NATO vs Syria. Tescos vs Sainsbury’s have a price war. Protestant vs Catholic. Muslim vs Christian. The Telegraph or The Guardian. The Mail or The Mirror. The list of divisions is endless.

Which party will you vote for, the Red team or the Blue team? Labour or Conservative. Or maybe one of the new teams, the Oranges or the Greens? (They sound like fruit and veg, don’t they?) They are all colour coordinated with logos and sponsors. Just like a sporting event, it gets prime time tv, and everyone watches them battle it out, the points of one going up, the points of another going down, until the grand finale of the election, which everyone stays up late to watch live, just like a sporting event.

I find myself getting really tired of arguing with people. I prefer to just say what I want and people take it or leave it, and I do the same with other people’s output, whatever form it takes. I used to love debate, but I now prefer the debate I have within myself. It’s a lot more productive for a lot less energy, and doesn’t create divisions and factions and opposing sides. There’s no big ego involved when it’s you against you, or rather you working with you. Noone needs to win. And so no one needs to lose.

To divide is to conquer. If we are not divided, we cannot be conquered.

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Book : The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (who lives in Sandy Hook by strange coincidence)

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3 Responses to The Reds and The Blues

  1. suliwebster says:

    Just thought of another one… Boys and girls are colour coded from birth as blue and pink teams.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I’ve wondered about the Brand Wars. When there are only two supermarket chains (nice term) left they will each have their gangs wearing their branded clothes. They might raid each others shops and knife each other in the street for the glory of the Brand.Civilians don’t exist in war anymore,it’s official.Sandhurst military college came up with the concept of “total war”,they just didn’t get round to telling us.It’s really the greys versus the grays isn’t it?

    • suliwebster says:

      I think there was a Prince Harry photoshoot that “announced” that killing was ok. He said it was just his job. So maybe they have sort of told us indirectly. It’s acceptable, the Royals do it.
      Orwell said you needed 3 groups for wars, so that the two opposing teams could then switch to another opposition and a different ally, just to keep people on their toes, and the whole war thing going.
      I can quite imagine that the Brand Wars could turn to overt violence, it’s not far off that stage. The supermarkets are already taking over areas of land, and extending their boundaries, just like warring nations do. They also seem to own the councils, if you look at what decisions are made. And soon it will be the schools too, which are already happily advertising supermarkets on big banners at their gates. I am sure people are already dying in the Brand Wars at the factories where the stuff is made and processed.
      I know of an independent shop that was deliberately burned down on Tresco, so that the corporate style Tresco Stores could get planning permission. That’s the big guy vs the small guy, already happening.

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