Time and Place

Time and Place. Or Time and Space. They always seem to come as a pair don’t they? And by curious coincidence, you can measure place in minutes and seconds too, just like time.

Measuring Place…
Your place, your position, is uniquely defined by 3 measurements representing each of the three dimensions. Longitude, latitude, and height. Each measurement is measured from a known fixed zero starting point. Longitude is measured in degrees from Greenwich. Latitude is measured in degrees from the Equator. And height is measured as metres or feet above sea level. (though the sea is not level). Degrees can be subdivided into 60 minutes and minutes into 60 seconds.

The 3 measurements of place don’t tell you where you are facing, or what direction you are moving in. To define that, you need another 3 measurements, that say you are heading from A towards B. Each one of these can be a forward or backward measurement, a positive or negative number. Or as we commonly use for latitude and longitude, North or South, East or West. The point is that you can go either way in each dimension.

Measuring Time…
Time is measured in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds from the known fixed zero starting point of midnight 31st December, year 0000. Although this is supposed to be when Jesus was born, there is a mysterious gap of 6 days from 25th December until 1st January, when they either reset the date to zero, or possibly when they began measuring time for the first time. Maybe it was The First Time. Maybe there was no time measurement before that. There is only one measurement of time, and one known fixed zero starting point. Because time is linear. It’s just a line. A timeline.

Direction of time…
There is only one way. That’s forward. It’s a one way street. It’s not like place, is it?

We believe that time goes on forever. Place, on the other hand, is limited, and before long we are back to where we started, because it just goes round and round the planet. And maybe a bit below, and possibly infinite above (but I am not so sure!).

The Fourth Dimension…
Time is often considered the fourth dimension. That’s because we see time as ONLY ONE DIMENSION. But if it’s like place, then surely time should come in 3 of its own dimensions. And we should be able to go forwards or backwards in each of the 3, just like place.

Time Tunnel…
If you imagine spending your whole life travelling along a tunnel, and never looking back, always going in the same direction at a steady pace with regular markers, milestones, or maybe a bell, telling you how far you had come, that would sound horrible, wouldn’t it? A very narrow sort of life. But that’s what we have with time. We live in a time tunnel, the bell rings, or the news is read, every hour on the hour, we travel forwards in time, and don’t look back or up or down or from side to side. Maybe we are just so used to it, we can’t imagine life any other way.

Place Tunnel…
If they have stitched us up with a Time Tunnel, then they are probably maneouvring us into a Place Tunnel. I am sure motorways are good mind training for this. They could clinch it in a few generations. Now imagine if we are all travelling along a new sort of motorway, a one-way motorway. And that’s what we do our whole life. Eventually it’s got to come back round to the beginning again hasn’t it? It could spiral round and round the planet, preferably in an actual tunnel, so that we can’t see the sky and sea etc. But eventually, we are back at the beginning. They might have to send us off in different groups, staggered, a bit like they do with road races, but as long as they cleared out the last group before the first group got back round to the beginning again, and changed some of the details, different news items, a few bits of decoration, new paint, we would think it was a new place, that place was one dimension, one way, and went on forever.

Greenwich is labelled “mean time”. Not “mean place”. Have they got it wrong? What is measured from Greenwich? Longitude. Greenwich is the fixed known zero starting point for longitude. Er that’s place isn’t it? It should be Greenwich Zero Place, GZP. But instead we have “mean time”, average time. Are we all existing on some sort of average time?

The Green Witch…
The Green Witch has something to do with this time place riddle, I am sure. How come they have averaged out time so that we have only one dimension of it, and we can only go forwards? It’s just like everything else isn’t it? Trying to make us all average and samey and fit to the mould. Maybe there is a Blue Witch for place. Bluewich mean place. To average out the places, and make it just one average samey place.

Place Zones…
If we have time zones, then why not place zones too? Groups of people, nations of people maybe, all in the same place zone within the place tunnel.

For D…
4D is code for time, and that is For.d. A ford is a way of crossing over a stream or river. To get to the other side. That’s a sort of place movement, but maybe there are time fords too, times where you can cross from one time to another time.

Time direction…
We can imagine two different places at the same time, but can we imagine two different times at one place? Ghost photos have become very popular recently, and I think it’s because it’s tapping into something deep within us. A ghost photo blends a current scene with a past scene at exactly the same place. Maybe ghosts are simply people from another time crossing into ours. We can’t sense them properly because we are in a time tunnel with blinkers on and bells ringing every hour, and all our time senses have gone a bit useless.

Time loop…
If moving in the same direction through place brings us back to the same place eventually, then maybe the same thing is happening with time. We actually get to go back through the same time all over again, it just looks a bit different because someone is tricking our minds. And maybe if we want to, we can travel forwards, backwards, left or right, up or down in time. Just like space. And maybe that’s why history repeats itself.

Who Built The Moon?
This is a very interesting book, written from a scientific standpoint. They conclude, rather apologetically, that we built the moon in a previous iteration of time, and that time is a loop. There are historical records which show that the Moon did not always exist. I am now in agreement with them about the time loop. But I think that time has been carefully constructed too, just like the Moon.

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Book : Who Built The Moon, by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

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2 Responses to Time and Place

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    With reference to time and place,moving through the planetarium,maybe the centre of the universe is in the middle of each living creature,where we always knew it was before the experts told us different.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, that sort of makes sense, Nixon.
      I know when I feel “centred”, and when I feel “off centre”. I am still grappling with the concept of 3d time, even though I have just made it up myself (or downloaded it from the ether). It takes a while to retrain your mind to a new way of thinking, doesn’t it? There is a tendency to slip back to the familiar well worn groove you were trained to follow from birth.

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