Black and White and Red

There is a joke that goes “What’s black and white and red all over?” A newspaper! Haha. It’s a play on words, and the joke tricks you into thinking that red is another colour to go with black and white. Whereas actually it means “read” to do with reading words. Because there is no red in a newspaper, of course, everyone knows that.

But the not so funny thing is that there really is “red” all over the newspaper. Not just the newspaper, anything you read. Because “red” appears in so many words, like bared, scarred, sacred, shred, predator, credible etc etc. There is no other colour that appears in the English language like this. Only RED. You don’t get orange and green and blue turning up as part of other words.

That means that every time we read, we see the three letters “red” over and over again. It must be getting subliminally put in our minds. Far far more than the other colours. The more you read, the more red you get in your head. And usually the writing is black on white. What is it with these three colours? Black and white and red. They seem to be a bit of a team.

Black is no colour, the absence of colour. It represents evil, Satan. White is the pure, the innocent the virgin, the spirit to be sacrificed. It comes in many forms, the sacrificial baby lamb, the veiled virgin bride in white, the white horse, the chained unicorn, the mute swan, the white hart, the virgin white snow.

The BLACK evil imprints on the innocent WHITE, and behold we have the RED blood of sacrifice. Red is the evidence that the sacrifice has been made. And so is read. The black words imprint on white paper, and if you have read it, you have absorbed the words, you have taken in the spell.

In some parts of the world, a newly married man hangs a bloodied white sheet from his window the morning after the bridal sacrifice. The blood is evidence of the taking of the bride’s virginity, and all the villagers see the sheet like a waving flag.

This is very similar to certain flags. The English flag of St George, the Red Cross flag, the Japanese flag, the Red Crystal flag (Israel’s red cross equivalent) are all red on white to symbolise the sacrificial evidence theme.

Bandages are always white, and images of war wounded soldiers are red blood on white, evidence of young innocent men sacrificed to the war game.

Playing cards are black and red on white. The hearts and the diamonds represent the sacrifice that has been made. The clubs and the spades are black and have stalks, and represent the evil. More on this in future posts.

Brides wear white costume, but workers in many jobs, and school children who are workers in schools, seem to be increasingly wearing mostly black uniform. That’s a lot of people being branded with black.

Some people seem to be very aligned with these colours. I know of someone who wears all black, has bleached white hair, and red lipstick and nails as a constant costume. Her house and cars are the same colour codes. The traditional prostitute or porn costume seems to be red and black. Stevie Nicks has an album called The Other Side Of The Mirror, which comes to mind, with its black and white checked floor and red dress.

Masonry is symbolised by the black and white checked floors. Perhaps waiting for the bloody spillage of sacrifice at their altar of worship. Many churches and stately places have black and white checked floors too. Vicars wear black and white, and the red comes from the red wine symbolising the red blood of Jesus, drunk by those who claim to love him. Chefs wear black and white check uniform, waiting for the blood of animals to stain their clothes perhaps.

Santa is coloured red and white. The Santa theme indoctrinates children into these colours (and paedophilia) before they can even read. Maybe the black is symbolised by the night time and the chimney soot. There were lots of people in Santa costume at the State opening of Parliament last week, which shows how important this costume is to the elite.

Many companies are branded in two or three of these colours. CocaCola is red and white, but their new Zero Coke has all three. Walls ice cream is red and white. I am sure there are plenty of others.

I just checked through this post, and I have inadvertently used one “red” as part of another word.

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