Body Chopping

Angelina Jolie has recently had some body parts removed. Both her breasts. Angelina is a role model, part of the team that act out instructions for us to follow, to tell us how to live. Soon everyone will be WANTING fake breasts. Just copy the leaders.

It doesn’t actually matter if Angelina had the op or not. The point is it’s in the script on the main stage, and people like to copy their heroes and heroines whom they idolise, and see as having an idyllic life.

They want us all having fake breasts along with all the other fake body parts. They don’t want our babies fed by us, do they? They want to sever the whole reproduction process, right back to conception and incubation, so that it’s all done in a lab. If babies are conceived, incubated and raised without a mother, what kind of humans will they be? That deep deep bond a mother has with her babies, it’s the strongest thing of all. The mother baby bond is their ultimate target, and they are making good progress with severing it.

People are already WANTING fake eye retinas, fake ears, fake hips, fake knees, fake hearts. I know this from the people around me who I talk to every day, not from anything I read. People are asking for them, and really pleased with their new body parts. People think we have made amazing progress, now we can get all these fantastic new body parts. For free! Even better than the original, sometimes! People are convinced that life was much worse in the old days when they weren’t able to replace dodgy parts. Noone asks the question Why do we need all these replacement parts?

It’s assumed that we are like cars. We have got used to the way cars work, with MOT tests and inspections, fuel, resprays, replacement body parts. Eventually, just send to scrap when it’s no longer of service. We are being programmed to think of our human bodies in the same way.

People are not allowed to skip work to rest and heal themselves naturally. But they are allowed if they have been in hospital for an operation. Then it’s a real proper illness or problem, verified by the experts. It’s the only allowed way to get a break from the treadmill of life. It’s got the future promise of a brand new life ahead, better than the shitty one you have got now. And sometimes you get paid for it in sick pay as an added incentive.

What is in the fake body parts? They could have remote control bits in there. People with fake retinas are reporting strange blurring. People with fake ears report hearing interference noises. When the masses all have fake parts, they switch on the remote control. Bingo! We have robots.

Angelina is seen as cool. People want to be like her (well not me, but lots do). Doctors send people into hospital for anything, a cut, or a cold, and then they diagnose breast cancer. Before long we will hear that Angelina thinks her new breasts are better than her natural ones. Then everyone will want them. It’s just routine these days, going into hospital and being chopped up. Normal. Desirable. Fashionable.

Only this morning, someone said I should go and have an X-ray for a pain I have in my coccyx. NO WAY. It’s getting to the point where I daren’t even mention that I am a bit tired, in case people try and get me into hospital. It’s the masses answer to everything. Go to hospital ! Just like the Queen and Kate, who went in to hospital for an overnight stay just because they had a bad tummy. All part of the show. Now Angelina. The Hospital will sort her out, fix her, improve her life. And good news, they can do it for you too!

Be born there, die there, get fixed there. Soon we will be living there too. The Big H of Hospital. If you die out of hospital or a “care home”, the death is automatically treated as suspicious these days in the UK. I know of two people this has happened to recently, their mum has died and they have had to prove it was not murder. In one case, the daughter was instructed to take her just died mother’s corpse off the bed, put her on the floor and apply CPR. This is part of the procedure to avoid prosecution.

Housing is advertised as being well located if it is near a doctors, a pharmacy (no longer a “chemist”), and a hospital. This increases the monetary value of housing. People WANT it. House is a word quite similar to hospital. House.pital.

The breast cancer thing with Angelina is “pre-emptive strike” mentality, she had her breasts removed in advance, just in case she might get breast cancer in the future. It’s the same as we had when we attacked Iraq. It’s in everyone’s psyche. It’s future proofing. You are told something will happen in the future if you don’t do a certain thing now. Its such an obvious trick, but everyone’s mind has been conditioned to fall for it, and be grateful that they have been saved too. Saved by someone else, our loving Big Brother.

Hotel is a word a bit like hospital. That’s not a coincidence. In private hospitals, and also care homes, patients or inmates have everything done for them, they have their own room and bathroom, all meals cooked, maybe some nice gardens to wander in. Helpless and dependent. People are being trained to hotel living as something to work towards, a luxury holiday just like those Hollywood people have, and it fits in neatly with hospital life. Soon hotels will be offering nursing care and operations.

Another recent news story is the man who has selected a leg amputation, following a sprained ankle. Read the story carefully, and you see that his problems arose after a hospital visit. You don’t need to visit hospital for a sprained ankle. Numerous drugs and operations down the line, and he is still in pain and disabled. The doctors gave him a choice, because they are experts and can see the future, unlike us. They said you will be on crutches and disabled for the rest of your life, or you can have a brand new artificial leg and be fully healthy again. That’s it, two choices that I have defined for you. The man can’t think of any other options, and still trusts the NHS after all they have done to him, and he opts for the leg amputation. A sprained ankle does not lead to a leg amputation. Hospital advice, drugs and operations do lead to a leg amputation. Needless to say, the man is really happy happy, that’s why they picked him for the news story.

A vaccine is a pre-emptive strike too. “I would rather have a quick harmless jab than catch measles” people say, revealing their programmed mind. They have been told by the hospitals and doctors that they have two choices, the one where you get the deadly disease and die, and the one where you have the harmless injection and live forever. Have the vaccine or you will die. Invade Iraq or we will die. Cut off your leg or your life won’t be worth living. Cut off your breasts or you will die. It’s your choice !

Just to emphasise the complete theatre in the Angelina story, the supposedly defective gene that has led to this is called BRCA1. It’s a bra. I could write a whole post on that one too.

(See also earlier posts : Body Experiments, How Do You Know You Have Cancer, Anti-Baby Injection, By Consent, Monasteries and Mothers, The Mary Line, Comfortable Prisons, The Comfort of Your Own Home, Be Positive, Sick Pay, The Saviour Within, Stop Watching, Big Brother of 2012, )–choice-How-sprained-ankle-led-drastic-decision–NHSs-backing.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

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7 Responses to Body Chopping

  1. rob frost says:

    Great article! So do you think bra’s are part of the control too?

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I had a stone in a salivary gland.”We can cut it out” The stone?”No,the gland”No thanks.It swells up,painful.I eat lots of garlic,a head a day and lots of natural antibiotics.Swelling increases,big pain,need industrial painkiller, must see doc.Get big goody bag of drugs,walk to taxi rank,stone appears under tongue 1cm diameter!The painful swelling pushed it out through the tiny duct,miracle. True story,happened three months ago,threw drugs away.This is not medical advice,I am completely unqualified,do not try this at home children.

    • suliwebster says:

      Brilliant! The body heals itself if you allow it to. I know someone who got rid of her kidney stones without medical intervention. My son recently sprained his ankle. Everyone advises ice to reduce the swelling. I advise allow the swelling because that’s what your body needs to do to heal it. And rest when you need to. We haven’t been to the doctors or the hospital, and he doesn’t seem to need a leg amputation. I think the swelling shows that all the forces of your body are heading to this one place to do their work. It shows that your body is working as it should to self heal. The pain stops you carrying on as normal and forces rest.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Apparently Angelina will have her ovaries removed too as there is a 50% chance of her getting ovarian cancer. Crazier by the minute.
    Here is another pre-emptive strike for Angelina… Angelina has 100% chance of dying sometime in the future. Let’s just remove Angelina to fix that one eh? Then she can’t die. Or maybe replace her with a completely plastic robot. To reduce her chances of dying to say 30%. Well worth it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      This is spot on. There’s definately a campaign to mutilate the feminine in the most nurturing of her . Sharon Osbourne did the same. I wonder if it also links in with the transhuman agenda.

      • suliwebster says:

        Sharon Osborne is a name that crops up a lot for me. She has a sapphire ring of Saturn, same as Diana and Kate, and Bobby (Whitney Houston’s daughter). I would say this indicates some sort of ownership.
        I think it is part of the transhuman agenda. The replacing of ourselves, with our own consent. I am not sure where the soul and spirit fit in, if at all. I also question whether this has happened before, and we are already a replacement of a previous version of ourselves.

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