The Eyes and The Nose

The Ayes Have It. This is what the speaker says in Parliament if the Yes vote wins. If the No vote wins, The Noes Have It. The Ayes and The Noes. The Eyes and The Nose. What a strange coincidence!

So Eyes means Yes. E.yes. A.yes. And Nose means No. A bit of spelling trickery, and we are led to believe there is no link whatsoever.

No can also be Nay, naysal, nasal. There we go, noses again. Horses neigh, nay, say no, which is not surprising when you look at a kept horse’s life. They want to be wild and free.

He knows, she knows. He nose, she nose. To follow your nose is to KNOW. Not just have information or teachings, but to know by your sense of nose. The expression “to follow your nose” means to tune in to yourself. This is real KNOWing. And if you are nosey, and you nose around things, you find out a lot of truth. Because you are working things out for yourself.

To be able to say No is the power of knowing. To not be led into the agreement option of Yes. Yes and No are not equal choices in our world. Yes is agreement, subservience. No is defiance, rebellion, refusal. We have kids labelled “school refusers” as if it is a disease. They are following their Noes and saying No. Good for them.

The Cult of The All Seeing Eye (CASE, very Sherlock Holmesy), is depicted on the one dollar note. The Eye, the Aye, the Yes. The subservience, the following, the obedience, the agreement. That’s what they want. They want subservience, and they want it by our agreement, with our consent. So the word Yes is set up to mean consent.

Eye is also I. I is the individual, the in.divide. We are divided by our individualism. Divided and conquered by our mutual condoned and colluding subservience. A society where it’s frowned upon to say No, to refuse. And we all police each other with it. To obey is to be a good citizen, a good child, a good parent, a good wife. Deep down we must hate each other! Why is no one protesting? Why do we all comply? Occasionally someone will stick their head above the parapet and say No. Everyone else declares them foolish, and watches as they are shot down. But deep down we are all colluding complying victims. And we have “the victim hating the other victim” mentality. Because the more of us that comply, the more we are all stuck in it.

The Parliamentary procedure is called the Division of The House. It divides into Ayes and Noes. It dates from Roman Times, so must be deeply ingrained into our collective psyche. We are divided by our unwilling compliance vs our suppressed defiance.

The House is divided such that the Ayes are on the right, and the Noes are on the left. Left is negative is female. Right is positive is male. In a patriarchal society, we have the right positive male eyes as right, and the left negative female nose as wrong. Everything that has a binary division seems to map to the male female divide. To add (more) is right, to take away (less) is wrong.

Babies are trained from birth to be compliant. Any non-compliance will be beaten or tricked out of them by a good parent. The carrot of persuasion, or the stick of fear, either method will do. As long as they are knocked into shape so that they are good.

We are all colluding, are we not? We have so much power between us all, united and undivided. Saying No, following your nose, knowing.

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