The Chakra Clock

The human body corresponds to a clock, with the hours representing the chakras. There are 12 chakras around the body if you count the five chakras mirrored down your back. We have hands and so does a clock. Tick Tock, watch the clock.

Try it at home…
If you stand up like a clock tower with your arm straight out in front of you, your hand points to 9 o’ clock. If your arm is down, it is 6 o’ clock. And upwards it’s 12 o’ clock. 3 o’ clock it’s behind you. Try it and see. You can have both hands, a first hand and a second hand going at once. It’s easier to have palm facing in going up in front of you, and palm facing out coming down behind you. The centre of rotation is roughly aligned with the central heart chakra.

Not a circle…
I envisage more of an elliptic shape clock, than a circle, or maybe even an egg shape. The o’ clock means OF clock. OF sounds like OV, and ova is an oval or egg.

The seven chakra…
These are the best known. They correspond to the rising clock hand going from 6 o’ clock up to 12. So each chakra has a number. 6 is root, Red
7 is sacral, Orange
8 is solar plexus, your belly button, Yellow
9 is heart at the breast level, Green
10 is throat where the Adams apple is, Blue
11 is third eye on your forehead, Indigo
12 is crown, Violet

Richard of York…
Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain is a way to remember the rainbow and chakra colours. Richard (Red) is Dick which could easily be the sexual organs of the root chakra, Red. Of (Orange) sounds like ov, which is ova, the ovaries of the Orange sacral chakra. I don’t know what York means, but I notice that when we come back down we get YOR, Yellow, Orange, Red. Battle is what is going on with the throat chakra at the moment. We have been silenced and now we want to speak out. Richard of York is ROY is Royal. Crown is Royal. The 12 is the Queen in a pack of cards, and she is at the top at 12 o’ clock, the crown. Vain is the vane on top of a clock tower. And that’s where the cockerel sits at the Crown chakra, crowing, or perhaps crowning.

The five chakra coming down…
From 12 o’ clock at the crown, we come down the back of the spine, the rear chakras are at the same height as those in front. 1 is the lambda point on your skull, Indigo
2 is the knobbly bit below nape of your neck, Blue
3 is inbetween your shoulder blades, Green
4 is the small of your back, Yellow
5 is the coccyx (the cock is nearer six now) at the base of your spine, Orange.

Access to the chakras…
I think there are actually only 7 chakras within the main part of the body, located in a central line, which can be aligned by standing in a good way. The idea of front and back represents some sort of access or portal to the chakra. So that most of the chakras have two access points. This might be something to be aware of in order to avoid being attacked from behind. I think people are quite often killed by their chakra points.

Horus, Hours, Horaire…
Hours is like Horus, and Horaire is French for timetable. Horloge is French for a big clock, the sort of one you get on a tower or town hall. And the Eye of Horus is Illuminati speak for the anus, aka the root chakra, which is at six o’ clock. Six and sex are remarkably similar words, and it seems that six might represent sex, especially as the elite use anal sex as part of their rituals. The beer 6X Sixsex seems to confirm this. If Horus is mixed up with this, it’s probably not good for us.

Chakra Control…
Do our bodies get controlled by the clock via the chakras? If so, there are three hands to do it. We could be ticking around from one chakra to another at the rate of one chakra an hour, or one a minute, or one a second. In The Hunger Games, the Games arena changes according to the time of the day, and once the heroine works out that the arena maps to a clock face, she knows what time each segment of the arena will become active, and prepares accordingly. Is that what happens with our chakras? A clock is a c.lock, a lock. Is it locking our bodies into a machine regulated cycle?

The Circadian Rhythm…
This is a supposedly natural cycle in our bodies, which works a bit like a clock. Er, that sounds suspect already. It adjusts every time we change time zone to match the new time zone. Is it natural? Or is it dictated by the mechanical and digital clocks that we are surrounded by. I feel a lot more natural when I ignore clocks. The Wikipedia page for the Circadian Rhythm shows strangely enough da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man picture, as if to emphasise the connection between clocks and the human body, and our hands being clock hands.

Church Bells…
I now live near a Church. It chimes every hour on the hour, all day and all night. It can be heard for some distance around on clear nights, and I guess most people must live within hearing distance of a Church there are so many of them, though not all of them have active bells these days. Surely these hourly Horus bells are subliminally programming us? And if the Church isn’t, our alarm clocks, our station clocks, our phone clocks, our watches, our computer clocks will be. The clocks are everywhere.

Hormones are another control factor for us poor humans. Another Horus sort of word. Hormones are controlled by the Moon, which is another sort of clock lock cycle we are locked into.

Anti Clock…
I don’t know why I picked the direction of the clock to be rising at the front of us. It was what came to mind. Up front and back down. If you back down, you retreat. Maybe that’s why there are so many people with back problems. The clock control is going down the back. I feel that to go anti clock up the spine would be more natural. Anti Clock, against the clock. To rise up the spinal column to the pineal gland and the crown would awaken and invigorate it more.

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Book: The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

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4 Responses to The Chakra Clock

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Free the Zodiac Twelve,the Twelve Tribes,the Twelve Months,the Twelve Disciples,the Twelve Days of Christmas and all the other twelves.What are twelves,or how do you twelve,the more you say the word the stranger it sounds.Zodiac is a very alien sounding word as well.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes you are right, twelve is an odd word. And Zodiac too. Zoo dial perhaps.
      Since I wrote the post, I have been thinking about quartets and quarters. Lots of quartets around at present including the Tony Blair middle east operation. The clock is in quartets, we even tell the time using quarters. The zodiac is in quarters. Animals are quartered when slaughtered. Soldiers have quarters. Jerusalem is in quarters. 12 divides nicely into quarters. Quart is also court caught and quartz.
      Vitamin B12 is another one. It’s good for bones. I was checking out vitamin B1, B One, Bone, to see if it was good for bones, and found B ONE TWO, B12, instead.
      Twelve days of Xmas is a song, the most outstanding line I think is FIVE GOLD RINGS. A sort of golden Olympic Symbol.
      66 is around a lot this year. Two sixes are twelve. We used to have 12 pence in a shilling.
      Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. Gosh it goes on forever, this twelve business. Then there was 2012 last year. Which they really liked as 20.12 didn’t they? So maybe that’s the connection, because they both start with TW. Like twilight and two. Twenty is two tens. And twelve is two elves. Not sure how elves fit in, unless it is selves or halves. But Santa has elves working for him. Maybe I will crack it one day.

    • suliwebster says:

      Just found that to be drawn and quartered was a 13th cent punishment for treason (treason is to reason), each of the 4 limbs was tied to a different horse, and each horse pulled in different direction, quarters. Our fate bound up with the horse again. And all the time we say quarter, are we referring back to the quartering, the hidden meaning? And here we have arms and hands laid out as a clock again.

    • suliwebster says:

      More on the twelves. If you treat each chakra (apart from the crown) as having a front and back door, the clock numbers of each chakra add up to twelve. 11+1, 10+2, etc. The crown doesn’t need a pair because it already adds to 12 by itself. So what happens when we get to 6? Now I am thinking egg shaped clock, because to make the root chakra add to 12, you have to have a sort of double doors. Two sixes. Two entrances at the root. A double six is considered a lucky shake in board games. 66 keeps cropping up this year (See The Next David Bowie). I think 66 means OPENING, like open speech marks. Two entrances to the root chakra, the anus, and the sexual organs.
      Double entry bookkeeping comes to mind, a form of accounting dating from the 13th century, and used by the elite. I suspect that this is code for something else… The chakras and the ritualistic practises.

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