Adam and Eve

A & E. Accident & Emergency. Adam and Eve. A and E seem to come as a pair. ae is a curious old fashioned joined up letter, two parts joined as one, just like Adam and Eve, and it seems to crop up in interesting places like Aegean and aeroplane. As if to emphasise the pairing, Adam contains Aa, and Eve contains Ee. Adam and Eve are possibly the world’s most famous couple.

Axe and Emerge…
Eve was created from Adam’s spare rib we are told. Eve emerged from axing Adam’s rib. Axe Adam and Eve Emerges. This is all symbolic of course. Symbolic of splitting to create something new. It seems to me that the Bible is not just a historical record, but a plan for the future, or possibly an ongoing blueprint for past, future and present. If the Bible story is interpretated literally, then it instructs us to create Eve by cloning and genetic manipulation in a laboratory. This has already been done, and is still being done. Possibly the process starts in the increasingly overcrowded A & E (Adam & Eve) department of Hospitals (Big H), where tests and scans lead to slicing off bits of bone or whole body parts.

We do it to plants. We split off bits of a plant to propagate some new clones. Plant manufacturers go one step further and manipulate the genes to create something that is not a clone, but a bit different, a turquoise heather, for example. These GM plant people are called nurserymen. That sounds a bit like nurse to me, and we get them in hospitals. Tree surgeons cut off tree limbs, just like surgeons in A & E cut off human limbs. We do it to plants and we sort of get used to it as normal, it programs our minds.

ae mirrors 96. It’s 96 upside down. 96 is two spirals spiralling clockwise away from each other. This represents fission, the splitting apart of two things. ae is the same except going anticlockwise. The two different directions are important, because different places in the world have different spiralling directions, and so do individual chakra. The water goes down the plug-hole the opposite way in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Roundabouts work energetically differently according to whether we drive on the left (clockwise) or right (anticlockwise). An example of fission is the division of mother and baby into two separate beings at birth. Another example is chopping off Adam’s rib to create Eve.

…and Fusion…
Similarly ea mirrors 69. This is fusion, joining together to be one. 69 spirals anticlockwise inwards, and ea clockwise. An example is the fusion of male and female to create new life. Fission and fusion processes are happening constantly at all levels, and this creates change and flow of life. Otherwise we would all stagnate and be frozen, fixed. Pretty dull eh? The Adam and Eve story seems to symbolise the natural fusion and fission of life.

The word accident once used to mean an event, something that happens, but it has morphed over time to mean something that happens by random chance. The classic misuse of the word is when babies are conceived by “accident”. It is hard to imagine that there is no intention from anyone in the sexual act, “I just tripped over and accidentally had sex”. It’s quite a deliberate thing to do from at least one involved party. And from such a happening, accident, a new life emerges. Another version of A & E, this time without any cloning.

Elf and Elve come from the original word aelf. A fission word. So perhaps Eve could have been Elve. Elves crop up on the Clock. Twelve is twin elves, both hands pointing up. Eleven is Elven, which means a half breed Elf. Was Eve a half-breed? We also have elves in our selves, s.elves, self. Twelve is two elves, a pair of elves, and there are 12 pairs of ribs, 12 pairs, 12 spares to make 12 Eves. That reminds me of organ donation whereby a person is encouraged to donate half of a pair (of kidneys, for example) to another person. Why not donate half of your ribs?

The RIB Gene…
There is a genetic marker called R1b. This corresponds with the Basque people who have the highest density of Rh negative blood anywhere. So this seems to suggest that the introduction of the Rh negative offshoot (plants) or branch (trees) of humanity started with the introduction of Eve. Possibly by cloning and genetic modification. And it seems it has been monitored and controlled ever since as one big horrible experiment.

RIB Boats…
A RIB boat is a Rigid Inflatable Boat. The Queen launched an early prototype in 1965, the Queen involved in rubber boats! Must be an important elite thing. And the first commercial RIB boat was launched in 1969. We have a fission, 96, and a fusion of 69 in that date. And this reflects the Rib launch of Eve from Adam, ea or ae. Maybe the initial cloning fission then sparked a subsequent natural sexual fusion to reproduce, and in time populate the planet with Rh Negatives. The RIB boat was made by Avon Rubber Co, ARC. An arc, ark boat, keeping up with the ongoing Biblical story. RIB boats are used for rescue boats, for accidents and emergencies, and the RNLI is of course Royal. The Royal Ark is a RIB. A boat, or a gene?

Spare Rib…
Spare Rib is a dish, of pig or cow, containing about 12 ribs, served all over the world, just like the spread of Rh negatives. It symbolises eating Eve, eating women, consuming them. The axe handle and the spare rib look remarkably similar. Spare Rib is also a feminist magazine from the 70s and 80s. I don’t know if the feminists meant to symbolise creating Eve as a clone, or eating Eve. A quick Internet search shows me that Spare Rib is currently being relaunched (just like a RIB boat), timing nicely with this post.

The Rib Cage…
If Eve is a rib, then Eve is caged by the Rib Cage. This represents the female state of affairs. It’s reflected in our legal system, and I am reminded of a book about this called Eve Was Framed.

Area and Era…
More A and E. Area and Era are corresponding words for Time and Place, another well known pair. That seems to suggest that Eve, Era, is time and Adam, Area, is place. And out of the two of them, it is time and women that are in the tunnel, though they are currently working on doing the same thing to place and to men.

Apple and Eden…
I really don’t know how this fits in, but notice another A and E. Adam has an apple that helps him to speak, and Eve is very similar to Eden. Maybe Adam is the fruit or the tree, and Eve is the garden. That fits quite well with woman being Mother Earth, the soil from which things grow.

(See also earlier posts: Nuclear Family, Chakra Clock, Time and Place, Ark of the Covenant, Body Chopping, Clones and Doppelgangers, Body Experiments, Bridal and Groom, Blood Eugenics, The Twin Tunnels)

Book: Eve Was Framed by Helena Kennedy QC.

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19 Responses to Adam and Eve

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Eve angelical, she’s my girl. Half from heaven, half from earth. Took my rib bone, stole my heart. Love is the name of her darkest art.

    • suliwebster says:

      Good spot. Maybe that’s where the subliminal hatred of women comes from… The sacrifice of Adam. Makes you wonder about “love” too. Do you think Adam donated half his heart too? Or maybe a whole heart?

      • Nixon Scraypes says:

        Jason the Killer brought hate from the east,the woman hating transvestite priest.The lying,thieving,glorious hero,slavemaster king from the land of zero.With counterfeit tales of a fictitious past he froze our minds and locked our hearts,with subtle torture sealed our vision,left us in our mental prison.

      • suliwebster says:

        Jason’s not one I am familiar with, but people keep mentioning him this last week. Golden fleece sounds like a wolf in Sheeps clothing, a disguise to trick people. And the technicolor dreamcoat sounds like another disguise to present a falsely colourful aura.

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Suli.

    EA – Each Early Earthling Aeon (had) Easy Aegis (in the) East, i hEAr. (but) Earned dEAth (by) Eating fEAr.

    I appreciate your unconventional, and insightful, view of the world. šŸ™‚

    I have an unusual perspective I’d like to share. You might like it, who knows, you may have already considered it:


    • suliwebster says:

      Yes it is amazing how frequently the A and E appear together. I also sometimes notice words that can have an A version or an E version, though cant think of any offhand ! Aegean is an interesting one.
      Glad you are gaining from my writing, thanks.
      Will check out the link thanks.
      There are some newer posts with Adam and Eve in, one that comes to mind is A Dam And A Dyke, I think there is a whole cluster of posts around that one, if you have not already found them.

    • suliwebster says:

      Is this your blog Tim ? I tried commenting, but it didnt appear to let me, kept showing a blank, unless comments are being moderated. This is what I tried to write…

      I have been playing with a similar theme that we are all 7 billion parts of one whole. We have been split into fragments and desire to reform. Our hatred of each other stops us reforming and regaining our full strength.
      Sophia is sphere ! Mother Earth is our sophia, sphere. We can rejoin to each otherand our source through Mother Earth.
      I am curious about your terminology of Sophia vs Christ, as I would probably say the opposite, that Sphere is good, and Christ Almighty is bad. But this is all just labelling and interpretaion. Maybe the Sophia sphere shape will dissove when we all rejoin. Christ Almighty is the crystal, and maybe that is the Quartz crystal that has been split into 7 billion parts. We will become one whole crystal again.

      • Tim says:

        Hi Suli, yes, it is my blog. I just added a test comment on a post – it seems ok. It would be irksome if it wasn’t working for other folks…

        This post explains the cosmogeny & terminology, hopefully.:
        and there’s a second part too

        I have found that, in general, everything is inverted. So whatever is the mainstream idea is usually the opposite of the truth. It’s almost too easy.

        The key insight for me, while writing the ‘Holographic’ post, was that (the real) God can’t really be divided. It’s just an imagination…

        Note, I try not to believe things, so I won’t be offended at all if you disagree with any of it. It’s just a hypothesis. For me, one of the defining conditions of being human is how difficult it is to really know anything.

      • suliwebster says:

        I always have difficulty on blogspot, it may be because I have an ipad (possibly not with the latest upgrade of operating system) and maybe because I have a wordpress id but not a blogspot one. It may be worth getting some others to test it too.

        Yes the inversion theme is very obvious once you see it ! Though there is probably another layer once you have cracked that one. I am quite curious how we have inverse names for things. You say (male) GOD is all one, I would say that is Mother is all one. It is a bit like how the American Indians and Tibetans have identical names for Sun and Moon, but the opposite way round.

        Will check out the links thanks.

        I find I don’t even agree with myself half the time Tim ! Trying to keep everything consistent and non contra diction just keeps you in a word prison and prevents exploration. Which is what is intended by the language makers of course ! Disagreement is generally just two points of view, it does not mean that one is necessarily false, I think, just two parts of the whole picture.

      • Tim says:

        Hi Suli. I’m a bit sad you can’t comment on the blog. I blame Google.

        I wouldn’t characterise God as either sex, but it’s a challenge finding the right words.

        The problem being that the Universe is fundamentally paradoxical:
        – It’s an anti-God creation, made of God.
        – It’s a Universe of separate things, that are all one.
        – It actually doesn’t make any logical sense, but at the same time it does.

        I think reality can only be grasped with the heart-intelligence / intuition, and the intellect is a bit of a red-herring. At it’s best it’s there to bridge the gap between intuitions.

        I think that the whole truth can and will be known, and that it’s logical and makes sense, even if paradoxical.

        The intellect can’t see past the paradox of life, but the heart can see all the way to heaven… šŸ˜‰

      • suliwebster says:

        I agree Tim, the intellect is inadequate. Words are too, but for now it is the best thing I know and what I was born to.

        I have read the first post and love it ! It seems almost polar opposite yet the perfect fit to what I write ! The Chrystal and the Sphere. Christ and Sophia. I write a lot about the lost mother and you are writing about the lost father. I agree the ultimate source is neutral, NoSex. NoGender, No Agenda. I write about how to find our way back through Mother nature, but I also have notes about what I call the Farther world. The Egyptians had a Farther worldthey travelled to and back, I think you can only get there spiritually. It is the lost North by my reckoning. The lost No, Know, Gno, and Jesus shows us the way out by his story, history. When I have finished with my writings on Mother Earth, (if ever), I will have to go back one step further and explore who made the Mother, who made the sphere, the Orange chakra, the womb, the oringey species. For the womb is only another machine. Maybe Sophia made the sphere, the womb of creation, and in doing so set off the life cycles. Or is it half life cycles, which means radioactive half lives i think.

        I have also written somewhere about the Son healing the Mother, then we are all sorted. I can’t remember how I got to that point of thinking but at the time I just KNEW (new neu) it was true. This is also playing out in the Sun Son and the Mother Moon. You have the polar opposite writing with the father and daughter relationship, God and Sophia.

        There is a crystal sort of chakra at the back of the neck called Mouth of God you may find interesting. It is referenced in my posts Chakra Clock and The Bath Skull.


      • Tim says:

        Hi Suli,
        I love the de-programmed way you deal with words: Gender = Agenda. lol, of course.

        The Crystal Christ, and Sphere Sophia…

        Christ cries, crossed. Then en-crusted in crystal, from rock-arised.
        Sophia, so fear the sofa, with limited sphere… (lol)

        Interesting though: Sophia, the sphere – ‘s fear.

        I think it’s a Hindu belief that says something like:
        – the first thought of Brahma (Sophia) was of separation – the ego/self
        – the first thought of ego was fear, loss and guilt, at the separation from Unity.

        It’s tricky assigning genders to gods. To say the the first mistake was made by ‘Sophia’ – being a female name – it does play to my misogyny. lol. But the big problem with it is, I think, that it allows us to form intellectual images of things we really can’t get with our intellects…

        Y’know the second commandment about ‘make no image of anything…’ – well that means primarily in your head, and the external art is secondary.
        So if we form an intellectual ‘image’ of something which is outside our intellect’s ability to know – then it just acts as a filter to reality.

        Everything is archetypes. I think the Universe is essentially a computer – an ‘Archetype-driven content-generation machine’. The archetypes mix and descend through levels of mixing, ending up at the material world.

        I suppose the sphere & crystal could be pre-material representations of the 2 basic archetypes of good/evil, yin/yang, fallen/risen etc… I.e. a couple of levels above material reality.

        We are here to bring the whole Universe to life. It’s all inside us and within our control, (if only we weren’t such muppets)…

        That reminds me: Everything is inverted right, so the outside is the inside and the inside is the outside… The world we see outside of us in inside us. Our experience – which we think is inside our bodies – is actually outside the Universe.

        Truth terrifies totalitarian tyrants.

      • suliwebster says:

        I agree everything outside of us us actually some sort of large scale map of what is within. And I think it works the other way to, If you change the outside map, it starts to change the inner self. That is why they keep messing around our outside world !

        What you say about outside really being inside, is the same idea I have with us being inside Mother Earth, inside the globe. (see Through the Wombhole).
        Yes, the male and female denotes a split or separation. I find it useful to assign gender stereotypes sometimes in order to read the messages, but we probably all contain both within us. The sphere and the crystal seemed to have been allocated female and male, which is intriguing, not obvious to me at first glance why that is. The sphere is the womb and our world. I am wondering if the crystal is fragmented into all the stars. A Crystal Ball sounds a bit like Sphere and Chrystal combined, joined as one? You can look into it and see everything !

      • Tim says:

        I suppose a crystal is also a seed… If you suspend a salt crystal in salt solution it’ll grow.
        In fact, you need to provide a seed crystal for it to grow with the right geometry. Without a seed you just get mush.

        Perhaps the ‘First Christic Intercession’ (Described in section 5 of: was something like this:

        – The early Universe was chaotic, unstructured, formless hell.
        – The Christ spirit entered into it, to bring structure:
        – The Christ spirit became like a seed-crystal…
        – The chaotic Universe coalesced, and grew around that seed, copying it’s geometry.
        – Thus the chaos became structured in the pattern set by the Christ Crystal.
        – The result was time and space, stable physics.

        As I said in my post, I suggest that this is the origin of the archetype of self-sacrifice…
        The Christ spirit went on to originate the archetype of ‘Resurrection from the dead’, as the man Jesus.

        I might hypothesise that the Christ spirit still has to create one more archetype to originate, before the entire Universe can be resurrected, the final piece of code must be installed: the archetype of “Overcoming sin”…
        Jesus never sinned. He resurrected himself, but was never a sinner.

  3. suliwebster says:

    Wow, yes a seed crystal. This fits perfectly. That is the male seed of course. Christ the male. The salt water is the sea, the marine, the mari, the mer, the mare, the mother. So it is still the mother with her waters feeding the seed that is growing into a form. Salt is like sale and sail. Sel is french for salt, and that gives sell. Lots of trading words in here too.
    I see Christ as a Roman invention to introduce their lines and times and control, and drive out our Earthly spirit. What you write here about the Christ spirit bringing in structure and order is an incredibly close match to what I read last night in a book about Romans. The Romans wanted order, structure, they achieved this by their destructive invasion that then brought about “peace”. Peace means everyone is controlled by the hierarchy, and Obama was going on about Peace on the latest Death celebration day on 6/6.
    Romans are robotic and they want linear time and lines and columns and hierarchy, and above all computer style military style ORDER. They need slaves and armies to function, so they constantly need to grow their Chrystal empire. To me this is the Chrystal in the sky, the centre of the Universe. To grow the crystal, everything is taken from the Mother supplier.
    Self sacrifice is at its extreme in war. And the Roman version of peace means constant war or threat of war to control everyone, to make everyone fit the Roman way. To make us all linear.

    To me, the one and only Universe is the Roman control’s ultimate target, and hence all the buzzwords at present are universe cities, universal credit (the new welfare warfare state benefits system ) the universe will provide etc etc. It does feel as if they are at the last stage of this, though of course that only applies if you exist in linear time !

    Fascinating that the last stage is Overcoming Sin. They have already cracked the soul recycling operation with the Resurrection archetype. Much of my last year’s work has been about exploring Original Sin. OS is also Operating System. We have IOS embedded in the core of the poison Apple. I am not quite sure what to make of this Overcoming Sin as yet. If this is the final stage, which makes sense, then what exactly is it ? The biggest sin I think is paedophilia.
    Perhaps they want to make paedophilia Not A Sin. Overcoming Sin does not mean no longer committing it in their robot world. It means not classifying it as as in any more.

    If we are to find our way out, then we must go the other way. We must overcome sin, by no longer doing it. This is a much harder path. My work on this has sent me down a very strange path, which I constantly question, but I cannot find a way to refute what I have discovered (see Ab Use of Sex and some other nearby posts).

    If there is one single driving force for me on this blog it is that children are suffering paedophilia all over the world everyday, and I cannot carry on my life while this continues unless I am working towards a way to end paedophilia. And I really mean end it. Not one single incident of paedophilia anywhere in the world is acceptable to me, and unfortunately we all play a part in propping up the system that perpetuates and also grows it.

    • suliwebster says:

      With the name Tim, you are surely going to be well tuned to anything to do with TIME ! Watches can be run on quartz (Courts, another Roman favourite) crystals. TIME is EMIT backwards.
      Oh yes, and the Roman Catholic is Cathodic, the way that a solute like salt can be extracted from a water solution. Water is the solution !

    • suliwebster says:

      I really wish I could comment on your blog, Tim, I have tried different methods and my comment just disappears. The Cat Vatican one is great. Maybe the Pope read my post on the Papal Bank. The Pope handed over the orb and cross to the Queen for Baby Boy George recently, so George is going to be some sort of world uniting force too, probably in the name of Gorging ourselves on over consumption and consummation, Roman style. There was also a point in time when the Pope’s names matched the Beatles progress. John Paul George Ring. (See Vinyl Revolution).

  4. AJ says:

    I would love to contact you in a more private means – your words are poetic and prophetic.

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