Cloud and Screens

Nearly everything we do every day goes through some sort of middleman control, where it is edited and taxed. We are tricked into this by the Cloud and the Screens, the modern day equivalent of Smoke and Mirrors.

The system is like a big Cloud, and the screens are the access points. We send stuff into the big Cloud, and we get stuff out of the big Cloud. We don’t really know what goes on inside the big cloud, do we? And we don’t really want to know, do we? What keeps the big Cloud and the screens running? How does it all work? How was it made? If we don’t know, we can carry on in wilful ignorance, feeding off the Cloud, and providing our energy to feed it.

Maybe that’s a fair exchange, we put stuff in, and we get other stuff out, and we keep ourselves amused inbetween by entertainment we get from the Cloud, and we have an ok life. It’s a sort of Fair Trade. But unfortunately, the very same Cloud is generating a lot of paedophilia, war and slavery and mass slaughter all over the world. You can’t see your part in this because it’s deliberately cloudy. And because you know you haven’t raped a child, murdered someone, or enslaved someone directly yourself, you know that you are good and have nothing to do with this evil.

But what happens in the Cloud? What are you giving to the Cloud? Do you know what is being done with your energy and your intentions? How is it being manipulated and used? If you knew that your energy was going towards paedophilia and war and slavery, would you stop feeding the Cloud, or would you just give some money or energy to another part of the Cloud, a better part of the Cloud? A part of the Cloud called a charity.

The screens are the presentation of the Cloud. The screens trick us into believing something lies behind them that is worth giving our attention and energy to. So you could see a screen with a good charity and give your money. You know nothing about what lies behind that screen, but it sounds and looks good. Of course it sounds and looks good, if the screen told you the truth you wouldn’t join in.

A few obvious examples of dodgy stuff in the cloud that we really don’t want to face, are mobile phone masts to support our mobile phones, and the air being full of harmful EMF transmissions from Wifi. Because we want to carry on using our mobiles and computers (made by slavery in third world countries) and WiFi, we don’t want to look into the self destruction they are causing.

I often wonder about iCloud and CloudMe (a non Apple version of iCloud). The use of the word “cloud” is surely not a coincidence. We have no idea what goes on in these internet clouds. What exactly are these internet clouds? The chemtrails in the sky we all complain about may be fuelled by our demand for the Internet. The chemtrails contain metals that aid electronic transmission, and it’s quite possible that data could be stored and transmitted with the aid of the chemtrails. In order to continue to maintain network speeds and high data storage and create vast profits, the big computer corporates may well be the ones driving the chemtrail spraying. Noone wants to face this possibility, because it’s much nicer to think it’s some evil bastards trying to poison us, and that we have nothing to do with creating the evil that enslaves us, we are just innocent victims.

Screens come in many forms. Newspapers, and even books, are a form of screen generated by the Cloud. They in form our minds, information, create a formation, and our minds generate our actions, and direct our energy.

Money is another form of screen. Every money transaction is a barrier or screen that comes between people and negates any gift. The middleman Cloud always takes a big tax from any transaction, whether it be money or energy. The Cloud keeps, I would say, about 80% for its own purpose. We get back some paltry amount which we are led to believe is a fair deal. We don’t question where the rest goes, but we get cross about wars and paedophilia and slavery, and the evil bastards that are causing that, who are they? How do so few people at the top have so much power? Where do they get it from? Oh look, it’s from us, we give it to them.

The Cloud extracts energy and money profits, but it can also edit anything it wants. For example, you are reading this blog post, but the Cloud may have implanted some subliminal messages into it, and it will present differently on different types of telescreens. They used to do this in TV adverts, and probably still do. Every so often, a quick flash of something would come up, but so fast that you didn’t consciously know you had seen it. Your brain would pick it up though. This technique could be used to blast paedophile images out during children’s TV programmes. We don’t know, do we? Because we have no idea what’s in the big Cloud.

The law is another screen, a set of rules controlled by the Cloud, which we are led to believe is good and we must all obey. But it divides us. We are all divided by the Cloud and the screens.

Entertainment and activities are controlled through the cloud, rolled out on stages and screens and through clubs and groups and organisations. We have no idea what’s behind it all. We just say, Oh that’s nice, I like this, it’s fun, maybe even Family Fun, it’s good for me. I have a good life. I put this into the Cloud, and I get that out of the Cloud. That seems ok to me, no need to know anything else.

A shop front is another sort of screen. Our food is supplied through supermarkets and shops. We usually don’t know where it comes from, or what went onto it. Oh silly me, we can check the label! That tells us doesn’t it? We trust the label, but it’s another form of screen, written by the Cloud. We have no idea how the label was created, do we?

Fences and walls are screens of a sort too. That’s why it was so symbolically amazing when the Berlin Wall came down. Unfortunately, no one in Britain got the message, and I see people putting up more walls and fences every day. They block our free flow of energy and our connection to each other, and force us to interact only via the controlled illusory mechanisms of the screens and Cloud.

Here I am, writing on a screen, sending stuff into the Cloud, and I know that I am part of the problem. Good news! That means I am part of the solution, and I can reduce the Cloud by reducing my part in it. I am trying to wean myself off the computer, though I confess to being an addict, and I see my goal as a blogger is to do myself out of a job. But not just the computer, other Cloud and screen things too, shops, festivals, CDs, cars, roads, an endless list. A long slow process. Cappucino is my favourite example of something I personally struggle with cutting out, but it’s all part of the Cloud, I have no idea where the coffee, milk, or cappucino machine or electricity comes from. But it’s delicious and it looks good, doesn’t it?

Suppose we just binned the screens and the Cloud? Not just the Telescreens, but all the access points to the Cloud. Little by little, detach from the middleman. Forget the media, forget the entertainment, forget the money and the governments. Go for direct human to human contact, direct contact with the earth and the animals, the free wild animals, grow our own food, and pick from the wild. Reduce the power of the Cloud. We can never own and control that Cloud, and why would we want to replace it with a better one, a good Cloud? We need to know what is behind things, so that we can make wise informed decisions about what we do with our energy, and what sort of energy has gone into everything we receive. The only way to know is to have a direct relationship with everything in your life. Cut out the third party, the middleman.

The Wizard of Oz was a little old man with a large megaphone, who hid behind a screen. But he sucked in a lot of energy with his simple trickery, and he could use that energy for whatever he chose.

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