Stonehenge Alignments

I was recently in Devon with the amazing Lundy Island in full view. It reminded me of the Stonehenge triangle whereby Lundy forms a right angle between the Preseli Hills in Wales (due North) where the blue inner henge stones come from, and Stone Henge (due East) where the henge stones went to.

Lundy is very magical, it looks like the sea equivalent of Ayers Rock. A French spelling on an old map shows it as Londay, and the tourist leaflet shows an old spelling as Lundey. I am now thinking of London Eye, or maybe even London Ayers. The third eye, or the eye in the back of the head perhaps. Lundy is also like Lundi, French for Monday, and hey, we have some more Moon worship, via the Moon Dei, which neatly matches the Moon Arch monarchy that reside in London Town. The Lund Stone and The Lund Eye. Even the word Island is Eye Land.

The main purpose of this post is to publicly jot down some other Stonehenge related alignments that may or may not have been recorded before.

St David’s horizontal, latitude 51.9 North approx…
From St David’s City due East, we have Preseli Hills, Brecon, Llanthony Priory, the Rollright Stones, and Colchester. These are within a 6 mile band width, but maybe closer if I had taken particular points at each one. St David’s is the smallest city, and is the Star of David, represented by the yellow daffodil of Wales, which is Star of David shaped. Llanthony is another place I have recently visited, by chance, and the spirituality of the place was easily felt. Colchester is the first Roman town in Britain, and therefore energetically important, it also has a name match with Colchis an ancient Georgian state.

Lundy horizontal, latitude 51.18 North approx…
From Lundy due East, we have Dunster Castle, Shepton Mallet, Longleat, Stonehenge, and Godalming. Dunster Castle has an Iron Age Hill Fort nearby. Shepton Mallet has the “stump cross”, which seems to be a crossover point of a huge number of lines, including the well known Michael Mary line through Glastonbury and Avebury. Longleat is owned by Lord Bath, it’s a massive country estate, and has its own modern day standing stones, and a place called Heaven’s Gate. It’s also known for its real live lions, which are symbolised on the Royal’s coat of Arms. Godalming I chucked in because I used to live near there, and it has God and alm in it. The accuracy of this line is about a mile bandwidth, but maybe closer if more accurate measurements are made.

Lundy vertical, longitude 4.6 West approx…
Going due North from Lundy, we go through Tenby, then Preseli Hills, then Holyhead on Anglesey. Then onto the Isle of Man. The accuracy is about 4 miles bandwidth. AngleSea is the Sea version of AngleLand, England. (Angleterre being French for England). AngleSea is also an island, Eye Land, and a very holy place too.

Holyhead to London diagonal…
Wills and Kate have been living on AngleSea for some time, and now they are returning to AngleLand, London to be precise, with the coming of the great birth. It’s as if Wills and Kate are mimicking the transit of the Preseli stones from Wales to England at roughly 4 o’ clock direction. The angle of this diagonal is about 33 degrees from the horizontal.

St David’s to Lundy diagonal…
This is roughly 66 degrees from the horizontal. It continues to Hartland Point, Tavistock, and Buckland Abbey.

Holyhead to Colchester diagonal…
I thought I would see what would happen if Kate and Wills went along the same angle (about 23 degrees) as the Preseli stones moved to Stonehenge. And it seems they would turn up in Colchester, not London. Colchester is on the same horizontal as Preseli. I notice that Wills first public appearance was in Cardiff, Wales on St David’s Day, 1991. Why was that place and date chosen as his inauguration into public life? St David’s is on a horizontal with Preseli and Colchester. Cardiff is on a horizontal with London. There seems to be some big effort to link Wills, the future Prince of Wales, with Wales. Is it to make up for stealing the stones? Or for stealing the whole country, perhaps?

I am not sure how the Royals sneaked into this post. They get everywhere don’t they?

(See also earlier posts: Bath Alignments, The Three Obelisks, Earth Energy Lines, Round Tables, X Marks The Spot, The Royal Olympic Fertility Ritual, Halloween Harmony, The Eyes and The Nose)

Book: The Sun and The Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst

Longleat images…

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6 Responses to Stonehenge Alignments

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Preseli, uh huh huh,the king .El vis,the father of the gods living / visible.He just had to live in Memphis,didn’t he?And it was his real name!Of course he was originally on Sun Records.

    • suliwebster says:

      Yeah! Well spotted. That fits really well. Elvis and the henge stones with the same sort of name. A powerful name indeed!
      I had been linking up Preseli with Scilly and Sicily and Brasil, which I have seen with similar names on old maps, though not sure how they link as yet!
      Elvis is also a bit Elves like!
      Just looked up Memphis. Memphis named after the ancient Egyptian Capital, I guess you knew that?
      Another Preseli is his daughter Lisa Marie, married to Michael Jackson, another King, King of Pop, in the news this week (even after his death) due to his daughters suicide attempt. That’s two daughters of Kings.

    • suliwebster says:

      Just came across another spelling of Preseli. Prescelly. Now that’s starting to look and sound like Priscilla. Priscilla Presley. It’s very blue henge stone sounding. Was Presley the King of Rock n Roll? Roll the Rocks down to Salisbury Plain. Where do the Rolling Stones come in? They are making a comeback too. It’s as if our modern versions of ancient monuments are pop stars.

  2. George Silver says:

    Just happened to stop by and saw your latest.
    Can’t help thinking that the ideas people have about the distant past and the people of that era are very romantic and very Tolkien but completely wide of the mark. There seems to be need to ascribe to our distant ancestors a superior intellect and intelligence. There is always this hope and hint that somehow these ancient people were keepers of fantastic science and knowledge that has somehow been lost.
    Just look around at your fellow man and you will see the majority are just plain ordinary sheep grazing on the artificial news and media fed to them. Lost in a World of Coronation Street, East Enders, Strictly Come Dancing (or whatever it’s called). Day-time television and the propaganda pumped out by the BBC and Daily Chip Wrapping. Repetitive sports so that lost mindless souls can feel part of something. All these sheep are being controlled by the clever manipulators.
    So just think back to a time when Stonehenge was built. To my mind just another clever (for it’s time) clock. The people in control then just couldn’t resist using it to probably create the idea in the sheep that they were somehow superior beings with unfathomable minds.
    In fact they were probably just another bunch of con-men with an eye on the main chance. Very much like today in politics, religion and the financial world.
    If your needs are fulfilled by a dose of a nice cosy blanket of fuzzy mysticism then by all means continue to believe in Ley lines and other magic stuff. It does no harm as Elvis was only telling me last night at the local.

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree with you, George, that the past is romanticised. And I think the ceremonial landscapes such as Avebury and Stonehenge were no different from big ceremonies today, such as the Olympics. A way of getting all the indoctrinated controlled masses to give their energy away to the agenda of those who run the show. (Bread and the miller are romanticised too, see my post on Dark Satanic Mills).
      I am trying to unravel the etymology of elves, at the moment. I don’t particularly think elves are a good thing, but I would like to uncover the meaning to make further links.
      There is no doubt in my mind that earth energy lines are real. I have plenty of evidence within my own experience to prove it to myself, including independent corroboration with others. They are just as real as the tides and the water table for example. They don’t follow straight lines at all, but the points where they are marked are placed in straight lines, known as leys. So if I find several important points on the same line, it is quite likely they are energetically connected. What I still have yet to unravel is how and why the energy lines were formed, and why they get fixed at certain points, and why the Churches are hogging the best bits.
      I write about what’s interesting to me, and I think it’s useful to understand how the elite manipulate our energy and the earth energy, so I don’t inadvertently go along with it.
      I think there is a lot of old knowledge that has been destroyed or hidden. It doesn’t mean the ancients knew everything and had all the answers, and I have no desire to revert to previous times thinking they were better.

    • suliwebster says:

      P.S. We were talking about elves on a previous post, to do with twelve and eleven. Which is on the modern day clock. Elven means half elve. Twelve is twin elves, I would say. elves is also like selves.

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