Cheap Deals

I am beginning to think that people go shopping to buy cheap deals, not goods or food or things they need, but things that make them feel they have saved money.

A friend of mine said: It’s so great, it’s as if Boots are paying me to shop there! Well I think they probably are paying her to shop there. She had some points on a card, and some other discount, and the things she bought were practically “free”. Yes, they want you to have their poisonous cancerous chemicals to put on your hair and skin.

My local grocery store, the Coop, doesn’t advertise its goods in the window, it has a constant barrage of red and white (and sometimes a bit of black) signs saying TWO FOR ONE, CHEAP DEALS, WEEKEND DEALS, BARGAIN. As you walk in, you are hit with the same barrage all round the shop. It must work, because they keep doing it and they can even monitor how gullible people are via the loyalty cards. Why not buy two, when you only want one? Why not buy two of something you don’t even want, it’s worth it if it saves you money? You don’t save money by buying more. You save money by consuming less. Soon, I thought, we will have to buy six of something in order to get a price reduction, and sure enough, the SIX FOR FOUR sign soon turned up. Now you can buy six of something when you only want one, to save money. Even though six on special deal costs more than one, you still believe you have saved money.

The cheap deals control what people buy, how much people buy, and increase the amount that people buy. Buy more now while it’s on special offer! Save money. Buy beans this week! Buy toilet paper next week! Hoho what fun, they must be laughing, they just press a button, and everyone rushes to the thing they want them to. Just like trained rats.

Then you have bought so much stuff, your home becomes cluttered, you need bigger cupboards, maybe you even need to move to a bigger house, and somehow having more stuff makes you use it up faster. If you buy two bars of chocolate, it disappears just as quickly as one bar, does it not? Unless of course, you don’t like chocolate, and you bought it because it was cheap. Not only that, you want to use up the stuff fast, because you don’t actually like it, and when it’s gone you can go out to buy what you really want, though you might end up buying a cheap deal instead. When something you like is on SPECIAL OFFER, it’s really exciting isn’t it, it lifts your spirits, makes your day, because now you are allowed to save money and get something you actually want or need.

Luckily supermarkets have car parks, so that we can pack all these BIG SAVINGS into a car, because if we were walking and carrying it, we would probably have to only buy what we actually needed, and then how would we be able to buy all these things that save us money, these exciting deals.

You will see that you will have to spend money on cupboards, and a car, and maybe even a bigger house, in order to be set up to spend money on special deals to save money. And all the time you are doing what someone else is deciding for you.

SPEND AND SAVE, we are urged. You don’t save money from buying more. You just end up with too much of something you don’t even want, and feel vaguely dissatisfied deep down. Cure it by going out shopping for cheap deals again.

Meanwhile, no one has a clue what the price of anything is any more, because the deals chop and change every week. I once tracked olive oil for a month or two, and the price varied from aboout £1.50 to £6.50 for the same bottle in the same shop, with plenty of other price variations inbetween. If you pay attention to the deals, you are constantly being prodded and made to jump by the PRICE CONTROLLERS. Big corporates must employ whole teams of people to do this, and that’s what they want us doing, jumping around according to their button pressing, making sure our heads are filled by red and white bargains, and making sure that we see the most important quality in something is its monetary value.

We are being trained to follow the cheap deals. The controllers just change the numbers on something and it controls people’s behaviour en masse throughout the country. At the flick of a switch. Where will this all lead to? Will people do anything for a cheap deal?

Of course there is a choice, and you can ignore the cheap deals, the temptations that are stuck under your nose wherever you go, and just get what you need. I have been doing this progressively over many years, and I find I just spend less and less and less, while finding that my needs are met more and more and more. Not only that, my mind is more free too. It’s another way of detaching yourself from the system, improving your own life, and simultaneously contributing to the downfall of the system.

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