Data Money

The data collection thing is getting worse by the minute isn’t it? My daughter applied to steward a festival through Oxfam or some similar corporate, and she had to tell them her height ! Why do they need to know her height? My gas company wants my date of birth and needs to know if anyone disabled lives with me. Why? Why can’t I just swap money for gas?

I am told that clothes shops want your postcode when you buy something. Waitrose give you a free coffee in return for some data. It’s not free then is it? It’s an exchange. Data for coffee. The data is the currency. It’s worth more than the money.

A friend of mine tried to buy a washing machine for cash. She had her car outside and didn’t need delivery. It seemed that there was no reason why she should need to give any information. No credit card, no delivery address. But she was refused the sale when she would not hand over any data. Data is part of the price of things these days.

People are very willing to give away their data if they get something cheap or free. And increasingly everything we do goes via the internet, which is the biggest data collection tool of all.

It almost seems to be worth more than money, don’t you think? If people are being sold stuff in return for data, as the new currency, then the data must be able to be exchanged for more money than the goods. This seems incredible! How can someone’s height, or date of birth, or record of what they have bought, be worth so much? A postcode when you buy a coffee is worth more than £2? A delivery address is worth more than the profit on a washing machine?

As I see it, the big corporates and any controlled chains, have no need to make any money, they always have plenty because they are propped up by the banks, which are constantly streaming in huge amounts of the stuff via various means. So their main purpose does not need to be about making money, they can be used for other things. Control.

We are part of a big experiment, and it feels like the time has come for the controllers to haul in as much data as they can by whatever means. It’s getting very very obvious, they are not even bothering to hide it any more.

Schools and hospitals are monitoring and control centres, with increasingly large amounts of resources used for tests. People are constantly being sent to hospital for MRI scans and blood tests, and tissue sample tests. They want data. I would estimate that my son spends over half his school time in monitoring and assessment situations. Everything is recorded, and put online. They want data, more and more of it.

It appears as if we are giving away little bits of data to completely separate places. But we are not. It all ends up at one place, called the Internet. It appears that we are giving the data away for our own benefit, because they give us something back in return for our data, a diagnosis for a non existent illness, a qualification, a free coffee, emails of special offers, free membership, etc etc. But it is not for our benefit.

We can be tracked, we can be controlled, we can be analysed. They can press buttons to alter our environment, and see what the mass reaction is. They can train us to behave certain ways, and they can test how well their training is going. We can be operated like robots.

People sometimes think they are free of this if they are not on the Internet, or they avoid Facebook. But you don’t have to enter the details in yourself. Your gas company, or doctors, or CCTV camera, or traffic control camera, or whatever, will do it for you. And even if your personal data was not recorded, they have a general mass picture which will influence what buttons they press, and the buttons they press affect everyone.

The marketplace for data is set up so it looks like it’s there to help companies with targeted marketing. For our own good. They can send us information specifically helpful to our own individual situation! How nice of them. This is somehow an acceptable business policy, and people don’t question it. But it allows the data to be bought for other purposes via the already existing acceptable public marketplace. Hidden in plain view. Someone is paying a high monetary price for data and driving the demand. Someone with endless amounts of money and the desire to control the world.

WordPress is for “free” too, and here I am giving away loads of data on it.

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