A Very Private Crime

When is a crime not a crime? The answer is When there is not enough evidence. Some crimes are more private than others, they are unwitnessed, there is no evidence, and the perpetrator is labelled innocent and not held to account. We live in an evidence based society. We are trained from an early age to live by the rules of visible evidence.

Paedophilia is the most private crime of all. Paedophiles believe they have done nothing wrong. Paedophiles are hardly ever caught or convicted. It’s as if the paedophiles designed the Justice System to suit themselves.

Rape is a similarly private crime. In Iran, a rape is only a rape if it’s witnessed by 4 professional males. Otherwise it’s not a rape, it didn’t happen, the Justice System says so. The rapist is not a rapist, and the victim is making it up. There are no rape convictions in Iran, maybe noone even bothers reporting it. The Justice System gives a very distorted view of what crimes have occurred. What is a crime and what is not a crime is determined by the action of the Courts, not the word of the law. Actions speak louder than words.

We demand laws to be put in place to document what is right and wrong. But we are trained from young to behave by the consequences of our behaviour. Whether or not we get punished or caught demonstrates to us what we should and shouldn’t do. If there is no evidence, there is no punishment, and therefore no crime.

A survey of male students awhile back found that over half of them would rape if they thought they would get away with it. These students are behaving to an external accountability, they have no inner accountability or judgement system within themselves. They have given that away to an external force, as they have been trained to do.

If a kid is hurt in the primary school playground, there is a clamour of “It wasn’t me !” Meanwhile the injured child is left neglected while everyone battles to work out Who Did It, so the punishment can be administered. The kids are trained young to respond to external judgement systems, the important thing being whether or not there is evidence. Some kids are very adept at setting up another kid to falsely get the blame, playing with the game of EVIDENCE that they see all around them in society.

Car crimes, like speeding or parking illegally, are public crimes, easily evidenced. They are also more profitable than paedophilia. It’s easy to get evidence with cameras, and it makes good money, worth the investment of the cameras. A car crime does not involve the huge costs of keeping someone in prison. To catch and convict a paedophile would cost a huge amount of energy and money, then there is a huge cost of keeping him (or her) in prison. There is no financial profit or incentive to even attempt to bring a paedophile to account. Why bother? Just like the Iranian rapists, it’s hardly worth reporting is it?

How likely is it that a kid will come forward and stand in court with the abuser in the same courtroom? How likely is it that the kid’s evidence will be taken more seriously than an adult’s, particularly an adult that is a Knight or Lord?

Why should a kid have to do that anyway? Surely, once the child has told someone, they should not have to do any more? They have handed it over to the adults to sort out. Why is it all weighted on the poor child, already abused, to have to go through even more trauma? The child is the main bit of evidence. Who could have designed such a Justice System, but a paedophile?

In the UK, new laws are now being proposed so that paedophile victims are spared recounting their experiences in court. Ho Ho, very thoughtful. The child still has to provide evidence, but now it will be video’d. The child is now on film. The film can be distributed, sold, put on the tv news if a Judge deems it in the public interest. The paedophiles will now have new material to enjoy, watching the victim voluntarily relive their horrible experiences. Filming victims being abused is a popular paedophile activity, and this new proposal is more of the same.

Everyone knows who the paedophile is, but the Justice System is the gatekeeper to sorting it out. The Justice System actively blocks the process, because it depends on “evidence”. Private crimes do not have conclusive evidence.

Paedophiles are not brought to account. They hardly ever have to face up to what they have done. And within our society lies a subliminal undercurrent of right and wrong being measured by whether or not you get caught. Private crimes are not crimes. You can get away with it. If you are brought up to believe in the Justice System as being God, the only valid adjudicator, then you will believe that paedophilia is ok, because that’s what God says, not with his words of law, but with his actions.

The real accountability is within ourselves. We are trained to see it as outside ourselves, and it is a battle against our training to bring it back within. Paedophiles have no accountability within, otherwise how could they do what they do?

I don’t think changing the Justice System will help. I think getting rid of the Justice System will help. It’s evil to the core. We get rid of it by reducing the energy and support we give to it. By bringing back accountability to within. That doesn’t need any campaigning or pleading for new rules. It’s just a subtle, slow, step by step change within, that anyone can do if they choose to. A letting go of the old familiar way of doing things, not knowing what will come instead.

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2 Responses to A Very Private Crime

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s because we are a conquered nation.The law comes from outside.We have to report to the authorities.We are the property of the state.The only concern of the law is financial,if you kill someone you deprive the taxman of years of reciepts.You know how you are tried by a jury of your peers (equals)? Well,what about our”betters”?I don’t know about this but I think that lords are tried by the House of Lords,their peers.Anyway,as you have so eloquently put it,the law is a pile of shit!

    • suliwebster says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if the Lords had their own system.
      I was wondering about murder the last few days, and how there is the ensuing decoding of the victims death and life. All sorts of nosey activities are permitted that would not normally be allowed. A murder victim can suddenly become a celebrity with all their private details made very public. Which suggests that there might be more to it than just money, though I am not sure what at present…

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