Andy Murray, 911 and Sterling

Andy Murray is famous for tennis. He is also well known for surviving the Dunblane massacre at Dunblane Primary School. He has started to talk about it recently, which coincides nicely with his increasing fame. Every time he wins, the Dunblane massacre gets another blast of publicity.

Dunblane is not the only massacre he is advertising…

He won Wimbledon in London on 7/7. The London bombings were same date and same city. The media empasised that it was the first British Wimbledon victory for 77 years, drawing the number 77 to our attention in a roundabout way.

He won the US Open in 2012, on 9/11 in New York. Same date and city as the Twin Towers massacre. It was actually 10th September US time, but the 11th UK time. It doesn’t really matter, the UK media reports are linked to the 11th September, and that’s what they wanted to get across. Murray’s win was sharing page space and air time with the Twin Towers 911 massacre. It was the first Scottish Grand Slam victory for 116 years, that’s a sort of 911 if you rotate it.

More 911 links to Scotland and Stirling…
9/11 is the date of the 1297 Scottish Battle of Independence at Stirling Bridge, led by William Wallace and Andrew Moray. Another Andrew Murray, perhaps? And another 911 massacre. 9/11 is also the date when the Scottish voted for independence 700 years later in 1997.

There is a curious painting of the 911 Twin Towers massacre painted in 1988, before it happened. It’s said to be a premonition, but maybe the painter Willie Gardner, was part of the plan. It is on the wall in Grangemouth community centre. Grangemouth is in Stirlingshire too. A quick internet search for Willie Gardner gives me The Simpsons gardener, who is called Willie and from Scotland. The Simpsons movie was another place where 911 clues appeared in advance.

Murray is also advertising Stirling…

Dunblane is in Stirlingshire, along with Grangemouth and the Battle of Stirling. There is a Sterling town in New York state named after Lord Stirling, which gives another Stirling New York link, and also shows how Sterling and Stirling are interchangeable. Sterling is the British currency. Stirling seems to signify Scottish battles and independence. Is this the latest battle of independence for Scotland? Is it about Sterling?

A very curious thing is that Scottish money is not legal tender. Not even in Scotland. Cheques and plastic cards aren’t either. They are all currently accepted as tender by mutual agreement, but anyone has the right to refuse Scottish money as non valid payment of debt (which is what money is about, pay the debt with an IOU note). This means that all Scottish printed money has to be underwritten by security with the Bank of England. It seems that the Bank of England has Scotland held to ransom in some way. And maybe the plug could be pulled at any time.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is mostly owned by the UK government, and Clydesdale Bank is owned by an Australian company. The only other bank allowed to print Scottish sterling is The Bank of Scotland owned by Lloyds Banking Group, part owned by the UK government.

Both RBS and the Bank of England have a Royal Charter, though only RBS use the word “Royal”. It seems to imply a different set of rules, and obedience to the Queen’s Agenda, a bit like a Knighthood. Maybe Royal Charter corporates can move things around the world freely without border regulations, just like Knights do. Maybe Royal Charter corporates move the Knights, just like a game of Chess.

Will Murray be a Knight?….

Tennis players are bribed to lose matches, just like every other sport. The outcome is worth far more in terms of money and control than the cost of the bribe. The Andy Murray victory effect is huge. Huge publicity for the Dunblane massacre. Huge whipping up of nationalistic fervour for Scotland and Britain, channelling the energy of good people to where the Illuminati want it to be.

How much does he know? What is he ordered to do? He has to appear with Cameron and Clegg wearing a uniform suit after Wimbledon. Look at them, five suits all matching. At this level of sport, you are not allowed to do your own thing. You are owned. There is no way out. If he fails to comply, he will die, just like Gary Speed did. If he complies, he gets rich, stays rich and gets to play his favourite sport.

He is owned for life, like the Moonwalkers, the rock stars, and anyone else on the main stage. He probably doesn’t know all that goes on, who does? But he must know it is corrupt. He has controllers, and he has to obey when called upon to do so.

Murray has an OBE, a Knighthood is now being mentioned. What happens if he refuses? Can he refuse? At what point did Murray cross the line to the point of no return. Does the OBE and the Knighthood represent stages of consent along the way? Or are they certificates to show work completed?

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