Britannia’s Wheelchair

The Wheelchair is the international symbol of disablement. It’s on the increase, and disabled people are being wheeled out in public for applause. It seems to me that this is part of the grand plan to disable us all, and the symbol is the trophy of that achievement. The Wheel and the Chair are two great inventions used to disable humanity and they are neatly incorporated into the logo.

The Wheeled Chariot…
The Brittania symbol looks remarkably like the disabled wheelchair symbol, it even usually travels the same way, from left to right, also the same direction as the English language. According to David Cameron, the Britannia symbol is a powerful uniting symbol that stands for our institutions, attachment to monarchy, admiration of armed forces, all that is great about Britain, and we must have more of it. Worship your master, your enslaver. At the same time as we have calls for Britannia’s return, we see the Wheelchair symbol on the increase everywhere. Britannia returns to the public space.

International Britannia…
The Paralympics has increased the worship of disablement and the wheeled chariot all over the world. One of David Cameron’s pre-election promotions was having a disabled child in a wheelchair (now conveniently dead), essential for getting the job of Prime Minister just in time for the London Olympics. Britannia returns to the international stage.

Multi person wheelchairs…
The motor car is a modern day version of the wheeled chariot. It’s a sort of multiple person wheelchair, weatherproof, and pushed by petrol. But you don’t have to be disabled to use it, you can be healthy ! Imagine that, healthy people aspiring to be disabled, surely not ! Maybe there is some sort of secret envy of disabled people, the way they can always sit down, always be wheeled about. Perhaps we have been subliminally programmed by images showing this to be glamourous, people in wheeled chairs or chariots looking happy and admired, getting special attention. Of course if you use a wheeled chair too much, before long you will struggle to get about any other way.

The Wheel…
The wheel is said to be one of man’s greatest inventions. Just like sliced bread and gas central heating. The wheel gives us the mill wheel of the miller to control our food. It gives us the wheels for the chariots, our cars, which kill and disable thousands every year just in the UK. Is the wheel really so great? If we sit in our car chariot, we do not use our bodies to move. Our legs and our backs and our vision start to get problems, and we are disconnected from the earth by rubber tyres and tarmac.

The Chair…
We were not meant to sit in chairs with support for our backs. There is a tribe where the woman has to wear rings around her neck, a new one being added periodically to elongate the neck, and after a while she cannot support her own neck, it has become dependent on the support of the rings. Surely it is the same with chairs and backs. If you constantly use a chair to support you, before long you will struggle to be able to support your own body. We should be squatting, walking, running, lying down, or moving or holding our own bodies. Do tribes without chairs have back problems?

Chairman is the name of a person in charge of a committee or organisation or debate, or even a very large country in the case of China. You take the chair. It symbolises power. The Bishop and the Queen have super chairs called thrones. It looks really attractive all that power eh, we all want a bit of that. If they have chairs, then we want chairs too.

Wheeled Power…
“wield” (wheeled) means to hold and use a weapon or tool. Britannia in her wheeled chair, wields a spear, a weapon. The second meaning of “wield” is to have and be able to use power and influence. That’s Britain for you.

Disabled people…
The disabled symbol tells us that disabled people are a separate group who have their own protected spaces and facilities, a bit like a VIP lounge in an airport. It is always assumed it is some sort of misfortune or accident that disables someone. Car accidents are always called “accidents”. War injuries are just part of the job, it’s the heroic admired sacrifice you signed up for. I think there is a deliberate program of disabling people. In order to get us all into wheelchairs of our own free will, we need some people to lead the way with technology, to set the trend. It needs to become attractive. Just like it already is with cars.

Sporty Wheelchair…
The new disabled logo leans forward. This is to make it look more sporty, more active, more cool, more desirable, more warrior like, more powerful, more healthy. Everything it is not. I am just waiting for the next upgrade of the logo to include some sort of spear. The new logo also has the wheel almost as part of the person, replacing the sacral area, a bit like a very large womb.

Disabled experiments…
The Paralympics started at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a hospital that Sir Jimmy Saville (a Knight) frequented for his vile deeds, which shows how much it is under close elite control. Mandeville is one of the Olympic mascots, which flags up this connection. Sir Doctor Ludwig Gutteman (another Knight) is a top neurosurgeon from Nazi germany, which doesn’t sound too good does it? He worked on disabled people at Stoke Mandeville as instructed by the government, and needed something to test out and show off how his experiments were going, hence the Paralympics was born.

The Wheelchair
The first Paralympics in 1948, coinciding with the London Olympics, was known as the International Wheelchair Games and was sourced from WW2 veterans only. See how the wheelchair symbol runs through as a common thread? In 1960, the first official Paralympics was in Rome, still just wheelchairs. Britannia is the symbol of Roman Britain, and here we have Britannia back in Rome via the Wheelchair symbol.

Disabling everyone…
The way things are going is to make everywhere wheelchair friendly, except for wilderness places where noone will have the ability or desire to visit. Surfaces must be smooth and suitable for wheels, and that rules out natural surfaces. Mechanical or electrical lifts or ramps will be used to change our levels. All our movement will be along designed predefined routes, limited to the built manmade environment, just like we are already used to with cars. No roaming allowed. Our connection to the earth and eventually the air, will be severed. The important thing is that we will be tempted to want it. That’s the best way to lure us in. Not only will we want this, we will also want the new body parts, especially the wheel.

Much as I like my bike, I have to admit it’s another sort of wheeled chair. This type is for people who have use of their legs and back. The bicycle disconnects us from the earth by rubber and tarmac, separates us from each other, and is being heavily promoted at present. This will create demand for more wheel friendly surfaces that run along line shaped spaces. And unlike car roads, the Green movement will support it.

Wheelchair kids…
Good parents train their babies from birth using wheels and chairs. A pushchair or pram is a sort of wheelchair. Kids and babies are disconnected from human touch and the earth from young, and prevented from using their bodies to support themselves. Paraphenalia for babies and infants is on the increase, and it is almost rare to see a baby or child touching the earth or another human being, or free from being strapped in. Maybe that’s why they seem to scream so often. We have high chairs, car seats, and more recently I have noticed nursery chariots where 4 to 6 kids at a time, all strapped in, are taken for a “walk”. At school, kids are usually driven to school in wheeled chariots where they are trained to sit in chairs.

Fired Chariots…
Chariot of Fire is in the hymn Jerusalem, whereby Jerusalem is built in England, home of Britannia. In the Bible, Elijah’s transport to heaven is a Chariot of Fire (a story in itself for a future post). Chariots of Fire is also a famous film about the Olympics, and we see again that chariots and Olympics and the elites agenda are closely linked. This time fire is used to power the chariot, and that maybe why there was so much fire in the Olympic ceremonies, and the Olympic symbol of the flaming torch.

Wheeled Dealer…
A wheeler dealer is a shrewd person who knows how to advance his own interests by exploiting others, a bit like the “grist to the mill” expression I guess, milling being another wheeled activity. It alerts us to the idea that wheels are perhaps not in our best interests, and have been used against us by tricking us into seeing them as good.

Wheeled Britain…
The Weald is an area of South East Britain in Kent. The Britannia symbol is also a female personification of Great Britain the island. If you see the symbol so it travels right to left, it matches the shape of Great Britain. Britannia’s wheel neatly overlays The Weald of Kent, and her toes point down to Cornwall.

Learning Disabled…
Next up on the agenda is learning disabled, people with mental disabilities. The “Special” Olympics is on the way to international status. It’s being held in Bath this year, as the Paralympics once was before it migrated to the same stadium as the main Olympics. This is part of the program to replace our brains. You can see how learning disabled people are being wheeled out for the public to admire more and more. The question noone is allowed to ask is who did this to them and why?

The audience wants a show…
Political correctness intimidates us into supporting the disabled propaganda and the program to disable us all. Surely we should be working out how to put a stop to all this damage that is being inflicted upon us? Why do we just ask for more and more of it? The Paralympics is a show, it needs a steady supply of performers, good ones. The disabled charities need their photos and exhibits to stay in business. A whole industry is thriving on disablement.

Normalising disablement…
Just like with the paedophiles, the agenda is to support and promote the victims, and increase the number of victims, not to stop the damage and the perpetrators. Disablement happens, it’s on the increase, it’s normal everyday stuff. We are being programmed to ACCEPT it, David Cameron did, copy him.

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8 Responses to Britannia’s Wheelchair

  1. I see so many obese people in wheelchairs here in Wales. Wheelchairs enable mobility for those unable to rely on their own legs for getting around, but they have also become something of a fetish for those whose lack of mobility is all too often the result of gluttony and eating more than their body requires.

    My late husband was the victim of a drunk driver; suffered the amputation of his left leg and the reconstruction of his right, but a wheel chair was never an option – his ‘tin-pin’ always won the mobility contest with the help of a stick or my shoulder.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for your view from Wales, it’s interesting how things happen differently in different places. I am sure it’s much easier to slot into wheelchair land if everyone else around you is doing the same. It becomes the thing that everyone automatically does, and it then takes some determination to resist the general flow. See
      I wouldn’t want to judge anyone who chooses to use a wheelchair, I don’t know the ins and outs of anyone else’s life. I drive occasionally myself, and cycle too, and I have used pushchairs for my kids. It’s become part of everyday normality around us. I think that being aware of how we got to this point, and how we are being manipulated further is helpful for resisting (or sidestepping) the flow.

  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I love the idea of Super Chair! There’s always one isn’t there? Bigger than the rest,with more gold and costly fittings.You know it’s not for you,it’s for special people,only the big bum sits here!Ooh! Those line shaped spaces remind me of Daleks that can only run on the smooth.I’m a cyclist too but there’s something about cycle paths that i’m not sure of.Must dash,there’s blind boxing on the tele,can’t miss it.

    • suliwebster says:

      Daleks! Of course! why didnt I think of that? They are spreading everywhere too, aren’t they? Highways and byways will need to be dalek friendly. Have you noticed how cyclists are starting to look a bit like daleks? The black strap on eye glasses to cover all sign of eyes, and the dalek like plastic helmets. Soon there will be just one bit of kit for the entire head to make things more convenient. Then they will just have to extend it a bit lower to keep cyclists dry on rainy days, and hey presto, cyclists become daleks.

  3. sean says:

    Julia – I saw that the founds of Bath Cathedral was being dug – reason provided was that so many dead bodies buried underneath were decaying and putting the structure at risk .. Any reason to suspect they were looking for buried treasure ?


    • suliwebster says:

      Thats really interesting Sean, I am a bit out of touch as been away. I had heard a while back something about digging up the floor, but thought the reason then was to use the Hot Springs for underfloor heating. My immediate reaction was that they wanted to get rid of the very clear dip in the stone at the exact point where all the earth energy lines cross. People are drawn to that spot without realising and it has worn away.
      But this dead bodies cover story is brilliant ! It gives them an excuse to shift bodies and bones around without anyone asking questions ! I suspect that some important bones are kept there, possibly moved from Jerusalem, or Glastonbury (see my post om Godfrey). Maybe it is time for another move ?
      They recently closed the Vaults museum underneath the Abbey for extensive work, including a tunnel under the street to KINGSTON BUILDINGS, which is weirdly written on the wall. The NG is a single letter looking like a back to front N with a J tail on it. It looks sort of Jewish.
      Bath is being very heavily rebuilt everywhere at present. The Abbey is on a site that has a long history and is right next to the Roman Baths. They may well find something, but will they tell us?

  4. This is one of the most amusing blog posts on wheelchairs I have seen in quite a while. I love the notion of the Brittania symbol and your comments on Cameron. This is a hoot!

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi drmkensington, I have just followed your link to the Disablity dating site. I would guess that a steady supply of disabled people must be good for business. The more the merrier, perhaps. I am wondering whether you would like to see a world with more disabled people? Or would you prefer fewer disabled people, even if it meant your business suffered, maybe even had to close down?
      An interesting dilemma, and a very common one in our modern times, I think.

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